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How do magazine subscriptions work?

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SqutterNutBaush Fri 13-Jun-14 00:03:56

My soon to be 8 year old is Top Gear daft and not really into toys or material stuff so I thought I'd get him a magazine subscription this year (he loves getting the odd TG mag as a treat) but realised I have no idea how they work nowadays.

When should I subscribe, how does he know he has it and where is the best place to sign up?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Jun-14 10:00:10

Have a look in the TG mag - I know it involves looking at Jeremy and Richard envy vom - and there should be a subscription page.

(Though I tried to subscribe to a mag for my DD online and because it was a joint account, they wouldn't accept with two authorisations , I have never had that before)

They will send a card out to say "Your subscription starts from the XX month", depending on when you apply.

They might do an extra gift with a subscription or extra copies but it will most certainly be cheaper and he'll get the mag sent a couple of days earlier than in the shops.

My 14.6 yo likes watching TG, but I think it's when they trash the cars , savage hmm

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