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What to get 9 month old for Christmas

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Wilf83 Tue 19-Aug-14 21:24:07

My in laws will be asking me for a present list soon for dd & I don't have a clue!!

BlueBrightBlue Tue 19-Aug-14 22:51:05

Depends on how much they are prepared to spend.
For £100 they could get some premium bonds, or put a few quid in the child's trust fund.
Most toys don't get used much so it's just a thought.

BlanketSky Tue 19-Aug-14 23:01:22

dd will be 8mo and she will be a toddle truck, because I saw the Brio one on Amazon cheap a few weeks ago. And probably more books- I mean the classic children's picture book kind to add to those we've bought for ds in the past e.g. Shirley Hughes (Alfie, Dogger), Lynley Dodd (Hairy Maclary), Judith Kerr (Mog the forgetful cat) etc etc.

Clarks/indie shoe shop voucher might be useful?

BlanketSky Tue 19-Aug-14 23:01:49

*will be getting

MsBug Tue 19-Aug-14 23:10:32

Ask for money or vouchers for days out, or some classes eg swimming or baby signing.

Lovelydiscusfish Wed 20-Aug-14 00:08:58

A big Happyland set (like the zoo, etc). My dd first started playing with hers (well, just pressing the sound buttons and sucking the people, really, and on a good day slotting them into their vehicles) at about 10 months. At 2 years 4 months, she plays avidly with the stuff most days. So, a gift that goes on giving,

TravellingToad Wed 20-Aug-14 00:10:11

DS got a micro scooter for first birthday. The one with the seat. Still uses it daily now without the seat aged 2.5

shakemysilliesout Wed 20-Aug-14 06:28:01

2nd happy land set

Shahsham Wed 20-Aug-14 06:34:05

Has she got stacking cups? DS played with those on and off for ages. Also the stacking rings.

A decent walker is good too.

2anddone Wed 20-Aug-14 07:25:16

I would get one of those little tyke cosy coupe cars or a swing or slide for the garden.

JellySnakesLadderedTights Sat 13-Sep-14 14:04:43

I'm getting ds, who will be 10 months old at Christmas, some plastic skittles from Elc, some plastic zoo animals and some Wow Toys (It's similar to Happyland, bur looks nicer imo) There are some sets on Ebay that I've got my eye on.

Having said that I love planning ds' 1st Christmas and may change my mind present-wise before then! smile

LokiBear Sat 13-Sep-14 15:44:51

Those little ride on car type things, a scuttle bug, a 'walk behind' walker, Alfie or Violet talking bear, building blocks?

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sat 13-Sep-14 16:28:18

Happy land or Fisher price little people
Mega blocks
Elc mini kitchen
Vtech bath elephant

Just a few things have brought for 1yr old birthday presents

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