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What went down we with 6yr old girls

(36 Posts)
felttippens Wed 01-Jan-14 17:41:13

My DD turns 6 on sat, have no idea what to get her!!!
What has gone down well with yours since Xmas?

Guitargirl Sun 05-Jan-14 19:51:17

DD turned 7 today and what has proved a big hit so far (and also with her 4 year old brother!) is a digital Barbie where you use the stylus to design the lights on the dress. She has played with it all evening.

steppemum Sun 05-Jan-14 01:35:01

Oh yes, Hama beads have been very busy over the holidays. We inherited a box from a friend. they had really good shaped boards, which were much more inspiring than the square blanks, and both girls have spent ages doing it.
I used to hate them, but have revised my opinion!

HowBadCanThisGet Sun 05-Jan-14 01:22:04

Furby, by far and away
Hama beads
Since Christmas she has been playing with the lego a lot, even though she got some of it last year, and some of it the year before. She is 6 in a couple of weeks too, and we are going to ask for Lego friends sets.
The book people have a good offer on Dr Seuss books as well we are going to get (if that's your sort of thing)

steppemum Sun 05-Jan-14 01:21:59

did I mention Tinkerbell??

steppemum Sun 05-Jan-14 01:21:25

dd2 was 6 in Nov. For birthday and Christmas she had and loves:

Lego friends
dsi and games
new scooter with flashy ribboned handles
Tinkerbell doll (x2)
Tnkerbell costume
Tinkerbell cape
Tinkerbell shoes
flying tinkerbell
Tinkerbell's friend (whose name I don't know because she is now called Tinkerbell)

she also like My little pony
anything crafty
doll's house

But dd1 would have hated most of that. She would have liked
sewing bits
craft (not babyish stuff)
elf and fairy ornaments for her bookshelf (not disney)
roller blades
soft toys

TheNightIsDark Sun 05-Jan-14 01:13:13

Craft stuff
Monster high dolls
Daisy books by kes gray

giraffeseatpineapples Sun 05-Jan-14 01:10:46

furby prob most popular here too! Roller skates also.

Guitargirl Thu 02-Jan-14 22:39:09

Ahhh, yes, it does get totally manic before Christmas doesn't it, I must admit I was questioning my sanity at 1am on Christmas morning as DP was struggling to get the door of the cupboard off its hinges without waking up the DCs and I was sticking glow in the dark stars to the ceiling....it was totally worth it though and they have practically lived in it since!

We hid it by sticking a large heavy suitcase in front of the door for 2 months beforehand and I just did bits and pieces when I had a chance. It does now mean though that we have essentially lost a large storage area so having to be a bit more ruthless about clutter.

frugalfuzzpig Thu 02-Jan-14 22:27:00

Yours sounds fab though! I am really impressed you managed to hide it so long! smile

frugalfuzzpig Thu 02-Jan-14 22:25:55

Embarrassingly guitargirl we didn't do it sad blush things just got away with us the last few weeks before Xmas, lots of illness etc. It will happen one day though!

Guitargirl Thu 02-Jan-14 22:15:18

Ooo, Fuzzpig - how did the big reveal go for the den thing that you were making for your DCs for Christmas? <sorry for hijack> I remember reading on another thread before Christmas that you were doing this.

Father Christmas we also made one for our DCs out of the cupboard under the stairs which we managed to keep secret somehow since October when DP painted it. They loved it on Christmas morning, lots of squeals from 6 year old DD, probably the biggest reaction to any present she's ever had.

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Thu 02-Jan-14 14:31:33

Ottoline books by chris riddle, at first she didnt look impressed and is not a pick up a book by herself yet reader although she is a very good reader.

anyway I found out she has now read all three books in three days! she devoured them.

Loved her make up a diary thing, loves colouring and colouring books, ( djeco pens and art stuff is amazing, try buster activity coloruing books on amazon) loved her ballett shoes story cd, and a soft cushion in face of bambi...and a hexbug!

wigglesrock Thu 02-Jan-14 10:18:24

Oh I forgot, my cousin got her a Space Hopper - she bloody loves it smile , as does her older & younger sister!

VoodooChimp Thu 02-Jan-14 09:58:10

Build a bear
Password journal

But the biggest hit of all was a big box of craft stuff I put together for her which has been played with for hours most days since xmas I'm ignoring the glitter in the carpet and gluey table

wigglesrock Thu 02-Jan-14 09:34:06

Barbie Cantina (she got the Mariposa doll for her birthday)
Sylvanian families campervan (which was bought in the summer sales)

We went to see Frozen last week & I know she's busting for the Anna & Elsa doll

AllabouttheE Wed 01-Jan-14 21:50:43

Polly pocket wall party and littlest pet shop

RobinSparkles Wed 01-Jan-14 21:44:57

A furby.

She hasn't put it down!

The funny thing is that she didn't actually get a furby as the advert for them terrified her. Her younger sister got one and she loved it so much that she bought one for herself with the money that my mum gave her. It arrived on Monday and has been by her side ever since.

She's like an annoying new mum with it. "Oh did you hear what my Furby said? So cute! Ooh, it's doing this/that..." Blah blah blah grin

Luggage16 Wed 01-Jan-14 21:40:33

furby has been played with daily here!

She has also loved the lego, schleich fairies (these were a big hit last xmas too) and a tamagotchi type thing

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 01-Jan-14 18:59:43

My 6 year old loved

A butterfly mosaic craft set
A personalised wooden keepsake box for her "special tat treasures"
A hello kitty watch confused

blurryeyegirl Wed 01-Jan-14 18:34:13

Zoobles, dd won't stop going on about the bloody things smile

legoplayingmumsunite Wed 01-Jan-14 18:20:22

DD1 turned 6 on Sunday. She loved the scooter we got her for her birthday but since she has been sharing her mini micra scooter with her little sister for a few years we knew the next size up would be popular. Out of her Christmas/birthday presents it's arts and crafts things that are always the biggest hits here. Books were also well received and will last a lot longer! And she got a toy ukelele for Christmas which she is currently enjoying learning to play with DH.

lookdeepintotheparka Wed 01-Jan-14 18:19:29

Build a Bear clothes and voucher to choose her own bear in store.

Judging by the queues when we went earlier this week, most other 6 yr old girls got vouchers for Christmas too shock

She loved it though!

blackandwhiteandredallover Wed 01-Jan-14 18:12:04

To be fair the ridiculous fairy does work, and got played with A LOT over christmas, and DD does love it. But it eats batteries and has to be charged every 5 minutes.

Liz79 Wed 01-Jan-14 18:10:00

Lucy the dog
my little pony stuff.ESP the big book of equestria
tummy stuffer

felttippens Wed 01-Jan-14 18:08:54

The fluttery fairy reviews are terrible !

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