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Report When Shops Get Christmas Stock In/Christmas Shops Open

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MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 09:38:05

I don't know if we already have a thread like this, but in my attempt to organise Christmas I was thinking we should have a pale where we can let others know if Christmas stock has come in.

I often end up missing it and then find it has been pillaged by the likes of you lot savvy shoppers before I've even thought about going.

So if you spot new christmas stock online or in-store, alert the thread.

MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 09:40:05

And just to start things off:

Selfridges Christmas Shop Now Open (London only I think)

Not yet available online unfortunately.

JustAShopGirl Sun 10-Aug-14 09:43:58

Hobbycraft have Christmas paper craft/punches/dies/fabric in.

MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 09:53:58

Harrods have their 2014 Christmas Bear and some decorations in.

Not on the hughstreet has lots of Christmas stock for sale.

notamonkeysuncle Sun 10-Aug-14 10:00:32

Shameless place mark grin

MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 10:06:01

I think this thread will not see much action until nearer the time but I basically started it as a giant place mark. I'll try and revive it at the first signs of Christmas so feel free to place mark until your hearts content.

Iseechickens Sun 10-Aug-14 10:41:48

Marking place too. smile

Rumours Sun 10-Aug-14 10:46:47

Dobbies have their Christmas sale stuff in just now, I think its to make way for their 2014 Christmas stuff.

misstiredbuthappy Sun 10-Aug-14 11:11:58

I know its not a shop but Avon have a few christmas buts in realy cheap too. Ive got dd a christmas bath bomb, pjs and some christmasy tea towels in may

Mrsgrumble Sun 10-Aug-14 11:17:07

Marking place.. Thank you

Dotcomgiftshop have a few sale items
Amazon have a lot of stuff in all year

Smilesandpiles Sun 10-Aug-14 11:30:04

Loads of places have stuff online, you have to use the search box though or you won't see it.

House of fraiser
John Lewis (inside info says sometime in Sept they will start selling on shop floor)
Selfridges online

Get googling.

MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 11:34:35

I know lots of places have little selections, I'm more talking about when they get their proper 2014 Christmas stock in.

I don't want to miss all the new stuff.

PinkSquash Sun 10-Aug-14 11:38:11

Marks place. Great thread idea OP thanks

PinkSquash Sun 10-Aug-14 11:38:28

Marks place. Great thread idea OP thanks

MrsCosmopilite Sun 10-Aug-14 11:56:37

Apparently Clintons have their Christmas cards in.

I am officially annoyed. It's bloody August! Can't we wait 'til nearer the time?

MamaPain Sun 10-Aug-14 12:11:57

No <sticks out tongue>

I've checked and Clintons do have a large range of cards on site

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 10-Aug-14 12:30:33

I haven't seen any (yet grin ) but I've bought some giftbags and giftboxes from QVC. (My giftbags were the Christmas in July Todays Special Value, so I got normal year round ones now and the Christmas ones will be sent in Nov)

Costco will get their Christmas stock in about September.

TKMaxx and Homesense will be about early October (I haven't seen any Hallowe'en stock yet, but they get that in early)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 10-Aug-14 12:35:22

Oooh and I need to know when the coffee shops (yes Starbucks) start their festive range ( I sit in the cafe with one of the big cream topped coffee latte drinks....)

M&S Christmas Food to Order

Lakeland Limited Christmas Catalogue (on real paper, not online)

Christmas "Good Housekeeping" magazine

MegMogandOwlToo Sun 10-Aug-14 12:35:45

Card factory have all their Christmas cards out!

LokiBear Sun 10-Aug-14 15:09:49

Marking my place. Although I really need the shops to not stock their Christmas stuff until September! This is the earliest I have started planning and I am in danger of burning out or peaking too early!

BuilderMammy Sun 10-Aug-14 15:27:59

The Christmas BBC Good Food magazine should be out shortly after Halloween - that's my favourite : )

Apparently Starbucks red cups and seasonal drinks should be available from the 3rd of November.

Rowboat Sun 10-Aug-14 20:31:22

Marking place <trying to ignore urge to watch elf>

LokiBear Mon 11-Aug-14 22:19:58

I've ordered the studio Christmas catalogue. I've never bought anything from there before but it us the first Christmas 2014 catalogue yo be released and I wants it!

everydayaschoolday Tue 12-Aug-14 00:49:37

I've been disappointed with goods from Studio 24 - character towels and personalised kids apron were thin, wrapping paper kept tearing when I tried to wrap the presents - again flimsy rubbish, and many items were far smaller than I expected. For the quality/size, I thought the items were really expensive.

notamonkeysuncle Tue 12-Aug-14 17:41:42

b&m have started displaying their gift sets

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