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Christmas cake virgin

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Mostlyjustaluker Tue 12-Aug-14 11:14:27

I want to make a proper Christmas cake this year and feed it.

When do I make it? Which recipe? What do I feed it? How much? How often? I am completely clueless.

pigglepaggle Tue 12-Aug-14 16:19:36

Try Delia's Christmas cake

I love making Christmas cake. The smell of the fruit and alcohol is divine.I've always used Delia's recipe and baked it Oct/Nov and then topped it up regularly and iced it just before Christmas.

bruffin Tue 12-Aug-14 16:29:13

this is lovely as well and can me made last minute

Mostlyjustaluker Tue 12-Aug-14 17:33:35

Thanks. I think I will try the delis one as I have a week off work in October. When you say you keep it topped up regularly, how often is this? How much do you top it up with?

2anddone Tue 12-Aug-14 17:36:44

It tells you in her recipe but I tend to feed my cake with a tablespoon of brandy every two weeks. The recipe in her christmas cookbook tells you the best way to feed and store it hth.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 13-Aug-14 14:45:46

I have a Delia Cookbook (ancient one) and I use her recipe but amend it a bit.
Caster sugar, sultanas only, no spice , only light nuts, and Amarretto to soak/feed (I want a light cake, not the dark rich type)

The timings on this cake are a bit long IME, I give it less.

Main thing to make the difference is prepare the tin. Double line with greaseproof paper, wrap the outside with brown paper, especially if you do a large cake. Put a sheet of greaseproof with a hole cut out (about 10p coin size) on the top,

I let mine cool for 24 hours, stab it top and bottom with a skewer, pour in about 15ml Amarretto then wrap in fresh greaseproof and foil.

It gets re-fed about every week, but I make mine quite late.

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