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North Pole Behaviour Department

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everydayaschoolday Sun 13-Jul-14 10:08:35

Personalised behaviour cards and reward chart for the big advent countdown. UK company. Each pack costs £9 (includes postage). I got the advert through Facebook - I am not affiliated to the company! I've just ordered 2 packs, and can report back when I receive them if anyone's interested.

50ShadesofXmas Tue 15-Jul-14 06:29:18

I entered the competition to win one (but didn't win), am definitely thinking about getting some. Do post back and tell me what you think.

everydayaschoolday Mon 04-Aug-14 02:17:24

Received today as we've been away on holiday. Very good quality. Well packaged. Worth the £9 considering it's personalised. I'm pleased I took a chance and bought it. My kids (3 and 6) will love it smile

misstiredbuthappy Thu 28-Aug-14 20:58:27

These look brilliant.

thereistheball Fri 05-Sep-14 14:59:22

OMG this sounds utterly horrendous. As other kids get older and discover that Christmas is a bit of a white lie (ho ho) but a tradition worth conserving because really it's about spending time as a family and caring for others, yours will figure out that the whole thing was one big discipline device. Do not be surprised if they don't ever enjoy Christmas again.

CeliaFate Fri 05-Sep-14 15:59:36

hmm That's a bit of an over reaction isn't it? Most parents do the, "I'll ring Father Christmas" bit when their dc are acting up. This is the next level, but same principle.

Rowboat Fri 05-Sep-14 20:22:43

We looked at these but decided against. Yes we do the "I'll call Santa" thing, but I really don't like the idea of giving red cards. Seems wrong and against the idea of positive reinforcement. I did consider them though as they're quite cute.

PumpkinsMummy Fri 05-Sep-14 21:33:30

I like the idea in principle, but something about them makes me feel uncomfortable. I think because christmas to me is about family and love, and I don't like the thought that my DS might think this is conditional on good behaviour. I want to encourage him to behave because he should be a good person not to be rewarded with presents. I dunno, it just seems a bit like holding santa to ransom to me!

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