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What are you planning on getting the kids for christmas?

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Rosvita Mon 30-Jun-14 20:24:51

I know people either love or hate these sorts of threads but I was just wondering what people are planning on getting their children for christmas? I love reading people's lists for inspiration!

Lilicat1013 Mon 30-Jun-14 20:52:35

For my older son (age four but autistic so younger developmentally) it is a challenge, he doesn't play as such. He has no imaginative play and would prefer only to do electronic type things.

On one hand I want to buy him what he loves and on the other I don't want to just buy him electronic things. He will definitely be having a Kiddizoom camera as he has been really excited by taking photos recently and a Leapreader as his Tag Jnr has been well loved and used. I have also seen an alphabet jigsaw with really chunky 3D letters that I think he would love as he gets obsessed by letters and would love carrying them around.

My youngest will be nearly two at Christmas and he is already really, really in to cars and wheels so he will be having several cars. I have already got him a Megabloks Tiny 'n' Tuff car transporter and a WOW toys dump truck at a much reduced price.

The rest of the list will be decided as we get nearer the time as the little one is liable to develop new interest and my older one I just need to get some ideas. He is so hard to buy for.

JerseySpud Mon 30-Jun-14 21:08:27

At this moment in time i am not 100% sure

DD1 wants a pony and DD2 just wants everything DD1 wants.

But i think DD1 will be getting a tv dvd as she will be nearly 8 and wants to spend time in her own room doing stuff.

DD2 i honestly do not know what i will be getting her

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 30-Jun-14 21:47:35

I've got dd a vintage dolls house which we are going to do up for her, and I am getting dolls for it to represent our family (and pets).
I have also got her the Bear Hunt board game, though she will probably have gone off the book by then.
I am also shopping for crappy plastic 1p bargains on eBay, as she likes anything really, whether it is good or dreadful, purposeful or pointless, she just loves having a load of little bits!

Rosvita Mon 30-Jun-14 22:06:28

lilicat know what you mean about the lack if imaginative play and love of computer games!lots of Ds' friends have their own tablets etc but he has access to a the old wii,Xbox,laptop,my phone and ipad so I refuse to buy him his own.other than that he's mainly into outdoorsy type things.other than some tickets to wwe I've not got him anything do yet other than the yearly staple of new pants,pj's etc.
jersey 2 ponies-eek!
lovely dolls house sounds great-and personalised too-sounds great.

For my dd I have for frozen dolls,designafriend stuff,disney princess lego and sylvanian families house-few other bits like pants,pj's,books,DVDs etc.All done for her.Will wait until nearer the time for Ds but have been considering a ramp (for him to ride his bmx over),a transformers transforming radio controlled car and a big lego set.

JerseySpud Mon 30-Jun-14 22:10:58

Believe me they will not be getting 1 pony let alone 2!!

After some discussion with DH this evening we think we are going to do one big present and lots of small for DD1 as we'll get her the tv/dvd

DD2 we'll just do medium and small presents unless we can think of something as a bigger present.

Mrsgrumble Mon 30-Jun-14 22:14:08

For our little boy (he will be one) we are getting him a little tikes truck for his birthday so I was thinking of getting him the rocking horse and the petrol pump for the truck.

I am due a Christmas baby and have already picked up some nursery rhyme CDs and a cloud baby that talks in the tesco sale.

fuzzpig Mon 30-Jun-14 22:14:13

We will finally be giving them the item that has been sitting in our cupboard for a year already - bought it when it was cheap as I heard it was getting discontinued - the playmobil pyramid! Can't wait til they see it all set up smile by Father Christmas obviously wink

Apart from that not really thought about it

Rosvita Mon 30-Jun-14 22:33:36

jerseyspud yes realised that just because they asked for a pony wouldn't necessarily mean they'd be getting one!when I was little I remember writing up a budget for a pony and how much it would cost for a year and still never got as an adult I realise the cost and commitment it would have taken and completely respect their decision not to buy me a pony!
mrsgrumble a christmas baby-how exciting!
fuzzpig I remember he pyramid from last year's bargain thread-well done for keeping it stashed away for so long-I'm sure they'll love it!

MayhemMostDays Tue 01-Jul-14 16:54:05

I need a camera for dd1 who will be 7yo by Christmas.

I followed MN advice last year and bought a cheap digital one. That was a mistake as it took crap photos and was so frustrating to use that we've ditched it already. So I need one that isn't crappy. But isnt so expensive it will break my heart if she breaks it. It's a fine line. That will probably be her main birthday present.

Her main Christmas present will be her first two wheeled scooter. Her maxi scooter has served her well but I think it's time to move on to a two wheeler - she wants a skateboard but I don't want her ending up in A&E so will go with the scooter!

Dd2 will be getting a playmobil dolls house probably for her 4th birthday. Christmas will be a new Annabell doll like her sisters (if I can find it on offer somewhere) and a dolls cot with new dolls clothes.

Dd3 will be almost 1yo and will be getting as little as I can get away with. We don't need any more baby toys and she has lots of hand me down clothes from her sisters so she really is in need of very little. I bought her a ride on toy which was massively reduced on Amazon the other day - it only cost a tenner but will look good under the tree as it's massive! I just need enough to satisfy her sisters that Father Christmas hasn't forgotten her.

Joint family Christmas present will be a pre owned Wii with Just Dance. I think my dds will be over the moon with that - at least I hope they will be!

misstiredbuthappy Tue 01-Jul-14 18:04:16

My dd wants lego friends shes obsessed slso sophia the first.

She also wants a metal detector ! hmm

Ive made a prominse to my self not to buy anymore dolls prams as dd has 1 she takes the shops and 4 in the shed ! I seem to buy her a new one every christmas and she doesnt play with it after a couple of weeks

MayhemMostDays Tue 01-Jul-14 18:26:16

Lego friends here as well!

JerseySpud Tue 01-Jul-14 20:46:37

Tell me about it Rosevita.

They are lucky that their Auntie has a horse and pony they can come and help with but the chances of them getting a pony is currently non existant! Even though i do love horses and want one myself eventually lol

Supermum222 Wed 02-Jul-14 21:30:10

DS10 (by Xmas he will be 10 and 3/4's) has asked for a WiiU but I think he is too old for one. He was into Mario games at 5 or 6 yrs. He has an XBOX, 3DS, a Wii and a mini iPad. I just think its a phase!
He got a new bike last year so a bike is out of the question.
DD6 I am thinking about a Hudl (Tesco version of an iPad).

TheOnlyPink Thu 03-Jul-14 14:18:28

Ds 1 is getting a tablet with minecraft on it. Will get him some small playmobil too, and then just books etc. He will be 7 and doesn't really play with much, plus the tablet is most of his budget.

Ds 2 will be 3 and will be getting some of the bigger duplo sets and playmobil. Not sure what else! It's his birthday on Dec 8th, so need two lots!

Love these threads too, got tonnes of great ideas last year!

snowmanshoes Sat 05-Jul-14 07:51:29

DD1 (9 after Christmas) has her eye on one of those 'makie' dolls and a polaroid camera. She isn't really showing a great interest in other toys apart from lego friends so I'm sure it will end up being these items along with the obligatory board game, books and craft sets.
DD2 (4 just after Christmas) I've got her a furby boom (always reduced on amazon) as she is always playing with dd1's and some Disney princess bits but I'm sure she will end up with lots of Frozen items and then the usual puzzles and drawing/colouring 'filler' presents.

They are both lucky as they have birthdays not long after Christmas (dd1 6 weeks and dd2 2 weeks!) so any present we don't get for Christmas has the option of being a birthday present. They are lucky they have birthdays straight after, us, not so much lol!

Nerf Sat 05-Jul-14 08:04:25

Our stockings are always about 100 each from Father Christmas - they write lists and get two or three of the bigger items plus little silly bits.
Then one present only from us. This year it will be a Birchbox subscription for dd and a magazine /comic subscription each for the boys.

wfrances Mon 07-Jul-14 09:21:36

ds3 will be 11 christmas eve - he wants a new bike
ds2 wants a xbox one (still undecided on that)
ds1 clothes
dd clothes

attheendoftheday Fri 11-Jul-14 10:36:17

I have dds age 3 and 1. They'll be getting a joint present from fc of a wooden Melissa and Doug castle with figures, as I got these massively reduced on christmas eve last year.

Dd2 will get a mini micro scooter like her sister's as a main present from us I think. I'm not sure about a main present for dd1, but I'll probably get some playmobil as she loves her friend's collection (luckily I can get away with ebaying some).

Obviously they will get other bits and pieces too!

jakesmommy Fri 11-Jul-14 13:53:59

My youngest DS will be 4 1/2 and will be getting a mixture of Imaginext playsets, Playmobil (police) sets, board games, art and crafts stuff, figures etc. For his main present I have got him several Lego Juniors sets and a Ghostbusters costume (what he wants!)

My eldest DS will be 7 (8 in Feb), I have got him John Adams Hotwires, couple of board games, Angry Birds Star Wars items and (lots of) lego, his main present will be the Lego Millennium Falcon, also getting him some oven baking modelling clay

MizLizLemon Fri 11-Jul-14 14:01:55

DD6 is getting a Moshi Monsters stop frame animation kit, I found it reduced from about £70 to £22 on Amazon the other day and now have it squirreled away. I know she really wants to try making her own stop frame movies and she loves Moshi Monsters so it seemed perfect. I got some stocking bits and bobs in town today, mostly from Accessorize and Claire's, all at least 50% off. I'll probably add in some books and art/craft stuff too, and that should be her done. It is her birthday right before Christmas though so I have other presents to buy for her.

NickiFury Fri 11-Jul-14 14:14:56

Ds wants an I phone. He's 11 and pretty sensible. I've told him if he has that then there will be nothing else and only something small for his birthday (one month after Christmas) and he says he is fine with that. Of course he will still get his stocking and presents from other Family members so it won't just be one sad little box under the tree.

Dd (7) a bike and whatever else she's into nearer the time,

TheDayOfMyDoctor Sat 12-Jul-14 22:32:19

DS has recently had his 6th birthday and I have no idea what he might get - I normally start thinking around this time, but his bedroom is full of lego, playmobil, games, jigsaws... He'll ask for more lego I'll be keeping an eye on the Christmas threads for ideas.

RJnomore Sun 13-Jul-14 13:47:47

Dd1 is 15 two days after Christmas (eek)

She will be getting a new phone, waiting to see if the iPhone 6 is out and what happens to 5c contracts, or mibbe a Samsung galaxy, something like that. She will give me a list of clothes too no doubt! And her birthday will be a MacBook so I know what I'm doing with her.

Dd2 is harder, she's only wanti my little pony at the moment and she has most of what available as its not a big range. She willbe10 by Christmas so I'm thinking of getting her a tv/DVD for her room so that she can watch films up there, hopefully she is now old enough to be trusted not to sneak up in the middle of the night and put a DVD on!

gamerchick Sun 13-Jul-14 13:55:22

I'm planning christmas as well, not that there's much to plan these days sad

Eldest has left home so just money is all she wants.

Middle kid just wants an ipad, doesn't care what gen and that's it. I was hoping he wants an xbox one because i'm dying for one but he's not interested.

youngest is right into game shows and question and answer games like trivial pursuit question cards, so that's easy enough aside from i'm waiting till closer to the time in case he develops another obssession.

I love christmas grin

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