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3 month old girl, what would you get?

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duzzlightyearsmum Wed 20-Aug-14 12:48:26

So DD is due in 2 weeks so will be around 3 months old by Christmas. I am all for not bothering with much as she is obviously going to be too small to understand/unwrap however think we need to get her some presents more so big brother can help and he won't understand why she's not got any presents and he has.

We have everything we need for straight away obviously but by then she will be starting to interact with toys and stuff but ideally would like to buy stuff to see her through until her birthday next year. So those of you with experience of little girls with autumn birthdays what would you suggest as good presents? I want to try and get some ideas together so I can look out for some bargains once she's arrived

Also should say space is somewhat tight due to all of DS's toys and we already have slide/trampoline/water tray/paddling pool for garden for the summer.


attheendoftheday Wed 20-Aug-14 13:05:06

A jumperoo. We had one for dd2 from about that age and she loved it for many months, it was a boon as she would sit in it happily while I did things for dd1.

Littleturkish Wed 20-Aug-14 13:06:40

We put helium balloons in a big box and let her unwrap it (with help) and she loved it!

amyhamster Wed 20-Aug-14 13:08:41

Pretty Weaning spoons & bowl set
New 3-6 month clothes
Bath toys
Bath books
Board books

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 20-Aug-14 13:13:18

Things like books, toothbrush, bibs! a teething toy and a nice hat should be ok for a stocking. How snout making her up a treasure basket?

Could you get one of those rocking chairs for her, if you haven't already got one or maybe a jumperoo?

duzzlightyearsmum Wed 20-Aug-14 14:34:00

thanks for the ideas. Like the idea of the jumperoo because she will probably just be outgrowing her bouncy chair by then!

All other ideas are lovely too.

Any thoughts on presents that I could possibly buy to put away for further down the line?


MTWTFSS Wed 20-Aug-14 18:28:22

A cheap gift she can play with there and then + an expensive piece of jewellery she can keep for the rest of her life smile

NorksEnormous Wed 20-Aug-14 19:29:26

DD was 4 months on her first Christmas and got a jumperoo 'from Santa' (which was actually ds's old one but he didn't know that!)

She then got a few rattles and fisher price my first soft doll wrapped up from us- she still loves the doll two years later! The bowls and spoons wrapped up is a good idea too

Imperial Thu 21-Aug-14 11:48:28

I always bought my babies something I knew the older children would covet so that the baby could then 'share' with them - it worked really well so that when the baby was then big enough to want to play with their toys I could remind them how kind and good at sharing the baby was!

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