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Stocking fillers for 13 yr old boy - ideas needed please

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BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 11:38:21

My DS has a very short Christmas list which revolves around the Playstation, a couple of DVDs, a book or two and a board game. Between all the members of the family we have probably got everything (lucky boy)

I can't now think of anything to put in his stocking though. One of the DVDs will go in there plus a few sweets and chocolates and I have a Dr Who keyring but apart from that nothing and no ideas.

The best I can come up with is a nice pen but he is left handed and dyspraxic and that would be a whole different thread, getting recommendations and I doubt he would be that interested anyway.

I'm not looking for much - 2 or 3 things but I am stumped.


FortyMerryFuckers Sat 21-Dec-13 11:40:23

Lynx? Aftershave? Hair gel?

exexpat Sat 21-Dec-13 11:41:30

I fill DS's up with a lot of edibles and smellies (maybe something one stage up in sophistication from Lynx - Boots have some Top Man or FCUK gift packs). Spare headphones/earbuds. A t-shirt. PJ bottoms. A can of drink (we never have fizzy drinks in the house, but DS gets a can of coke in his stocking).

derektheladyhamster Sat 21-Dec-13 11:42:23

funny socks?

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:31:02

Generally he isn't much interested in his appearance so I had thought of smellies but it isn't his thing. However, it did make me think and I am wondering about an electric razor? He will definitely need one soon - DH has mentioned him doing it now although DS isn't keen so I am a bit worried about upsetting him on Christmas morning but I might just go for it.

A tee shirt and socks are a possibility. PJs won't fit in the stocking (stocking here are not that generous). fgrin

Thanks for your help.

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:32:21

Oh yes, forgot about earphones. Good idea.

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 21-Dec-13 12:35:59

Deck if cards
Drumstick pencils
Rolled up socks
Choc coins

kylesmybaby Sat 21-Dec-13 12:36:19

OMG an electric razor.. Food for thought. DS is 12 and him needing one scares the hell out of me. Great ideas here though. Thanks

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Sat 21-Dec-13 12:39:41

Emergency mobile phone charger?

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:39:46

Choc coins have been a feature of stockings since he was about 3. I think there would be words if there weren't any. fgrin

Drumstick pencils sound interesting. Will go and look for some.

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Sat 21-Dec-13 12:40:49

I wouldn't buy him a razor. Would you have liked any sort of hair removal item for Christmas as a 13 yr old?

Toughasoldboots Sat 21-Dec-13 12:40:56

Starbucks card loaded with money?

overthemill Sat 21-Dec-13 12:41:00

Do not get electric razor.,too early. My ds18 doesn't need one yet! I would add in Xmas socks, chocolate coins or similar Xmas themed choc. Then things like puzzle (Tesco and waitrose both have wooden ones for £5) pack of cards maybe a smellie like lynx cos he will start to need it soon. I add in the mini sizes of stuff from boots or body shop or lush. Boy stuff for dis and girl stuff for dd. but chocolate features big

overthemill Sat 21-Dec-13 12:41:25

Cinema card £5

NorbertDentressangle Sat 21-Dec-13 12:41:57

A magazine of whatever his interests are (gaming, mountain biking, music etc), phone case/cover?

JugglingUnwiselyWithBaubles Sat 21-Dec-13 12:46:58

We like little things with a magical twist here - still ends up costing a fortune fconfused
Also a nice clementine/tangerine gives a Christmassy smell and is traditional here - LIDL and CO-OP both have nice ones with greenery on in £2 tub.
We have to have choc coins too (or possibly other seasonal choc) fsmile

MrsCakesPremonition Sat 21-Dec-13 12:47:39

Nail clippers, comb, pants, sachet of hot chocolate, keyring.

dingit Sat 21-Dec-13 12:49:43

I've got my two chocolate Brussels sprouts from M&S. smile

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:54:39

You might be right about the razor. He needs one but doesn't want one even though he is teased about his tache at school. (Is your DS really not shaving at 18 overthemill?!) Same with smellies. He uses deodorant when I nag but he wouldn't be happy with smellies of any kind as a present.

We already have a complicated arrangement for a magazine subscription which comes out of his pocket money so he has one already.

Phone charger a possibility but I have one and it is a bit crap to be honest. Worked a couple of times and is now useless. Can anybody recommend one please?

How about nice hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and a thing of squirty cream? I always put those in the dses' stockings (they are 16, 18 and 20), and they love it, because they can make themselves luxury hot choc. It's not expensive either.

Plus they are all consumables, so you won't have to find room for them after christmas - always a bonus, I think!

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:58:15

He's a nail biter so nail clippers are not needed.

He never combs his hair - it makes not difference to the mop so we keep it fairly short.

You can see why I am having trouble here, can't you?! 13 is a difficult age especially when you are physically very mature (done the puberty thing more or less) but emotionally and socially not mature at all!

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 12:59:13

STD - hot choc is a great idea. He loves fancy hot chocolate.

overthemill Sat 21-Dec-13 13:08:35

He does shave his bum fluff (he's a ginger so all a bit light) but with a disposable razor. And about once every 2 weeks!

I found him the toughest but at 14 he started totally hogging the shower- I hope he simply gets very clean hence smelliest but fear he does other things in there!

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 21-Dec-13 14:34:19

DS is darker which is probably why he seems to need to shave sooner. DH apparently started shaving at 13. He was just saying he was shaving every other day at 16 so I suppose it was inevitable. I wouldn't trust DS with a disposable razor though - he is dyspraxic and his face would be in ribbons I fear. We thought an electric one would be safer to start off with and he might be more inclined to use it.

Shaving is the boy equivalent of periods isn't it? Once you have to start there is no going back. His face isn't peachy smooth any more and his upper lip looks like it is still taking part in Movember.

<<indulges in a touch of 'where did my baby boy go?'>>

Sorry, sort of got off the point of the thread but thanks for everybody's help. DS will have something more than fresh air and chocolate coins in his stocking. fsmile

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