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Best Selling Toy Predictions for Christmas 2014

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nickdrakeslovechild Mon 28-Apr-14 10:30:49

Are there any predicted toy must haves for this year that us organised bargain hunters can be on the look out for? I know there are lots of fuby bargains but I think that was last year. Is Lucy the puppy expected to be as big as last year?

springsummerautumnpresents Tue 29-Apr-14 18:23:03

My predictions:

- Planes 2 toys
- Anything Minions
- The latest Leapad/Vtech Innotab creation

iamdivergent Mon 05-May-14 11:31:21

The new Lego Princess range will be big I reckon
Possibly a new Skylanders release - they've been popular last few years

JerseySpud Tue 06-May-14 20:48:34

I think it would be too hard to predict now the must have toys.

But i know there is a new disney infinity due out soon...

MTWTFSS Fri 20-Jun-14 13:20:46

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

MayhemMostDays Fri 20-Jun-14 16:05:39

Why minions? Is there a third film out?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 20-Jun-14 16:52:39

No idea WRT toys (mine are 12 and 14.6) but I'm sure there will be some pesky must-have game on X-Box 1 / X-Box 360 that my DS will covet.

<<Weeps in corner remembering the trials and tribulations of tracking down "Rabbids Go Home" on Nintendo DS a few years back>>

JerseySpud Fri 20-Jun-14 19:33:16

I think its way too early yet to try and predict anything for main must have toys this year. When we get to September/October we will probably find out.

MTWTFSS Sat 21-Jun-14 11:05:19


JerseySpud Predicting in Sept/Oct is cheating!!! Predictions do not have to be correct, merely a guess!

JerseySpud Sat 21-Jun-14 11:29:51

Ok if i can predict then, i predict the new Disney Infinity as being one must have along with the new Skylanders for the games.

enderwoman Sat 21-Jun-14 11:34:32

Disney Infinity 2.0 (since it will include Marvel/Star Wars)
Star Wars episode 7 comes out Xmas 2015 so I expect Star Wars toys to be on this or next year's lists.
Loom bands in a lot of stockings
Call of Duty and FIFA (again!!)

MizLizLemon Sat 21-Jun-14 11:54:03

Some sort of 2nd generation loom bands stuff, maybe an automated or semi automated loom. Probably impossible to get to work, but they'll all want one.

Vintagebeads Sat 21-Jun-14 12:14:51

New ranges of lego

I think the frozen stuff will be added to but hopefully not as hard to get!

JerseySpud Sat 21-Jun-14 12:58:37


BBQsAreSooooOverrated Sat 21-Jun-14 13:10:35

The new skylanders/disney infinity games and characters

MTWTFSS Sun 29-Jun-14 15:12:28

Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle

KinkyDorito Mon 30-Jun-14 14:58:44

I'm with the Disney Infinity 2.0.

It is going to cost me a bloody fortune.

curiousgeorgie Mon 30-Jun-14 17:03:26

Anything Frozen...

That's going to run and run.

TheNightIsDark Tue 08-Jul-14 10:04:16

Just preordered the new infinity so I'm not panicking closer to the time!

Pretending it's for DS. It's for me really!

JustWannaDance Tue 08-Jul-14 19:05:46

The biggest thing in this house will be the Frozen ice skating dolls that are to be released.

No doubt they will be a pile of site but hey ho ..

Rosvita Tue 08-Jul-14 20:54:05

justwannadance yes I saw those but prefer the musical ones personally.

JustWannaDance Tue 08-Jul-14 22:58:01

Are the musical ones good? They are the ones I want to get dd's ...

SweetSummerSweetPea Sat 19-Jul-14 23:17:17

The reviews our mixed for musical dolls...I am not sure which ones to get.

ivett20 Mon 22-Sep-14 22:12:39

I found a great gift! I am so against tech stuff like Ipads and Nintendos.
I want the kids outside and exercising.
Found this website for the ride on ponies:
The neighbor's kid got one, and mine are screaming for the unicorn :-)

McMonkeyMcBean Mon 22-Sep-14 22:20:55

I've been trying to get digibirds for weeks. They seem to be in short supply --for no good reason, other than to instil panic in foolish parents who've made rash promises

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