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A big shout out to Reastie.

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VoldemortsNipple Sun 22-Dec-13 19:22:25

Okay, we went through a few gates over the past few months, Robotgate, Muradgate... but all in all I've never had so much fun internet shopping and really have saved a fortune thanks to the bargain thread.

Thank you Reastie for keeping it going, it felt like a full time job keeping up with the thread at times. I don't know how you managed it.

Also thank you to everybody who participated in posting bargains and helping others find special requests.

Thanks for introducing me to claiming freebies from magazine subscriptions. These have saved me a fortune with the gifts I've had.
Elemis bath milk
Rihanna perfume x2
Oasis watch (which will find a good home through the local toy appeal)
Gift of Murad
Sanctuary goodies
Dove hair sets x2
Body Shop (not arrived yet, but never mind)

Thanks also to the mnetters who posted about the following...
Furby boom (£33)
Elemis body cream from house of fraiser
Make up sets from house of fraiser
The many stocking fillers from China on Amazon
The Tesco toy bundles
And all the information about flash sales or codes for money off and free delivery.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
See you all next year fgrin

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 22-Dec-13 20:18:33

Didn't post much, but thank you Reastie smilethanks

Lalou Sun 22-Dec-13 20:20:18

thanks especially to Reastie, and to all the others who have contributed to these friendly and bargainous threads fsmile

twinklytoes Sun 22-Dec-13 20:57:51

big thanks from me too.

too many bargains and actually think for all but a voucher for my mum I've bought all my shopping via this thread. cheers Reastie.

still don't know why I bought the 3d plastic pink butterflies, need to find a home for the bird scarf and have two flavourly boxes that need homes!

Oh and to whoever posted the link late last week for the Boden bargain dress - mine arrived yesterday and fits really well, I've gone back and ordered it in blue.

Skogkat Sun 22-Dec-13 21:18:05

Big thanks from me too! I'm a long time lurker (and online shopping clicker) and this has saved me so much!

Mipe Sun 22-Dec-13 21:30:30

Thank you Reastie and everyone else who posted bargains, I don't want these threads to finish!! x

worley Sun 22-Dec-13 21:32:10

Yes, Thankyou reastie fsmile
I've brought so much, but saved a fortune, by watching the threads. I only posted a few times but enjoyed reading them. The bargains that I've got from amazon are brilliant and things I'd never have known about if it wasn't for reastie and the rest of you all flowers

ipanicked Sun 22-Dec-13 22:27:06

Me too! I can't thank you enough Reastie for the threads and to everyone who posted. All you guys have helped me find the most amazing presents for my entire family on a miniscule budget AND have them all wrapped by December! <faints>


BornToFolk Sun 22-Dec-13 22:30:04

Thanks Reastie! thanks and also to everyone who posted thanks

I got some cracking bargains and also some really good ideas for gifts (like the Spicery subscrption)

Merry (and frugal) Christmas everyone!

BlondieTinsellyMinx Sun 22-Dec-13 22:33:33

Ohh yes huge thanks thanks thanks thanks Reastie - wishing you a lovely Christmas

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 22-Dec-13 22:41:40

Thanks to everyone who posted - I got some fab bargains! smile

TooWetToWoo Sun 22-Dec-13 23:50:04

Massive thanks to Reastie and to everybody who posted bargains. Never, ever been so organised and I've picked up some fantastic stuff. Can't wait to give them out.

Merry Christmas fgrin

JaquelineHyde Mon 23-Dec-13 08:38:58

If anyone does start a bargain thread in January, then please, please message me because I need to be there!

kiwidreamer Mon 23-Dec-13 08:48:36

Hear Hear!

Thank you so much Reastie for all your hard work, hope you have a very merry Christmas and you like the calendar fsmile

WaitingForPeterWimsey Mon 23-Dec-13 08:49:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wineandchoccy Mon 23-Dec-13 09:05:06

A massive thank you to reastie and everybody else who has contributed thanks

Merry Christmas and a bargaintastic 2014 to everyone fsmile

eatyouwithaspoon Mon 23-Dec-13 09:06:24

thank you from me too, I worked out that the rrp of our presents was double what I paid! So please with my bargain and I think the recipients will be too smile

tryingtokeepintune Tue 24-Dec-13 00:59:42

Thank you from me too.

This year everyone is going to be amazed at what I have bought as I usually am too stressed to do much but the minimum. However, thanks to Reastie and all who contributed, the presents are much more creative, and I saved loads too.

thanks thanks thanks

WaitingForPeterWimsey Tue 24-Dec-13 19:22:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HeathcliffeItsMe Fri 27-Dec-13 22:42:39

A huge thank you to reastie and to everyone else who contributed to the threads. Finished shopping earliest ever and got some great bargains too smile

ReastieYuleANBU Sat 28-Dec-13 07:32:59

Cripes I can't believe I only just spotted this thread. blush blush to all the lovely comments, you are all fab and helped me make my own christmas gifts the best ever. I have alot to live up to for next year so will count on your help for more great links grin

Have a fab new year everyone thanks

nickdrakeslovechild Sat 28-Dec-13 17:13:49

Thank you Reastie Everyone loved the presents I got them and they were all amazing bargains! Heres to the new year sales wine

JingleJohnsJulie Sun 29-Dec-13 10:08:59

A big thank you from me too and to everyone who posted thanksthanksthanks

milk Sun 29-Dec-13 11:21:35

Reastie thank you flowers

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