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I don't care one jot if I don't get a single present from DH

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UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Mon 23-Dec-13 15:59:21

He is lovely. He looks after us all every day of the year.

He is thoughtful and kind and hardworking. He puts us first.

The lack of a precisely-chosen, appropriate present under the tree matters not one jot as there is nothing he can buy that will show how he feels about me more than what he does for us every day.

I may have had some sherry


HyvaPaiva Mon 23-Dec-13 16:04:57

I love this post and I feel the same away about my DP. It's what the season is all about.

Merry Christmas OP!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 23-Dec-13 16:05:04

Awwwwwwwwwwww that's luffly.

I'm sure he will get you a present though . I order my own presents from QVC or M&S though because I couldn't trust DH to buy what I want DH buys me brilliant books though.

My DS doesn't buy me presents except under protest (Little Git) I'm sure he thinks he's such an Alpha Son that I don't need anything else.

Careful with the sherry though, switch onto the brew now. Or you might find yourself Twitching on Amazon and OMG how the devil did that wishlist get there ? fwink

noswingpark Mon 23-Dec-13 16:06:09

I won't be having a present off anyone on Christmas Day but I don't mind at all. The children have been spoilt rotten and I can't wait to see them open their presents. I have toblerone!

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Mon 23-Dec-13 16:10:01

Mmmmm... Toblerone. I bloody love Toblerone.

I make a fantastic Toblerone chocolate mousse, I think I will plan that in somewhere...

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Mon 23-Dec-13 16:10:42

And Merry Christmas HyvaPaiva fsmile

OneLittleLady Mon 23-Dec-13 16:15:33

My present is that Dp puts up with me and all my various illnesses and constant need for help doing the most basic of things. I am a lot to put up with and I don't care if I don't have anything to open, I have DP and my family, that's all I need fsmile

roslet Mon 23-Dec-13 16:25:21

Same for me, I've told him several years running that I don't want anything. Sometimes he will get me some if my favourite chocolates, sometimes he does get me nothing. I do like to have a present from him on my birthday though.

mistlethrush Mon 23-Dec-13 16:26:31

We're getting a joint present for ourselves - self catering cottage holiday in Summer half term. smile

Bluemonkeyspots Mon 23-Dec-13 18:21:04

I'm the same, though have seen something I really want for him that costs £30 and know he would hate to receive and not give so might suggest a £30 budget each.

We are so used to being stony broke at Xmas after spending every penny on dc that presents don't bother us in the slightest but there is a bit left over this year so may be nice to get little treats

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