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Christmas markets - Bern or Berlin?

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Unlabelled Thu 31-Jul-14 15:36:53

I don't care it's summer and we're having a heatwave. I need to get organised!!

Dh and I are looking at a Christmas market this year. We want atmosphere, snow, mulled wine not just tat on stall after stall. So with that in mind which is more winter wonderland, Bern or Berlin?

ilovelamp82 Thu 31-Jul-14 17:10:08

I've not been to Bern, so can't compare but Berlin is just amazing and I can't wait to go back.

RiverRocks Mon 04-Aug-14 12:30:38

Same as ilove, never been to Bern, but I've done Berlin, Munchen, Koln, Dusseldorf and a couple of others (lived there for a while, and used to visit friends).

They have all had more than one market, and there is a different atmosphere at each market. There is definitely mulled wine at all of them, though, and see if you can get any of the Zimtsterne when they're just out of the oven; they are even more amazing when they're warm.

Am very envy as I don't have enough holidays to go this year whose stupid idea was it to get married but hope to go next year...

OwlMother Mon 04-Aug-14 12:42:37

I've never been to either at Christmas, but something to bear in mind is that (in my experience) Switzerland is vastly more expensive than Germany. We go to Switzerland most years and it always takes me a while to adjust to the prices.

WafflesandWhippedCream Mon 04-Aug-14 12:52:29

I think the markets at smaller towns are more atmospheric. In my experience, in bigger cities Christmas markets are absolutely heaving, especially at the weekend, you have to fight your way through the crowds of tourists, which spoils it a bit for me.

Having said that, I haven't been to either Berlin or Bern. But I would look for somewhere a bit more off the beaten track, with a nice traditional old town square, I think it would be a bit more intimate and atmospheric - they still get busy, but less of a heaving throng of humanity.

They will all have mulled wine. Perhaps somewhere in a wine-producing region might have a wider selection of mulled wines though? I don't know. I have had different fruit-flavoured mulled wines (I think cherry and blueberry) and white mulled wine too. Frankfurt has lots of mulled apple wine.

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