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Christmas In July

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0pheliaBalls Fri 04-Jul-14 18:25:42

So, loads of stores have been showing off their Christmas lines at their Christmas in July events. Apparently Marks & Spencer will be doing fairy cakes with LED lights on them, sprout coleslaw and sprout juice. Hmmm.... Asda have a chocolate choux pastry wreath and snowman shaped crumpets and Fortnum & Mason have lots of very posh expensive stuff grin

There's loads of stuff about it on my beloved (sorry, on app so links not working).

Is it too early to be getting hungry excited?!

Mrsgrumble Fri 04-Jul-14 18:28:36

Oh, I thought this was a thread about mock Christmas parties in July. I once sat on santas lap in Australia. It's a big thing over there. Got a present and everything. Then he got really drunk and started to strip. grin

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 18:31:43

I must get a chocolate wreath grin sounds like heaven !

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Jul-14 19:15:19

Pouts and stamps feet.
Why didn't I get invited know about this?

QVC do Christmas in July (24th/25th) . I am having a hospital visit that requires me to starve and be sedated , so in my recovery , I will bagsie the TV (and the toilet) and peruse what I need. smile

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 19:20:26

What do they sell when they do that 70 ? Is it just toys?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Jul-14 20:00:30

There's Bethlehem Lights (pre-lit battery operated ) wreaths and swags
Lori Greiner (household things)
Lindy Bowman gift boxes, sequin covered boxes (really pretty) and wrapping
Gourmet Foods
and Toys grin

50shadesofknackered Fri 04-Jul-14 20:14:30

Yay! Christmas in July, I can't wait!!!!!

MayhemMostDays Fri 04-Jul-14 22:26:21

70's you have to post a thread with a title in CAPITALS to make sure we don't forget!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 05-Jul-14 09:45:17

I will post a thread to remind you all grin

Some years , I'm very hmm , they re-brand the clearance stock as Christmas in July (I'm not fooled by that QVC) so I usually do a search the day before to see what's new.

I'll be watching from midnight on the 23rd to see the Todays Special Value (if I'm not chained to the loo) wink

NeverHadANickname Sat 05-Jul-14 09:49:48

This has excited me lots! I'm away on the 24th though so QVC had better have some good stuff still on the 25th.

I've never bought anything from QVC, can you buy online or do you have to phone in? Definately a dedicated thread needed for bargains and good buys.

Smilesandpiles Sat 05-Jul-14 10:17:35

Does anyone know if Yankee Candle on QVC be showing their Christmas collection early?

NeverHadANickname Sat 05-Jul-14 12:30:20

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but I've always fancied a yankee candle, do you think they're worth the money?

LaurieFairyCake Sat 05-Jul-14 12:34:03

You can buy QVC with an app. Or online. Or phone in.

I always buy something on the Christmas in July. I bought the prelit wreath and mantelpiece length and then added my own decorations to it - it looked fab. Having a lot wreath on the front door was fab.

Smilesandpiles Sat 05-Jul-14 14:57:20

Sometimes they can be worth the money, yes.

Usually they are lovely, but you do get the odd one, that either doesn't smell of anything at all to one that stinks and is so strong there's no way you can burn it.

NeverHadANickname Sat 05-Jul-14 15:50:32

Thanks for the answers laurie and smiles

shakemysilliesout Sun 06-Jul-14 07:29:32

I love Yankee candles- bit of an addiction. In Poole pottery shop they have the whole range so I spend a lot of time sniffing them when I visit.

My fav is blissful autumn and Christmas cookie- hate apple and pine though. Looking to try a new Xmas scent this year after apple and pine fail!

I like the way they smell strong and the jars look nice. But the scents can divide a household!

Also avoid November rain.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 06-Jul-14 08:52:53

Christmas Cookie, Vanilla Cupcake
Salted Caramel
My favourite Sparkling Cinnamon (more than Cinnamon Stick)

Not keen on Christmas Eve or anything pine

Gingerbread smells like curry confused

Smilesandpiles Sun 06-Jul-14 09:38:07

Apple and Pine is the one I was trying to remember. It's awful.

I thought Salted Caramel smelt like curry.

Favourites are:

Clean cotton
Baby powder
Storm watch - very rare though and can only be imported in now
Warm wollen mittens
Sparkling lemon
Vanilla and lime
First Down
Midnight Oasis
Black cherry
Christmas eve
Happy Holidays
Sparkling snow
Black Cherry
Cranberry Chunteny
Pink Sands
Pinapple Cilantro
Etc etc etc etc...I find at least 3 a year that ends up on that list.

Smilesandpiles Sun 06-Jul-14 09:38:35

Oooh, Beachwood
Grape and Oak

shakemysilliesout Sun 06-Jul-14 19:26:38

Thanks for the list!

I got a Yankee gift set last year so have a spare
Mini apple and pine jar. It's in the emergency present box! I have to not like the person I'm giving it to though!

Might try happy holidays and sparkling
Snow this year.

Love baby powdersmile

NeverHadANickname Mon 07-Jul-14 17:41:12

Oh no, they all sound so nice. I will definitely have to decide on a budget if QVC do the Yankee Candles. I'm thinking I like the sound of Sparkling Cinnamon and cranberry chutney. I'm not sure what all of the Christmas named ones smell like but if they have them on QVC I'm sure they'll describe them, I might have to do some research first. I also need a 'white' smelling one for a present. I know white isn't a smell but I know what I mean grin

Smilesandpiles Mon 07-Jul-14 18:12:33

Baby powder - that's the one you need to start with.

That's exactly what it smells like. Clean cotton is another one. These are the two that I first bought. They both smell "white", the Clean Cotton more so.

Fluffy towels is a warmer version. Clinton Cards normally have a range in - try and look in one of those.

If you want to test it without buying a huge jar - the votives are just over a £1 each and are great samplers.

To smell the jars, smell the inside of the lid, NOT the candle itself.

The very first one I had was StormWatch back in the 90's but I didn't know what Yankee Candle was then. I loved it and it's that candle that had me hooked onto scented candles since then. It was a 15th birthday present from a friend.

shakemysilliesout Mon 07-Jul-14 18:50:55

On a side note Dh doesn't believe i go on the Internet to talk about scented candles- but I live Yankee candles sooo much! I'm next going to Poole without him as he's busy but I'll be sure to pack a credit card and be sketchy on the candle budget!

Smilesandpiles Mon 07-Jul-14 19:01:38

If you get a chance..Meadowhall in Sheffield has a candle shop and they have a big range of Yankee Candles, and another version (country Living I think) that is also very good. They stock loads and loads of accessories's my personal heaven.

They even offer to hold your purchases until you are ready to take them home so you are not lugging them around and at risk of breaking anything.

NeverHadANickname Tue 08-Jul-14 07:30:36

Don't think I'll be near Sheffield but there is a Clinton Cards near so I'll call in. Clean cotton added to my list, if I give them anything with baby in the name they'll think Im making an announcement.

Thinking about it there is a candle shop local thay sells an alternative to yankee which is cheaper and they say is better but they would say that wouldn''t they. I'll call in and see which brand it is.

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