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Hits and misses for dc presents?

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Onelittlebugbear Wed 25-Dec-13 22:36:05

Ds (4) had a ton of stuff. His favourite was a lollipop and a packet of stickers. Someone please remind me of this next year when I'm spending loads of money. The lollipop and stickers cost £3.50 in total, I should have stopped there!

However hits have been: imaginext dinosaurs, light saber, make your own dinosaur magnets, light up globe, doc mcstuffins dr kit and burping burt game.
Misses have been: toothless fire breathing Dragon (doesnt work properly), furreal daisy (as I knew it would be but he'd been begging for it for months), great big armed forces helicopter (too big and requires both hands to lift so then can't shoot).

We still have some stuff to look at and put together tomorrow.
Is it me or do most toys nowadays seem a little, well, shit? Apart from the imaginext most of what ds has had feels rather flimsy and as though it might break quite easily. Or it just doesn't work properly in the first place.

Rachelx92 Wed 25-Dec-13 22:45:05

My dd also got tons of stuff including the doc mcstuffins set. She's been glued to it allllllll day which I'm not complaining about as she loves the show and I think it's influential. I just hope she enjoys her other things too or it'll feel like a huge waste

wonderingsoul Wed 25-Dec-13 22:46:37

Every thing was a hit.. which is really rare for us.

but I think there favs are mc torchs . Mc plush. Spiderman lazer tag. Wii u (which only cost me 45 including two remotes )
Spiderman lego.. They 'only' had 6 each and two to shsre which helped I think as I stuck to things I know they would love.

Really glad with this years turn out smile

ilovesmurfs Wed 25-Dec-13 22:49:39

Eveeyrhting was a hit here, tonnes of lego!

Imaginext castle ams figures for ds4, plus lots of fancy dress stuff.

Playmobil dinosaurs for dd and a huge teepee which she loves.

Science kits and den kits for ds2 and ds3,

Interestingly the new laptop and tablet (family presents) have been ignored in favour of lego!

I a sure the laptop and the tablet will be used loads tho for homework etc as well as games.

wonderingsoul Wed 25-Dec-13 22:52:22

Same here.. I thought soon as tgey saw the wii tgeyd be on it.. but its still boxed. Was lazer tag and lego most the day.

Tomorrow we re planning a wii dsy though grin.

Luggage16 Wed 25-Dec-13 22:54:37

Everything went down really really well today! weve had so much fun :D

Favourites were the furbies, schleich bits and pieces and octonaut stuff for my son

TheDayOfMyDoctor Wed 25-Dec-13 22:55:23

Dr Who toys (a twitch present) a huge hit here. Much longed for lego, along with playmobil and various other bits still in their boxes. I'm hopeful sure they'll have their day. Some moshi monster tat did get a look in though!

IamInvisible Wed 25-Dec-13 22:57:14

My DC are 19&17 so had a Kindle, clothes and trainers mainly. DS2's favourite present, by far, was a mug that looks like an old fashioned Marmite jar. It cost me £8 from BHS!

DS1 absolutely loves his pyjama trousers because I managed to get extra long ones (they're both really tall) and he loves his fluffy slipper socks!

TheNightIsDark Wed 25-Dec-13 22:58:39

The springy egg cup out of the cracker angry

Argued over all day by the 3 & 4 year old.

MegBusset Wed 25-Dec-13 23:07:10

Big hits: Giant Microbes cuddly toys (red blood cell for DS2, lactobacillus for DS1). Trash Pack Gross Ghosts (from USA via eBay). Lego (Minecraft, SpongeBob, Scooby Doo castle - still under construction --by me--)

Not so great: Playmo penguin enclosure, bit flimsy tbh

ilovesmurfs Wed 25-Dec-13 23:08:37

Giant microbes cuddly toys?!! Wtf are they?

Waves at meg smile

AntiJamDidi Wed 25-Dec-13 23:08:57

Everything was a hit here too.

Dd1's favourite was the laptop, which we knew it would be. Followed closely by the Japanese Calligraphy set.

Dd2's all time favourite was the dinosaur grabber with which she chased dd1 around all day. She also liked the bike and the scratch and sniff smelly stories book (it really, really stinks)

ilovesmurfs Wed 25-Dec-13 23:11:10

Om!g they do veneral disease ones...

Innocentbystander01 Wed 25-Dec-13 23:11:18


Wreck this journal for older girls. They have had loads of other stuff but keep coming back to these little 5.00 books.

Design a friend doll for youngest.

My little pony stuff for other little one.


Talking Angela is a pile of tat

ilovesmurfs Wed 25-Dec-13 23:13:44

They do some cool stuff actually, maybe I shpidl get the general disease ones as part of sex ed for my elder boys... grin

MegBusset Wed 25-Dec-13 23:15:01

Lol yes they had them at the Cambridge science fair we went to, they had the chlamydia and HIV ones but I thought I'd get some of the more friendly ones grin

ZenNudist Wed 25-Dec-13 23:15:46

Ds (3) loved his imaginext castle & knights/dragons.

He happily charged around dressed as a dragon, Spider-Man & a knight.

He ignored all the orchard toys games I got him and didn't seem too interested in pricey disney cars die casts from PIL, if its not lightening McQueen he's less interested.

RedlipsAndSlippers Wed 25-Dec-13 23:18:55

Biggest hit was the paper jamz microphone and amp, DD has been singing her heart out all day.
Also loved her new apron and fold out stool so we can bake more cakes smile
Thoroughly unimpressed by pony hair bands, looked like they were falling apart the moment they were opened.

BaaHumbug Wed 25-Dec-13 23:18:56

The surprise hit was Star Wars Galaxy, which was a present to DS from the dog. The much requested Lego Star Wars Death Star was pushed aside in favour of this.

InTheRedCorner Wed 25-Dec-13 23:23:17

Moon dough. They love it and I hate it. I hoovered 5 times today and I'm hoping most of it will be up the Hoover by Easter grin

DD3 her furby. DD2 all her 1D crap treasures and DD3 Hollister spray and Ted Baker smellies in a funky case that was a bargin from boots.

Fab day and I cooked a mean roast dinner as well <jeans undone since 5 PM>

Twighlightsparkle Wed 25-Dec-13 23:27:06

Lucy the dog, just fab

IamInvisible Wed 25-Dec-13 23:31:44

DS2 would love those microbe toys.

ilovesmurfs Wed 25-Dec-13 23:32:59

Yes I think my boys would like them as well, have added the site to faves!

stealthsquiggle Wed 25-Dec-13 23:33:17

Actually the one bit of plastic tat which I gave in and bought (a spinning flying tinkerbell thing) has turned out to be a lot better than I expected, and DD (7) spent 2 hours quietly building her Lego friends set all by herself. Sphero was a huge hit with DS(11), as I thought it would be.

I may launch into a rant though about DD's godfather (or probably his wife, TBH). Would you not think that, given that they (a) have DC of their own and (b) haven't actually seen DS for years, that a quick email to check his size would be in order before buying him clothes angry? Yes he loves the brand of the T shirt, and yes it says his age on the label, but it would have fitted him about 3 years ago FGS. Now I am stuck with T shirt and no receipt and no obvious shop to return it to, and no doubt I will end up funding the replacement myself so that DS doesn't end up disappointed sad.

stealthsquiggle Wed 25-Dec-13 23:34:57

DS's godfather.

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