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how do you save for christmas ?

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misstiredbuthappy Sun 04-May-14 16:49:32

Just wondring how everybody saves for christmas ? I struggled last year so im going to save as much ad I can this year. Ive opened a Christmas savings account with the post office, where you put the money on the card they give you and you cant spend it until November.

bimbobaggins Fri 16-May-14 19:29:33

I love saving for things. I have a jar for coins and when the schools start back i after summer i put away £10 pw for christmas. Someone i know buys m&s gift vouchers every month to use at christmas for shoppong dinner etc and i thought this was a good idea. I also have a budget card for road tax!

annabanana19 Sun 27-Jul-14 14:17:28

I save with Park. This year we have £100 in Amazon card and £600 high street vouchers. I know what the kids want and the vouchers will be ideal.

annabanana19 Sun 27-Jul-14 14:18:36

I also put a few £ a week on my tesco clubcard and use my vouchers at Christmas.

picnicbasketcase Sun 27-Jul-14 14:20:58

I'm saving two pound coins and occasionally a bit more in one of those metal money tins you can't get into without a tin opener. I don't think there'll be enough to buy many presents but it'll pay for Christmas dinner and hopefully a few more bits. I also save nectar points.

pukkabo Sun 27-Jul-14 15:06:15

Useless at saving here. We said we'd be really good this year and save a bit aside every month but we moved house in March so that was a big cost along with things we've had to buy for the house and DC birthdays so it wiped anything we'd saved at the start of the year.

I have, however, already started to buy bits and bats. Usually we wait until at least August to start buying for Christmas but I've seen some bargains and I knew the price would be inflated around Christmas or it'd be unavailable all together. Every month I just buy a few things and build the stash up- decorations and presents.

Food wise we said we'd save saver stamps at Morrisons but we didn't stick to that so we usually save the vouchers and get their Christmas bonus one, that pays for the vegetables. Alcohol and other food bits are from Ocado and I have a smart pass so at least the delivery will be free wink

aylesburyduck Sun 27-Jul-14 17:46:18

We save £100 a month towards Christmas, and get everything we need including a weekend away to do our shopping plus a couple of days and nights out from our savings. It works brilliant for us. I do tend to start shopping for bits around about now, as and when I see them.

I am also a spreadsheet geek and so I note what I have left over from last year (such as a cards, wrapping paper, etc.) and I write down what I have bought for who and how much it cost. I have spreadsheets going back years which are handy if you get stuck for ideas!!

I love a bit of OCD organisation me grin

LokiBear Sun 27-Jul-14 19:28:28

We save £80 per month. It pays for our holiday in the summer (£500ish as it's usually just a week away in the uk) DD's birthday presents and Christmas. Whatever doesn't get spent gets carried over. I tend to buy as I see things for Christmas so often only use the savings for the Christmas Shop and mine, DD and DH'S presents. DH always forgets we've saved it so it's nice to see his face when I give him cash towards his Christmas shopping!

VillageFete Sun 27-Jul-14 23:29:12

We are eating out this year on Christmas day, so I have put £10 a month a month away for this. I'll have £110 by November so this will pay for that.

I have been putting £10 or £20 a week away in an online saver since January, this will take care of DD's Birthday & Christmas presents and also new Christmas clothes. I'm hoping it'll take care of close families presents too.

bouquetofpencils Mon 28-Jul-14 23:13:36

I plan for Christmas all
Year round. I buy decorations, cards and wrap in January sales. I have started tracking some things on amazon then too and bought reduced. Christmas novelty gifts.
In June and July I tracked sales and got stocking fillers and small gifts for friends children. I don't go overboard with these.
In September I will ask for requests for people's main presents so that I can budget for then over three pay packets. I have a budget which I generally stick to.
The downfall is always food and drink bought in December. I want there to be plenty as it's the most indulgent time of year. We end up eating nuts for weeks.

JerseySpud Tue 29-Jul-14 10:31:34

I buy all year round. At the moment my cupboard is filling up nicely.

I don't trust these companys like Park etc.

Remember Farepak?

MTWTFSS Tue 29-Jul-14 14:32:38

A wonderful film to watch...

Smilesandpiles Tue 29-Jul-14 21:05:25

I buy all year round too. it just makes everything so much easier.

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