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Receipt help?

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MrsAFlowerpot Sun 29-Dec-13 14:27:39

A desperate plea: does anyone out there have a JL receipt for a 90ml bottle of YSL Cinema? It was a Christmas present bought at the retail price of £80.50 at start of Dec (still at that today!) but my dad has lost the receipt so they will only voucher refund it at a price match price of £36 (I think from somewhere online as dont know of anywhere else that sells it) that they had it at for a week in December.

We took a bank print out but he paid for two bottles at once so as the amount is not the same they still won't refund. So, I've taken the £36 in vouchers but the lovely sales lady has given me a special print out as she could see we were genuine so if we find any receipt they'll give us the difference. So please please please does anyone have a receipt I could have? I think this might be sales karma after all the great bargains on Reastie's amazing threads but I'm on SMP so the difference feels huge sad

TIA even if it means you've just read my moan!

Funkybutnot Mon 30-Dec-13 19:05:26

Bump, sorry no help but hope someone can.

millymae Mon 30-Dec-13 19:34:52

Have you tried emailing John Lewis customer service via the web-site. Tell them what you've told us, you've got nothing to lose - the worst they can do is say that they can do nothing more.

By the way I'm sure that John Lewis don't guarantee to price match shop prices with the internet ...... they only pricematch like with like.
I've never known a perfume be reduced by that much money in one of the shops they pricematch with. In your shoes I'd feel pretty aggrieved and I'd be banging out an email straightaway attaching a scanned copy of the bank statement and details of the other perfume that was bought at the same time. If they've got anything about them they should be able to see how much was being charged on the day in question. Before you do it have a look at their refund policy - I'm sure if you do a bit of digging on-line you'll find something that may give some weight to your argument for a full refund of what you paid in gift vouchers.

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