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Is anyone else watching QVC- Christmas in July?

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IdahoHasMyHeart Thu 24-Jul-14 08:41:41

I'm not planning on buying anything, but it's getting me excited for Christmas grin

Anybody else watching?

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 24-Jul-14 11:00:53

I had forgotten it was on! Yeassssssssss

IdahoHasMyHeart Thu 24-Jul-14 11:06:46


70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Jul-14 11:19:04

I have been watching here and there (also looked online)
Nice to see some new things, most years now they drag out the clearance crap stock and rename it "Christmas in July"

I love the Lindy Bowman boxs/bags (I bought some gorgeous ones a few years back with little lights )

I'll avoid some shows because I can't abide some of the presenters.
(Though I did stay up past midnight to watch Miceal Murphy grin )

There's still tomorrow too wink

JonSnowsPout Thu 24-Jul-14 11:19:32

Toddler ds is desperate for that neo

JonSnowsPout Thu 24-Jul-14 11:34:37

Neon car track *

MrsCK Thu 24-Jul-14 12:01:20


aylesburyduck Thu 24-Jul-14 21:49:37

Will be watching tomorrow - I should have frozen some mince pies so I could eat some whilst being all festivesmile

50shadesofknackered Fri 25-Jul-14 07:35:50

I'm trying but the kids have different ideas sad

0pheliaBalls Fri 25-Jul-14 08:38:01

aylesbury Waitrose have individual mince pies in. I bought some yesterday grin

curiousgeorgie Fri 25-Jul-14 10:43:41

I used to work at the studio in battersea and everyone hated Christmas in July wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 25-Jul-14 21:26:53

I've noticed georgie that when the hour shows are listed, they had TBC beside each one a couple of days before, so they must've drawn straws to decide who had to do it grin
Julia Roberts one year said she aimed to be on holiday when it was on (so I don't think she was a fan grin )

I miss Paul Lavers and Debbie Greenwood. sad

Jubelteen Fri 25-Jul-14 21:33:21

Oooh curious working at QVC is one of my dream jobs! Not on the phones in Liverpool though, behind the scenes testing all the tat.
I don't like Christmas in December, so haven't been watching the last few days.

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