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What do you do between Christmas and new year?

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50ShadesofXmas Thu 07-Aug-14 08:30:03

Every year we say "we'll do something lovely between Xmas and new year" but then no-one can agree on anything or think of anything to do so we do nothing!

It's the one thing I'm dreading about Christmas. I have a dh, ds (8) and ds (3) and not much cash!

Just wondering if I can steal something.

OatcakeCravings Thu 07-Aug-14 08:38:34


bananananacoconuts Thu 07-Aug-14 08:43:12

We go for lovely walks near our local beach or in the countryside. Lovely way to walk off your Christmas dinner! Plus it's free!

amyhamster Thu 07-Aug-14 08:47:00

when we were young we used to go away for a few days walking in the Lake Dsitrict or Peak District

Perfect for walking off the excess

Or the panto on boxing day became a bit of a tradition

We sometimes go to the cinema and out for dinner as by then I'm sick of cooking

Or traipsing around visiting family

LokiBear Thu 07-Aug-14 08:47:00

We always do a boxing day trip to the park. It's always lovely to get out in the fresh air and get some post-turkey exercise. If your kids have got bikes/scooters they might be more excited to go out. We usually follow that with a picky lunch made from the leftovers. Cinemas tend to do early morning kids screenings too. Usually they are films that have just been released on DVD but the tickets are much cheaper. The Vue cinema near me charges £1.90 per ticket and The Odeon £2.50. I took DD earlier this week to see Rio 2. We took a packed lunch with us, sat in superior seats and it only cost a fiver. DD is only just 3 so I wasn't sure if she'd sit through a whole film but she loved it.

aubreye Thu 07-Aug-14 08:51:00

We go and see DH's parents and brother's family in the family house in Scotland. We have out little tartan sashes that we put on, DD2 has a little dress that my mother-in-law has made for her. We make shortbread and the kids try haggis (they think it's yucky), champagne for the mummies and daddies and grandparents. It costs nothing for us as grandparents pay for it all (haha!)

Meeting up with family is great as the children can play and the adults can catch up.

ipswichwitch Thu 07-Aug-14 09:14:25

Work sad

GBBakeOffQueen Thu 07-Aug-14 09:15:19

We go away either on a UK city break, Center Parcs or abroad. This year we're going to York.

TheWordFactory Thu 07-Aug-14 09:20:42

I often have the family staying until 27th...sometimes longer...

I've found that it's often just a succession of catering and clearing up!

Sometimes I've booked a short trip and that's lovely (plus gives an excuse to rid myself of the Hordes). But this year both DC have some IGCSEs to take in January so they'll need to be at home to revise sad. But at least I can use that as an excuse to rid myself of the Hordes.

olaflikeswarmhugs Thu 07-Aug-14 09:21:16

Ipswich I came on here to say work sad

50ShadesofXmas Thu 07-Aug-14 09:24:25

Our nearest (!) beach is an hours drive away but I do fancy a nice long walk so maybe we could go there, take a picnic and a flask of hot choc (with baileys for me!) and let the kids run wild on the beach, maybe a kite for ds1 might be a nice Xmas present too?

I think I need to be organised, instead of waiting for everyone to agree on something, tell them what is happening!

50ShadesofXmas Thu 07-Aug-14 09:25:13

sad for everyone who has to work x

RJnomore Thu 07-Aug-14 09:27:05

Boxing day trip to the sales.

27th is dd1s birthday so whatever is happening for that.

DH works.

I meet up with friends and then get the house spick and span for new year.

From about 23rd December to new year is my favourite time of the year.

RJnomore Thu 07-Aug-14 09:27:44

It'd usually the only time of year I take two weeks off work!

PastaBow Thu 07-Aug-14 09:30:23

My Dad and in laws live in London and DD is just getting old enough for all the attractions this year so we are going to stay with one of them.

ipswichwitch Thu 07-Aug-14 09:46:43

Sucks doesn't it olaf part and parcel of being a HCP for me. At least this year I'm off the week before Christmas so I'm taking DC to see Santa and doing all manner or pre-Christmas festive stuff

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 07-Aug-14 10:13:25

Nothing. It's lovely. Time when nobody has to g to work or school and if we're really lucky it will snow and we can go sledging. Not last year though.

SweetSummerSweetPea Thu 07-Aug-14 10:25:20

its a tricky come down time and can be flat, I like to book panto and stuff...esp boxing day....visit to london too

WineSpider Thu 07-Aug-14 10:27:52

Work. Only have Christmas day off this year.

I work in retail. [Sad]

WineSpider Thu 07-Aug-14 10:28:37

sad even.

KEGirlOnFire Thu 07-Aug-14 10:46:07

Hmmm well Boxing Day first thing is normally the 'Next' and 'Boots' sale (last year I bought all Xmas presents for this year - for the adults - and all are wrapped, tagged and in the loft) and then last year we took DD to the local beach with her new bike and FIL came with us and treated us all to a fish and chip lunch. It was fab.

But quite often if we've seen my family on Xmas Day we'll see DH's family on Boxing Day or vice versa. So I think we'll have to see. Maybe arrange to see a load of DD's school friends and their Mums so we can have a post-Xmas catch up.

TheDayOfMyDoctor Thu 07-Aug-14 11:19:08

This year work too sad.
But usually some pj days at home playing/setting up new toys and watching Christmas telly, trip to panto, visiting relatives. Usually try and get DS to swimming/soft play/park to burn off some energy!

MaryWestmacott Thu 07-Aug-14 14:13:18

DC1 is a christmas baby so we do a party between christmas and new year, most parents seem really glad of something to do!

I'm interested how many people don't seem to have family to visit on Boxing day or the week between Christmas and new year! How have you avoiding having to spend the day with the set you've not seen on Christmas day? (or horror, are you rushing around on Christmas day seeing everyone or hosting everyone?). We've always done Christmas day with one set, Boxing day with the other set.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 07-Aug-14 17:54:24

This year it will be my mums on boxing day, DPs dads on 27th, a rest on the 28th then up to DPs aunt and uncle's from the evening of 29th until new years day.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 07-Aug-14 17:55:41

mary Our family is that straight forward both mine and DPs parents are divorced and remarried so we have 4 families to see

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