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Playmobil fire engine-would you recommend it?

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newtonupontheheath Sat 28-Dec-13 10:58:59

We bought ds a fireman Sam fire engine set with a helicopter and ambulance for Christmas. He has played with it all non-stop but the doors have fallen off and the rotor (?) but has broken for the second time this morning. I have looked online but all reviews seem to indicate other fireman Sam engines are the same manufacturer so we would have the same problem again. I bought it in the sainsburys toy sale.
DS also received the playmobil recycling truck which he loves and I'm now debating getting a refund on the fireman Sam set and getting the playmobil one but it's £45 ish (he does have money though)

Does anybody have this, or get it for Christmas? Thanks smile

MangerMinor Sat 28-Dec-13 11:09:14

How old is he? The fire engine does have more little bits as accessories than the recycling truck, though you can always put them away if he's too young. The engine itself is great, gets played with a lot, and robust - ours has been driven at speed into skirting boards, ended up going down stairs etc without damage (grrrr...)

newtonupontheheath Sat 28-Dec-13 11:11:14

I did spot that. Tbh I'd put the bits away until his sister was a bit older anyway (ds is 3, dd is 1)

I've been really impressed with the recycling truck, just hope that they're not too similar...?

MangerMinor Sat 28-Dec-13 11:16:40

No - the big draw for the fire engine is the ladder, hours of entertainment!

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 28-Dec-13 11:18:33

My DM is a Childminder who has the PLaymobil fore engine. It is 18 years old and played with every day (well, Mon-Fri) and the only thing that is wrong with it is one of the little grey stands that come down is now.missing. Thats it.

It is a marvellous toy.

newtonupontheheath Sat 28-Dec-13 11:25:06

You've sold me on it grin

Now to go and complain to sainsburys about this fireman Sam stuff

roslet Sat 28-Dec-13 11:32:12

Fireman Sam stuff is all hopeless! We have both

roslet Sat 28-Dec-13 11:32:45

Playmobil ones, they are definitely worth the money.

newtonupontheheath Sat 28-Dec-13 11:40:03

It's absolutely crap, roslet. The doors have fallen off, the hose won't wind back up, the helicopter is broken. All reviews on amazon etc seem to suggest the same. I don't have the receipt but it does say "exclusive to sainsburys" on the box so hoping for a voucher at least. Lesson learnt...

newtonupontheheath Sun 29-Dec-13 19:06:19

Just thought I'd update...

Returned the crappyfireman Sam set and got vouchers for the £9.99. Against my better judgement, ds picked another fireman Sam toy- the life boat. It broke before we ate dinner last night so I'll probably return that too, although the bit that's broken isn't dangerously small like the other vehicles.

Today we have picked up the playmobil fire engine and it is awesome We got a price match at toys r us so it was £41.99
. I built it this afternoon, took about an hour (the whole of dd's nap time) and managed to squirrel away the too-all bits. All round, we are really pleased. Ds has played with it all afternoon grin

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