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If you are in London or Surrey...

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curiousgeorgie Thu 14-Aug-14 18:08:34

What are some lovely Christmassy things you do?

Places you visit or shows you go to?

(I will have a 4 year old and an 18 month old... If that helps grin)

ziggiestardust Thu 14-Aug-14 18:51:32

I am in Surrey with a 3.5 yo DS. We are relatively new to the area, so we are throwing ourselves into it with gusto this year!

So far, I've got the following either booked (for the popular stuff) or lined up to book, or as ideas:
Matilda in the West End
Chessington Christmas Zoo (this is a thing, apparently!)
Reindeer petting in Covent Garden
Chopping down our own Christmas tree (well, DH will. I'll watch.)
Meet Father Christmas
Winter wood festival
Choosing our own turkey
See the lights on Oxford/Regent street and pick up an advent calendar in Hamleys (they do a beautiful selection)
Ice skating at the Tower of London
Ice palace and big wheel at Hyde Park
Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros Studio
Seeing the big tree in Trafalgar Square

I know it seems like a lot, but a lot of these can either be done on the same day, or they'll be quite short activities. I always find that Christmas Eve and Boxing Day can be a bit of 'hurry up and wait', so I want plenty of nice things planned to keep the mood festive and happy.

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 20:24:56

Wow Ziggie, love your name and your list.

We may bump into you on some of those.

Interested in christmas at chessington, what more do you know about it please?

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 20:27:06

I am V excited booked to see The Nutcracker at ENO, Waddesdon is stunning at xmas, and all the other places Ziggie mentioned.

ziggiestardust Thu 14-Aug-14 22:58:03

Ooooh Nutcracker at ENO! Stealing that one!

Also just booked Disney on Ice for us and friends at the O2 on Christmas Eve... Stall A tickets and fairly reasonably priced. I find Christmas Eve can be a lot of waiting around for the main event if you're not careful.

ziggiestardust Thu 14-Aug-14 22:59:39

thunder why thankyou!

I'm going to ring chessington tomorrow and find out, because we have Merlin passes so I want to find out how to book. I hear their Halloween event is rather good too.

Going to get in a trip to church at least once, a family service or 9 lessons or similar.

curiousgeorgie Thu 14-Aug-14 23:19:30

Definitely a trip to a church with Carols... When do they usually do that?

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 23:31:36

not sure georgie! I always miss them or get it wrong.

Umm just looking at disney on ice, put 4 differnet dates in and all seems booked up shock ( o2)

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 23:32:11

I agree with the waiting round which is why I want atmos this year.

ziggiestardust Fri 15-Aug-14 07:10:06

thunder just use the buy tickets now, don't select family tickets or it shows fully booked.

here is how I booked at 10pm last night

Top ticket selection button on that link.

ziggiestardust Fri 15-Aug-14 07:16:48

As for church services; that is a case of checking their events calendar nearer the time. The Sunday before Christmas is a good one, but any time Christmas week there should be some kind of service almost every day as Christmas is on a Thursday.

Your nearest C of E will be your best bet for festive feeling without a loooong service. Methodist services are lovely too, but the churches aren't as 'churchy' and can feel quite modern; the bonus being that they're usually better heated wink

My mum used to go to 9 lessons and take me when I was a little older; so not one for toddlers! But nice stories and carols for older DC.

ziggiestardust Fri 15-Aug-14 07:46:06

Also, taken from another thread on here, but still a nice idea for perhaps when the kids break up from school... this might fill an afternoon as a place for FC to leave presents, perhaps? And you can just chuck it after Christmas smile

LBOCS Sun 17-Aug-14 09:55:19

A lot of the National Trust houses put on carol concerts as well, which might be worth a look. We're on the Kent/Surrey border and places like Knole and Igtham Mote have quite a lot on for children too.

gegs73 Sun 17-Aug-14 10:03:08

The Enchanted Wonderland in Isleworth, Syon Park is really magical.
(sorry, can't work out how to do links on my phone)

It runs from end of November and has generally finished by mid December so it is worth checking dates and times if you fancy it.

alleypalley Sun 17-Aug-14 18:09:02

We did the Enchanted Wonderland last year, it was really good. Especially the laser show at the end.

allisgood1 Sun 17-Aug-14 18:13:20

Painshill Park's Santa grotto is the best.

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