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When does the Christmas countdown start for you?

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MrsCK Mon 04-Aug-14 11:13:40

For me the first episode of the x factor signals nights starting to close in, blackberries on the bushes and the first countdown to Christmas.

When is it for you?

ToffeeMoon Mon 04-Aug-14 11:16:41

December 1st. I won't hear a word about it till then.

nikki1978 Mon 04-Aug-14 11:22:22

Same as toffeemoon. I think xmas is spoiled by spending half the year thinking about and planning it. I like to really enjoy all the seasons fully. At the moment all I am thinking about is sunshine and spending time with the kids while they are off school. In the autumn there are lots of birthdays for my friends and family plus bonfire night and halloween.

I don't even start shopping till Dec.

Mintyy Mon 04-Aug-14 11:23:53

1st December, like any right-minded person.

amyhamster Mon 04-Aug-14 11:23:53

The x factor starts in august doesn't it shock

I refuse to hear a word about it until after Halloween

toffeelolly Mon 04-Aug-14 11:28:19

Once the kids go back to school I can get started.

MrsDavidBowie Mon 04-Aug-14 11:32:17


LizzieMint Mon 04-Aug-14 11:33:33

After my birthday, which is at the end of November.
Definitely not now!

Picklepest Mon 04-Aug-14 11:35:11

Strictly come dancing starts.

applessauce Mon 04-Aug-14 11:39:23

Blackberries are July/August shock

It probably begins with Advent for us. There are so many other festivals and occasions going on in between, too. E.g. autumn, harvest, halloween, bonfire night, winter solstice etc etc

CiderwithBuda Mon 04-Aug-14 11:39:32

I have bought a present already! Shower gel for DS's stocking reduced in sale.

Countdown for me starts with the Poncetastic Xmas thread on here which is September I think.

Although I am planning on making a dessert for Xmas in next few days - apple and plum crumble base from fruit from our garden.

MirandaWest Mon 04-Aug-14 11:41:10

After DSs birthday which is 22nd November I start thinking about Christmas a bit.

PorridgeParty Mon 04-Aug-14 12:25:29

X Factor starting is my "yep this is it" kinda moment.

Although I've lurked and used heavily the threads on here (NC currently - be back later to normal) since Jan.

MrsCK Mon 04-Aug-14 12:29:07

phew porridge I thought it was just me for a moment!!

don't get me wrong I don't put up the tree or anything yet but I simply live autumn and winter and x factor is the key moment for me with Christmas being the big finale if you like!

KissMyFatArse Mon 04-Aug-14 12:32:48

Start of X factor and I've already started picking up things for my DS in sales.

stargirl1701 Mon 04-Aug-14 12:35:22

After Advent.

Pickelback Mon 04-Aug-14 12:44:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BudsBeginingSpringinSight Mon 04-Aug-14 14:41:09

Hillairous so many saying they wont hear a word of xmas till dece but here they are seeking out - the old xmas boards!

Mintyy Mon 04-Aug-14 14:45:39

Not seeking anything out at all! The Christmas threads come up on active conversations (which is how I and thousands of others use MN) and I hide them all. But this is a question about Christmas I am willing to answer at this time of year, just to balance out all the over-thinking, over-planning, over-spending and over-sharing that goes with Christmas on Mumsnet.

doingitlikeaboss Mon 04-Aug-14 14:50:19

We've just started buying in all the extra surpises just now. We always start around now once uniforms are all in and next year's holidays paid... drags in though I hate knowing all there presents are just lying in the house when they could have them just now

DitzyDonkey Mon 04-Aug-14 15:08:21

I start buying in September so by November I am completely finished with presents and can just enjoy my favourite time of the year.

LokiBear Mon 04-Aug-14 16:54:28

I start picking things up and present planning about now. When I go back to school I feel like that is when the run up begins, but the proper countdown starts December 1st. By that time the presents are all bought and I can enjoy doing proper festive things stress free ☺

noideawottoget Mon 04-Aug-14 18:20:37

when i see the coca cola christmas advert on the tv for the first time. running game with the kids, whoever spots it first and pauses it for me to come and watch gets a fiver.

VodIsGod Mon 04-Aug-14 18:33:22

4 Dec after family birthdays have been celebrated!

BreeVDKamp Mon 04-Aug-14 18:45:08

I listened to Last Christmas whilst pinning Christmas ideas on Pinterest in bed on Sunday morning blush

I thoroughly enjoyed it. In hindsight I feel 99% happy, 1% ashamed.

Normally, it's Stir-Up Sunday that signals the countdown to Christmas!!

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