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Presents: How many do you have to buy for and what have you got?

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Mrsgrumble Wed 02-Jul-14 14:24:20

I'm allowed, it's the Christmas thread smile also due Christmas baby and few complications

I have to buy for my parents, siblings (two), one year old and new baby, dh

Cut out friends presents, so don't have those at Christmas. Just SIL.

I've bought dh a few clothes - I will get him toiletries and something else ??

Parents - bought my mum a large piece of costume jewellery - need to get inspiration. Dad - meal voucher possibly

New baby- cloud baby and few nursery CDs

(In laws - dh sorts out but we do a hamper for his mother too but will get it nearer the time)

chanie44 Wed 02-Jul-14 18:19:26

As well as our two children, OH and I have 12 adults and 12 children to buy forshock. I would love to cut it down, but it's mostly siblings, parents and nieces and nephews. The rest are special people I want to give token gifts to.

My break down is roughly:
5 completed
8 half completed (more to buy)
11 not started but many are token gifts.

wfrances Wed 02-Jul-14 18:25:00

havnt started yet,
adults x 12
4 dc
kids x 8

deepbluetr Wed 02-Jul-14 18:34:31

I am looking forward to christmas. There will be seven of us at home over the holidays. My niece and her OH are coming to visit from abroad. Although she is an adult was brought up in an extremely religious family who wouldn't have any mention of Santa, stockings, or christmas trees.

She is in her 30s ( now an atheist) and never had a christmas stocking, so I will be spoiling her totally, including hanging up stockings by a real fire and baking biscuits for Santa.. I have already been buying little things as I go.

I have
8 adults and 4 children to buy gifts for.

shakemysilliesout Thu 03-Jul-14 06:40:05

I have parents x 4, dads g/f, grandma, sister and BIL. Best friend. Then nursery staff and 14 kids to buy for, all nieces and nephews and godchildren.

Then Dh,DD and new baby.

No secret Santa this year as on mat leave- yay! SS is always hard work.

DH and dad are hard to buy for. But I think b&q is my best bet!

So fun shopping for new baby and DD. DD probs getting sylvanian families and play doh. New baby will get a few toys and books and a jack in the box.

My grans easy as she likes lavender products.

It's all the kids i struggle with. I prefer to get
Books but it's tough knowing reading ability.

Best friend is impossible to buy forsad

Nursery staff is just boring to buy for- I never know what I get so just go round boots aimlessly towards end of dec getting stressed by soap!

BiddyPop Thu 03-Jul-14 10:09:25

I have 2 parents, 5 siblings, 3 significant others, 2 nieces and nephews, my Mum's DSis and family, my Dad's 5 siblings and 3 spouses, and 3 cousins who are still kids.

On DH's side, I (yes, I hmm) have 2 parents, 2 siblings, 2 significant others, 3 nieces and nephews, 2 single aunts and uncles.

I also have DH and DD (including the man in red). And DD's birthday on 26th.

Then I have contribution to class voucher for the teacher and SNA, separate present for resource teacher (DD goes alone), and something small for the 3 minders in afterschool club.

And separately, a few days before holidays breakup, I need to send in 35 "treats" to school as DD's birthday celebration. Unfortunately, the 1st year, I had time and got creative with putting Santas and Snowmen as replacements for the red wrappers on 2 finger kitkats, then did "Reindeer poop" bags (choc covered raisins in a bag with a poem stapled on top), and then "Snowman Soup" (bag of hot choc mix, candy cane stirrer and a handful mini marshmallows - again with a poem). Last year, DD got creative with a massive marshmallow, a regular sized one and a mini one (that dipped in choc for the hat) to make marshmallow snowmen for everyone. TG, as I am out of creative ideas and the mums keep asking what will be next!!

And having a few bottles of wine, or preferably something different but small (like a hostess present) for a few neighbours who we may socialize with over the hols - but only if we see them.

I don't do friends. If DD wants to do friends, she does them herself (she's 8).

Overall, 48 to buy for. I have 3 sorted, and new PJs for DH and DD (annual Christmas Eve thing) - and I have my spreadsheet partially filled with ideas and sources. Just keeping an eye on summer sales, but will do a lot in August when I have a week to myself.

lostlalaloopsy Thu 03-Jul-14 21:01:38

I buy for

3 nephews
2 sisters
Mum's partner
Auntie and Uncle

Plus DH and I will have 3 dc to buy by Christmas smile

So far I have bought all of nephews presents - thanks to the bargain thread. Plus most of my dcs stocking fillers, but still got to do everyone else.

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 03-Jul-14 21:24:54

I will tot up my amount in a sec, but if you want good nursery / teacher presents Crabree and evelyn have lots of handcreams at either £1.50 or £2.70 here Just got 12 for £25 delivered. Nursery presents done!

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 03-Jul-14 21:34:57

I have just looked at my list and I have 20 family and close adult friends, 10 nursery staff and 15 children plus my DD! Blimey, I didn't realise it was that many. Got 90% of it done just need a few bits for my mum and main present for my OH who usually wants something like a new jacket etc nearer the time.

notamonkeysuncle Fri 04-Jul-14 08:12:56

We buy for:
My parents
My brother
2 nephews
1 niece
DPs sister

And then DP.
DD, 1 nephew and niece and MIL are all sorted. Ive also got a few little bits for DP

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Fri 04-Jul-14 10:07:36

I buy for DH and DS and a further 22 people! Add to that presents that come from DS that's another 10 presents. Scary when I write it down but it's all family and close friends so nobody I can score off the list.

I've got everybody and everyone's birthday presents (except DH's) until the end of the year. I have to start early with a list that long or I'd be broke by Christmas!

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Fri 04-Jul-14 10:49:56

Damn. Forgot about DS's childminder. That's another one to add to the list but I think I might have something nice for her in the presents drawer.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Jul-14 12:23:48

Too scared to add up the number grin

DH, DD, DS (DS has a December birthday too)
My Parents + MIL (usually send a floral/scented display , my mum doesn't do decorations, doesn't drink, wear make-up. I sent a gorgeous cinnamon and orange floral display one year)

We don't do presents for our siblings.

But the guinea-pigs get presents too wink

BuilderMammy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:53:44

DH, my parents, my sister and my aunt.
Our kids (4 and nearly 3).
Creche staff.
Our two cats, and my sister's two as well.

The cats get a couple of individual things of Sheba each - not too complicated : )
The creche staff I usually bake for. I'll probably do the same this year.
DD is getting a desk for her room (made from an old Ikea cot!) because colouring her her favourite thing and I think she'd enjoy having her own spot to do it away from her little brother sometimes.
I've bought a few small things for both kids - sticker books, new cups, toothbrushes, little art sets from Lidl and jigsaws. They're mostly Disney themed because we're going there in January. So actually the kids are nearly done, I just have to figure out DS's main present really.
The adults are harder. Everyone except the aunt is coming to DLP with us so I'm going to crochet lovely warm hats with Mickey Mouse ears or Minnie bow and ears, as appropriate, and a Goofy one with dangly ears for DH (at his request). Thankfully we all have a well developed sense of silliness so I think everyone will be willing to wear them (while we're there obviously, not at home!). I'm going to make a couple of jams and chutneys as well.

There'll be two pressies for nieces or nephews as well but I don't know which two yet. And two for friends' kids; they normally end up being catered for in the Argos 3 for 2 toy sale in september.

MumofWombat Sat 05-Jul-14 01:41:40

My parents
DHs parents
2 grandmothers
2brothers and partners
4 nephews
3 friends DCs
1 godmother
And of course 1DH and 2 awesome DCs

I only have 1 brother and partner that I don't know what I'm getting along with DH.
Everyone else has been bought or or I know what I want and I just need to order or go and get it.

My parents arrive at the end of November (I'm in Oz) and I want to spend December doing fun stuff and not shopping!

snowmanshoes Sat 05-Jul-14 07:42:10

Oooooh great this thread is back (I've still got my Christmas name!!!)

Anyway....... We have 8 adults and then each other and 6 children and then our own 2 dd's to buy for. I also buy a little something for dd1's dance teacher and her best friend at school on her behalf as she is only 8 but only a gesture present for those two of around a fiver.
So far I have 2 x children completed and 2 x adults nearly done so not too bad. I pretty much have most of the 'Santa sack' items for both of our girls done and a couple of things for each dd from us that I've picked up throughout the year from the fab sales but still need to get their main bits. Pretty sure dd2 who will be 4 just after Christmas will mostly want Frozen things and I've already got her a furby boom (£28 amazon) as she ALWAYS is playing with her big sisters so I know she will be thrilled with that but stuck for dd1 who will be 9 just after Christmas too.
She has her eye on one of those 'makie' dolls (that you design yourself) but want to read a few more reviews as they are £69!!!! However the money I have spent on monster high etc in the past it pales in comparison so may get it. She hasn't really shown an interest in other actual toys apart from more lego friends but there is still a while to go yet and the new argos catalogue to come out (when is that by the way?!??!?!) to give her inspiration.
Oh yes and I think she has her eye on a polaroid camera and after looking I've found one that prints passport size photos that comes in a multitude of colours with a photo bundle for about £70 so again that's another option. Will hold off though and see closer to the time.

ClashCityRocker Sun 06-Jul-14 18:58:34

I have ten adults to buy for, and just stating to think of ideas. Also, three lit tiles but they are at that easy stage where they're excited by any present.

Mil is always tricky, she likes what she likes and there often isn't any rhyme or reason. Quite tempted to just get her bits and a voucher for m&co so she can choose something.

Fil I think I'm going to get one of those nest-box cameras.

DH will be clothes and bits, and traditionally I pay for a holiday (nothing too exotic) or mini break in the new year (he'll usually do the same for my birthday in the summer)

Mum only really has my brother and I who buy her presents, so tend to get her quite a lot of little bits and a main present.

The rest will be a case of seeing what offers are on when!

JToTheCToTheCrisTotheT Sun 06-Jul-14 22:33:42

Making this for my DM, but instead of stitches, it' s crochet squares. I started today, as it's gonna take ages! Other than that, I've bought Tesco gift cards to put towards a tablet nearer the time.

To buy for:

DH and 2DCs
And a new neice born today!

5toocoolforschool Fri 11-Jul-14 10:20:54

Lots!12 adults on dhs side and their 13 children

4 adults my side,no kids.

4 friends that are both of ours and their one baby!

Our 5 children,1 stepdaughter,each other!

5toocoolforschool Fri 11-Jul-14 10:23:39

Because there is a lot to buy for this year I am thinking of buying a nice bottle of wine and some nice chocolates or something for dhs siblingsnand their partners.

Havbt started yet,I usually start September.

Dcs will be 6,5,4,2 and 1 at Christmas this year!

attheendoftheday Fri 11-Jul-14 10:43:33

I normally buy for our 2 dds, dp, dm, dmil, db, dbil, dsil, dniece, dnephew, ddog and token presents for 5 friend's dc. I suppose I'll add dd1's preschool teachers this year too.

So 11 proper presents and 7 tiny tokens.

That's more than I realised!

Benguinsmummy Fri 11-Jul-14 12:10:09

Two half baked....
And about 14 to go... Would help if the in laws would give definite requests in advance rather than change their minds time and time again....

0pheliaBalls Fri 11-Jul-14 15:13:40

Just DH and DD. We have no family/friends so nobody else to buy for.

Already bought quite a bit for DD - she's been eyeing my ereader enviously for a while so I've got her a Nook Glowlight (I have a Simple Touch). Got it at a brilliant price - there was £30 off orders over £60 for new customers at Littlewoods so got it for half price at £30! Best bargain so far. Also have got her a onesie, some toiletries, a few books etc. Her main present will be a phone, hers is ancient. She's 17 btw.

DH usually gets books, scotch, stuff like that. I try to get him some unusual stuff too - last year I gave him a Roman coin as one of his presents. He loved it!

Dolallytats Fri 11-Jul-14 15:53:04

We decided this year that we just couldn't afford to buy for parents, siblings etc so it's just the kids and token pressies for me and DH.

So, we have to get for 3 nieces, 1 nephew, DS6, DD1, a small gift for DD21 and DSS29. I feel a bit guilty, but my overdraft is already almost hitting £1000.

We already have 1 present for DS6-Kerplunk and a few for DD1-shape sorter, a thing where you bang balls through holes, puzzle, chatterbox telephone. We're just going to get her a little tea set and something to wear and that's her done.

I usually love Christmas, but it's not fun when you're skint!!

SweetSummerSweetPea Sun 20-Jul-14 12:25:14

I have cut our list right down...

focusing on our daughters mainly and some token gifts for family and friends.

BTW for friends I got led bird light, john lewis clearance usually 5 down to 2.50 so go them two, very pretty glass nice box....

I got lego, from tesco, special offer 500 extra points if spent over certain got 1000 extra points and some great lego princess gifts...

some books from amazon,

toys from john lewis sale.

elsa dress......
we are actually 90% there which is amazing.

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