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Alton Towers Christmas Fantasy v Bluestone kingdom of elves

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DocBrown Wed 13-Aug-14 07:32:00

Looking at both pre Christmas breaks for DS 7 and 10. We are looking for relaxing ( for me and DP) and fun activities for the dc.

Anyone been to one of these? Any preference? Would it keep the DC busy for the weekend? Which us more age appropriate?

Budget is approx £400 for accommodation if you can think of other alternatives

landwhale Wed 13-Aug-14 08:22:03

Never done Alton towers at Xmas but bluestone is lovely. It's like a much more stripped back, less commercialised version of centre parks. Also has folly farm, oakwood, heatherton and the dinosaur park near by if you wanted a day trip. Kingdom of elves has always been there when I've been, but dc have always been too young so this year will be their first time probably smile you see lots of kids wandering round dressed up as elves, as well the staff (in full blown make up..!) it's lovely smile

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