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Homemade Christmas

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NeverHadANickname Sun 13-Jul-14 14:52:10

A thread for an exchange of homemade Christmas ideas. I don't think there is a general one this year but if there is please ignore me. Last years was really helpful.

Please post any questions, ideas, problems etc.

NeverHadANickname Sun 13-Jul-14 14:59:08

I feel like I'm taking over the Christmas board today so hopefully I'll stop now I've started this.

Anyone know where I can buy cheap jars for jam? There's some on Ebay but to keep the costs sown I'll have to buy 72! I don't need that many!

To answer a question from another thread; to sterilise jars some people use the dishwasher otherwise wash the jars in warm soapy water, rinse then dry in an oven (140 degrees c) for 10 minutes. This is for new jars or reused ones. Don't touch the inside once sterilised. I think if you reuse poppy lid ones the lid gets sucked back in again once all sterilised and filled.

Namechangearoonie123 Sun 13-Jul-14 15:01:44

Someone posted about Asda lemon curd or jam that was 12p, so the cheapest way to get jars smile

NeverHadANickname Sun 13-Jul-14 15:06:30

That is a good idea but I'd feel bad about the waste, I don't like lemon curd. It might have to be done though, some of the jars work out to be over £1 each! You can buy a small jar of nice jam for that. I wonder what I could put the lemon curd in to donate it to a food bank? Freezer bags?

incogKNEEto Sun 13-Jul-14 15:15:25

You could just buy new lids and reuse old jars?

Namechangearoonie123 Sun 13-Jul-14 15:15:51

Just checked, it's 22p for lemon curd. Next cheapest jarred food is marmalade at 29p.

There's bigger jars which are pasta sauce (440gram) at 39p. Probably a lot easier to use up pasta sauce/freeze it but do you really want large jars?

MummyKnight Sun 13-Jul-14 15:19:41

Use the lemon curd as a filling for lemon cakes and then sell/donate them.
Also I'm on freegle and freecycle, people are always giving away loads of jars. You could join them if your not already a member and request jars.

You could also ask friends, family, people in work etc to save the jars they would normally recycle/throw away an give them to you.

MsVenus Sun 13-Jul-14 15:30:55

Lidl or Aldi (I can't remember which) have packs of 8 jam jars for �2 or �3.

NeverHadANickname Sun 13-Jul-14 15:36:20

Good plans. I'll ask family to save some then make a batch whenever I have enough jars. I'll also look at Lidl/Aldi.

Any other homemade ideas that can be done now? Also, I have a Nigella recipe for fudge, how long would it last in the freezer?

I'm always tempted to try some of the flavoured vodkas people mention but I'm not sure which one, Mars bar does sound nice.

WildFlowersAttractBees Sun 13-Jul-14 22:18:16

Aldi had jars of marmalade for 19p today. I remember wondering how on earth they can make, package, ship and sell for a profit!

MelonMelonMelon Mon 14-Jul-14 13:34:29

I always get my jars from here

foreverforaging Mon 14-Jul-14 13:42:05

ALDI are selling jars at the mo.

Post an ad on Freecycle. I would save my jars if someone wanted them...

LokiBear Thu 24-Jul-14 21:02:26

I would like to give aunties something home made and food but lack inspiration. Would love some ideas x

MrsCK Sat 26-Jul-14 19:21:33

Blackberry jams and chutneys have been a favourite home make in the past. Quick and simple and can make in advance smile

aylesburyduck Sat 26-Jul-14 22:30:52

I made hampers last year. I got my recipes off the bbc food website, and made lemon curd, red onion marmalade and spiced apple chutney.

They were all so easy to make and tasted great. Just make sure you keep a jar for yourself!

NeverHadANickname Wed 30-Jul-14 07:59:57

I'm hoping to make strawberry jam in the next couple of weeks. There's also a recipe for pumpkin chutney and somethng else in one of my Nigella books so I think i'll make those too.

I need a bit of help. I'm hoping to do little gifts for people at work through the working days of December. I've done a list and at the moment it's mainly food so I need a few more ideas for some non food items I can buy or preferably make for them. They have to be cheap and small. I've found a couple of things on pinterest but I just wondered what other people would like to receive.

Davidtennantmistress Fri 01-Aug-14 07:49:16

Approved foods have five mini jars of jam for 1.99 I figure two packs can be split up for three presents plus a few other bits of home made stuff?!?

annabanana19 Fri 01-Aug-14 15:11:03

Ask on Facebook for jars. Im sure people would help you out x

ohfourfoxache Sat 02-Aug-14 00:44:10

Ooh marking place!

Did hampers a couple of years ago and plan to do similar this year

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