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Ideas to cover possible xmas labour...

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mumtobetothree Sun 29-Jun-14 03:02:42

I know, I know, Christmas is a loooooong way off, but I'm panicking!!

I'm due on boxing day.

I have DD5 and DS2, I'm trying to make emergency plans should I go into labour Christmas eve!

My parents live locally so would be having the DC when needed, I'm thinking Santa could leave them some presents at DGP's but the rest at home?

Obviously the big part of Christmas for me is to see them opening their presents, so wouldn't want to miss it if possible. But what if it all kicks off at night and my parents come to mine? The 2 year old wouldn't care about a pile of presents if he had something to play with, do you think I'd get away with a stocking and a few more entertaining bits for my DD with a letter from Santa explaining that he's left some presents for her to open and the rest are to be opened with Mummy and Daddy?

It might sound silly to be stressing over this, and given the timescale for a fully cooked baby to come out it's highly unlikely it'll be Christmas eve/day, but sods law dictates it will!! I honestly can't stop thinking about this!!

Lucked Sun 29-Jun-14 03:14:24


Your plan sounds good, I imagine the 5year old will be very excited about baby coming anyway. I would maybe have this as your plan but something might happen, such as a c-section and you wouldn't want your dd waiting days for her presents so perhaps have one or two medium sized gifts that she will love that you can open with her either at the hospital or when you get home.

FaceTime/skype might be useful if you aren't there when she wakes up.

I am sure someone with a Christmas baby will be along to give you more ideas.

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