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Is anything open on to visit Christmas Day?

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Quenelle Fri 29-Aug-14 10:00:37

Bumping this thread to say sorry VillageFete, I didn't see you had posted. I am the OP but have NC'd.

I hope you managed to persuade your DP. It can't hurt to try something different for one year can it? If it's not as good you just don't do it again next year.

Still haven't found anything but chatted to DH last night and he's in full agreement with me. He even likes the idea of the Dickens London Walk but I still think DS is too lazy young to enjoy it.

Now to find somewhere to go...I've imagined in my head that there are hotels that serve Christmas Day lunch and have activities afterwards, like treasure hunts, clay pigeon shooting, stuff like that. Have been googling and not found anything though. There are lots of 2/3 night packages but I don't want to stay, although perhaps one night would be ok if it's a bit of a drive

Does anybody know of such a hotel, or pub even, in Herts, Beds, Bucks area or London?

VillageFete Tue 08-Jul-14 10:12:08

Ophelia Really hope your DH doesn't have to work! When will you find out?

OP - I know what you mean, DP wants the 3 of us to stay at home but i'm not having it! I've said we are going out to lunch this year (been saving £10 a month since last December when I had a melt down in the kitchen!!) plus we'll visit family for bucks fizz, and will hopefully take DD for a nice walk in the frosty woods.

0pheliaBalls Thu 19-Jun-14 18:31:12

When I say cocoon, I don't mean just loll about Sunday-style - as you say, there are Sundays throughout the year for that! We make it exciting and there's a lovely party atmosphere - Buck's Fizz at 11am sharp after all the presents are opened, then me and DD go off to get ready. I treat myself to a new dress every year and when I'm ready I come back into the lounge and DH says I look beautiful smile Same thing every year but I never tire of it!Then there's lots of laughter and cava while we get dinner ready. Oh I LOVE it.

We have no family so it's lovely doing this, just the three of us. Unfortunately DH might have to work this Christmas Day (something we're really unhappy about, he works in an office so there's absolutely no need for him to be in), we're keeping everything crossed that he won't have to sad

We cocooned in the house last year after visiting GPs in the morning. We often do the same on a Sunday throughout the year. It just felt very flat. I can't get excited about doing it again this year. I don't want to go away though, we love making Christmas Eve and morning at home special for DS.

I know many people don't want to but lots of people are happy to work on Christmas Day. My nieces like earning triple time working as waitresses. I used to live in a pub and was happy to do it. My sister is a midwife and always works on Christmas Day. Her kids are grown up and they celebrate as a family on Christmas Eve now.

0pheliaBalls Wed 18-Jun-14 20:15:22

Oh I couldn't imagine going on an outingy type thing on Christmas Day! And I always feel so sorry for the poor sods who have to work in pubs/restaurants etc on Christmas Day, too. A little walk perhaps, but really it's the one day of the year I like to just 'cocoon' in the house with DH and DD.
Hope you find something suitable though! smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 16-Jun-14 14:58:58

Years ago (pre DC) DH and I went for walk in local woods then a quick drink in the pub (well he had beer, I had coffee)

There were loads of dog walkers about and horse riders.

I don't think London streets would be empty on Christmas Day though, still loads of people will be about.

Ah a community thing would be excellent. So would a zoo.

I wonder if I could persuade DH that it's a good idea to go to London on Christmas Day for a wander around the empty streets? Show DS Big Ben, the Tower etc. Could be worth a try but it may be difficult attracting him away from a warm house and DS's toys. Tickets to a panto or the planetarium would be more persuasive.

SirChenjin Mon 16-Jun-14 14:26:58

Come up to Edinburgh - the zoo is open in Christmas Day! (not the most helpful suggestion maybe...)

DearGirl Mon 16-Jun-14 14:25:56

Could you do your own walking tour - google harry potter london, or something DS is into and make your own tour of places to go / see.

Parsnipcake Mon 16-Jun-14 14:24:58

Not a 'thing' as such, but we hide loads of chocolate coins in our park and go and hunt for them on Christmas Day afternoon, while drinking hot chocolate from a flask. It's a community thing, so lots of fun.

Frontier Mon 16-Jun-14 14:24:26

We go for a long walk of a bike ride. Sometimes to the coast and get the beach to ourselves

Thank you for your suggestions.

London Walks look great. DH and I would love the Dickens one but DS wouldn't understand it so would get 'tired' and 'bored'.

I will keep the Harry Potter one in mind for another time, but they don't do it on Christmas Day.

DS is good in restaurants but it's not really his idea of fun, I was after more of a treat for him.

marshmallow2468 Mon 16-Jun-14 13:11:58

I think London Walks might operate a couple of their walks on Christmas Day.

Ragwort Mon 16-Jun-14 13:10:34

You could go out for a meal, many places are open for Christmas lunch (but usually very expensive).

Ragwort Mon 16-Jun-14 13:09:47


Why don't you go for a long walk, we often go for a walk on Christmas Dy [after Church grin) - and see lots of people out walking or just getting some fresh air.

We've volunteered at Homeless shelters before now (with our young son when he was a toddler), that was very worthwhile and great fun but as many of them are run by Churches that may not be your sort of thing?

grin Ragwort. We're atheists, DH verging on militant tendency, so not really our thing.

Thanks Velvetbee. There's a Snozone near us but it's not open Christmas Day. I'll have a look at ice rinks.

I'm looking for something to do in the afternoon, after the morning Santa excitement is over.

Ragwort Mon 16-Jun-14 12:06:38

Church wink.

Velvetbee Mon 16-Jun-14 11:57:45

Our local ice rink is open for free on Christmas morning, maybe yours does too.

I would like to take 5yo DS out on Christmas Day. Does anyone know if there's anything I could book in London or the East?

I have googled and only come up with the Dickens museum or Ripleys Believe It Or Not in London, both of which are probably too old for DS and wouldn't justify the journey.

I would love to take him to a pantomime or kids' show but it looks like all the theatres close.

Has anyone else found anything open, or am I the only person who doesn't want to stay at home on Christmas Day?

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