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when did your children stop believing in Fc?

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Marzipanface Sat 28-Dec-13 08:50:13

Just that really. My dd is nearly 4. This is the first year she has learnt about about Father Christmas. She is not buying it! Looks at me like I am mad and asks lots of questions. How do you keep the myth going? Her cousin is 8 and still believes.

Is this magical bit of Christmas not going to happen for her?

Marne Sat 28-Dec-13 11:43:22

Dd1 is almost 10 and still believes but after this Christmas (refusing to go to sleep and getting over excited) I am tempted to tell her smile.

Dd2 has always been a bit confused about the whole thing and never really believed but this year at the age of 8 she seems to believe (or has realised its fun to go along with it).

ErrolTheDragon Sat 28-Dec-13 11:46:35

My DD was sceptical at 5 and disbelieving at 6. But she was very happy to collude in the pretence for the benefit of more gullible other children.

And she didn't miss out on the 'magic' at all, even though she knew it was make-believe.

fatsatsuma Sat 28-Dec-13 11:48:17

I really think that for most children over the age of about 6, it's more a case of suspending disbelief than genuinely believing. I can remember really wanting to believe in FC and enjoying the excitement when I probably knew in my heart that he didn't exist. My youngest DC is 5 and has asked lots of searching questions this year which we have neatly side-stepped grin. I think she suspects at the very least.

chanie44 Sat 28-Dec-13 11:51:30

My niece stopped believing the year she started primary school and was 5.

Her brother believed until last year (aged 8) and only stopped because the aforementioned niece told him.

Niece has always been old before her years, interested in adult conversations and very nosey.

Nephew is very laid back as long as the presents keep coming is happy to maintain the status quo.

hootloop Sat 28-Dec-13 11:52:11

Ds has his doubts aged 7, I suspect he will not believe nect year, DD fully believes. I think by the time they start junior school doubts set in.
I have done fully fledged Father Christmas leaving out pies etc from when they were tiny.

ReluctantBeing Sat 28-Dec-13 11:56:34

Ds is seven and believes.

MerryBuddha Sat 28-Dec-13 12:05:33

DS is 11 and has started to wonder!! But he waited up until 2am to catch FC, I had set the alarm for 3. Also due to savvy deal I bought him a Furby, something I would not normally be able to afford, and he know this. The magic has lasted one more year, though by next year I think this will change. My eldest was 10 when he became an FC helper, helping to buy and hiding the stocking presents for his younger siblings, which he loved. Meant the magic stayed for a couple more years though in a different way.

mumeeee Sat 28-Dec-13 14:09:54

DD1 was about 7 DD2 10 and DD3 11, But they went on putting Mince pies and milk out for FC well into their teens in fact until the youngest was about 19. They are all in their 20s now and still have stockings and pretend to beleive in FC. In fact so do we.

Greenkit Sat 28-Dec-13 14:27:50

I have three children, DD1 (24) DD2 (17) and DS (15) all still believe in Father Christmas or at least the magic of it. (I dont care if they play along) every Christmas eve they sleep in the same room and watch nightmare before Christmas, Father Christmas brings the presents when they are asleep and they open them in the morning before we all come down for breakfast.

DD1 now has a husband (30) and he also slept in the same room and took part in the magic. Although he said he didnt believe and was shot a look by my kids lol

Gullygirl Sun 29-Dec-13 14:16:55

DS1 was informed by a JW child at school that Christmas was bad and there was no such thing as Santa.He was 6.
DS2 is 8 and still believes.

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