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Christmas presents

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dinnydoo Sun 29-Dec-13 19:41:15

What's the best present received this Christmas ... Not necessarily expensive?

dinnydoo Sun 29-Dec-13 19:42:10

My three dc had a lovely photo of them made into a canvas... Lump in throat

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 29-Dec-13 19:46:49

DD (3 yo) fave gifts are a) Beauty and the Beast DVD which has barely been off since Xmas day and b) a set of pencils with a sharpener, she just loves sharpening them.

dinnydoo Sun 29-Dec-13 20:09:13

Presents given to you ?

honeybeeridiculous Sun 29-Dec-13 21:12:25

A diary DD had made for me with a photo on each page of family member, special memory,family pet etc. Its lovely

curiousgeorgie Sun 29-Dec-13 22:52:59

A necklace from my DH two young DD's, two circles with each of their names on. Beautiful smile

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