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If you decide to buy something from the online Lego Store...

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MTWTFSS Thu 17-Jul-14 13:53:13

The National Autistic Society are charity partners of LEGO, therefore if you follow the link above to buy LEGO from the online shop, Lego will donate a percentage of what you pay to them.

Thank you for your time smile

PinkSquash Thu 17-Jul-14 20:19:05

smile will bookmark this for future use. Thank you

MTWTFSS Thu 17-Jul-14 20:36:04

Thank you smile

Rowboat Fri 18-Jul-14 11:15:27

Bookmarked for Christmas. Dh is a huge lego fan. I wish I'd known this last month. smile

fuzzpig Fri 18-Jul-14 11:25:15

Oh that's lovely I'll make sure I do that as lego is always a hit in our house. I don't just mean for the DCs either grin

fuzzpig Sat 19-Jul-14 12:31:42

Thought I'd bump this.

What lego are you all thinking of getting this Xmas?

I'm tempted by either the ghostbusters or back to the future cars for DH. Probably a game or two.

Not sure about the DCs though, they have looooads already, may just add to their existing pile of random bricks! DD got one of the lego movie sets for her birthday and loved it.

JonSnowsPout Sat 19-Jul-14 13:35:01

Dp got the back to the future delorean last year. He loved it!

Going to buy the toddler some of the lego junior stuff, might stop him pinching his brothers

BettyBolognese Sun 27-Jul-14 17:43:33

I'm getting DH and DS Lego this year. So marking now.

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