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Hudl or 2/3DS

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iamdivergent Fri 13-Jun-14 07:39:29

I have 2DDs who are 9 & 6, DD1 will be 10 by CHristmas. Her DS which she loves is slowly giving up the ghost after 6yrs!

Tempted to get her a newer DS either the 2DS or 3DS but DH mentioned getting her a Hudl?

Pawan Fri 13-Jun-14 11:43:50

Our DS1 and DS2 (8 and 6) have had DSi for a year (handed down from their cousins who are older) and love playing super mario type games on them, as well as the pet games (looking after a dog, etc).

We got them a Hudl last christmas (shared) which they also love - it has different games (currently Cbeebies/CBBC downloads, and minions), plus a programme for doing drawings - and you can download different programmes/apps (some free, some paid).

So they still play with both, but use them for different kinds of games. They can also watch iplayer on the Hudl, which is a big bonus for them, as we don't have TV. Plus if you have/use tesco vouchers, then the Hudl is not too expensive.

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