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anyone elses dcs still awake?

(23 Posts)
Howstricks Tue 24-Dec-13 23:48:15

He is 6...he has outlasted his teenage sister!! Starting to worry he might stay awake all night.

Howstricks Tue 24-Dec-13 23:48:58

Father Christmas must be circling our chimney waiting for his landing spot!!!

30SecondsToVenus Tue 24-Dec-13 23:50:10

Yes my 4 year old is still awake.

Too excited to sleep apparently grin

My 6 month old is teething and I've had the day from hell. I've just got her sleeping but I know it won't be for long.

I'll be up at 5 being Santa at this rate lol

Asheth Tue 24-Dec-13 23:52:18

Mine (aged 4, 9 and 11) went to bed about half an hour ago! Not sure if they're asleep yet. One year we Santa had to set an alarm clock for 2 in the morning as DS1 was still awake at midnight!

Howstricks Tue 24-Dec-13 23:52:19

I'll be going to check again just after midnight......

SuckItAndSee Tue 24-Dec-13 23:54:20

6 yo is too excited to sleep, 3yo will be up at 5, and I need to set an alarm for 3am to do The Thing.
I guess we'll all be sleeping well tomorrow tonight at least.

JemimaMuddledUp Tue 24-Dec-13 23:56:06

DS1(11) is still awake as he has gone to midnight mass with DH. DS2(9) and DD(7) are fast asleep though, they went to bed at 9pm.

Howstricks Tue 24-Dec-13 23:56:50

Ok...that's my plan then...if he is still awake after next check I shall set my alarm for 2!

TheXmasLogIn Wed 25-Dec-13 00:11:18

DD has just been down to use the loo about half an hour ago, but has gone straight back to to sleep I think. DS went to bed at 9pm but spent an hour or so muttering to himself angrily about not being able to sleep through excitement. Going up in a minute to check for the all clear though as I am so tired, I've already had a nap on the sofa fgrin

HoneyDragon Wed 25-Dec-13 00:15:15

I was on one of these threads last year. This year I have exhausted them. I am tucked in bed and Father Christmas has been.

Down side, I anticipate an early start, so am not that smug grin

Jinsei Wed 25-Dec-13 00:16:56

DD (8) is still awake, I think. Santa has already been as we thought she was asleep, but I realised afterwards that she was faking it! hmm

Luckily she already knows I'm Santa, otherwise I'd have been rumbled! Have made her promise not to peek until morning!!

PlaydoughGirl Wed 25-Dec-13 00:17:16

My 4yo fell asleep about 15 mins ago. My 6yo is resolutely still awake fconfused

Kahlua4me Wed 25-Dec-13 00:18:43

7 yo dd still awake here. Dh is now watching tv/waiting to do stockings. We are both tired so hopefully one will manage to stay awake.

Ds did this when he was 8. He decided to go downstairs to get a drink and found the drink etc for father christmas all eaten and drunk so thought he must be in the house somewhere as the sacks were still empty. Cue much much excitement and no sleep at all!

Goldmandra Wed 25-Dec-13 00:21:23

We've had two Christmases so far where DD1 has been awake all night. She's older now and has just got back from serving in church. Luckily we don't have to hide the presents from her.

Her little sister, who does still believe, is asleep but is a very light sleeper. She woke at 2.00am last year and didn't go back to sleep. Because she has AS she takes medication to help her sleep. Her bad mummy gave her a double dose (perfectly safe) tonight in the hope that hanging up the stocking won't be enough to wake her. Fingers crossed!

I hope they are all asleep soon and we can all get some sleep before our rude awakenings tomorrow morning smile

Merry Christmas everyone.

Howstricks Wed 25-Dec-13 00:30:45

Asleep! Hallelujah! However..he had set a trap for Santa..a cleverly placed whoopee cushion by the door
....failed to wake him up but succeeded in making dh fall about in mirth at my muffled curses and loud trumping noise!!!

Kahlua4me Wed 25-Dec-13 00:30:58

Dd now asleep but ds has woken up. He is 10 and still believes. At least I think he does. Has told us of friends of his who say its the parents and we just reply, oh really, and change the subject.

Have managed to convince them that they should leave sacks downstairs not in their rooms which makes it easier for us to manage.

Kahlua4me Wed 25-Dec-13 00:32:11

I think I have just laughed out so loudly at that hostricks that may have woken dd up again!

Kahlua4me Wed 25-Dec-13 00:32:43

Howstricks even

Lweji Wed 25-Dec-13 00:35:15

Yes. He's still 8.

Santa managed to drop a gift through an open window in another room.

Springcleanish Wed 25-Dec-13 00:37:24

Yes! And they are 14 and 10. They know they can't open anything until the morning, but are waiting for their stockings. I think they just want to torture me with sleep deprivation. I want my bed! Thought I could escape the 4am Santa routine this year, obviously not.

PlaydoughGirl Wed 25-Dec-13 01:32:40

1.15am when DS finally fell asleep. Santa has deposited gifts and I'm off to bed!

Goldmandra Wed 25-Dec-13 11:11:40

I hope he slept later than mine.

DD2 woke at 12.30, was off again by 2.00 and bounced on our bed at 4.01 shouting Merry Christmas!

Bless her.

I think I might have to insist we watch the Queen's speech so I can catch up on my sleep smile

TeamSouthfields Sat 04-Jan-14 11:29:35

bed at around 12, was awake at 4am!

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