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So, what do we still have left to do? List thread!! : )

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IHeardMummyDissingParcelforce Tue 17-Dec-13 16:37:06

I need a list on here so I can refer to it and at least think about stuff when I can't move because I'm pinned down by the baby fgrin

So in the Dissing household as of today we have:

sent cards to most people on the posting list

sent parcel to my sister and SIL

wrapped quite a few presents, children/baby allowing!

bought exactly ZERO special food (I hate food shopping)

obsessed about house buying, again, which is hardly relevant to the season

and wondered about going in Currys and decided not to as it was a bit, erm, busy.

Pathetic, non?

Feel free to add your own personal To Do list and update as you go.


enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 16:58:53

And buy something for the top of the tree

I must write this stuff down somewhere. fsmile

StickChildrenTwo Wed 18-Dec-13 16:44:02

Need to buy all the veg, (parsnips, potatoes, carrots, sprouts) , Need some smoked bacon and double cream too!

Got everything present wise bought and wrapped.

Need to change all the bedding and make sure the house looks somewhat presentable for guests this weekend. Argh!

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 16:39:13

Oh and clean house or get dp to do it.

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 16:38:35

Buy dps dad something (impossible - everything gets hoarded if it's not edible or drinkable)
Buy dps last few stocking fillers
Wrap remaining presents
Food shop fresh fruit and veg (lidl)
Book asda shop for cupboard/freezer/other items not able to get from lidl
Buy clothes for Christmas eve party and day
Buy few more bits for hospital bag/pack hospital bag
Hire tens machine
Buy another pack of babygros and baby vests for DC2
Buy and write cards
Visit santa
Buy more chocolate coins and some thorntons chocs for me.

Most of this is being done tomorrow when we go into Belfast.

snowmanshoes Wed 18-Dec-13 15:00:57

I've done quite a bit since the last 'to do' thread but still have to:-

Hand out last of the Christmas cards
Buy 2 x gift vouchers (money in a separate section in wallet just physically have to do it and I keep walking past the shops in question!)
Pack for weekend away visiting inlaws and seeing Santa etc (Make sure clothes are all washed that I want to take too hahaha!)
Big food shop Friday morning, going to parents for Christmas day and boxing day so its just to get extra nice things in for us and decide what to have for Christmas Eve tea
Present swap with friends, the plan is to meet them after said big food shop
Sit through Christmas carol mass at school - oh crap just realised that's Friday too!
Take some of the Christmas craft things away with us so the little ones get to do some of them and its not all done on Christmas Eve
Pray dd2 gets over snotty cold and that dd1 doesn't catch it (or me!)
Drop off ballet teacher gift - yep Friday too
Then relax and enjoy Christmas Eve, have everything ready for that except food and look forward to the madness of Christmas Day!
Oh yes and I suppose I should hoover and polish everywhere, have done my big blitz and de-clutter so its just the normal flutters and dust so can do that when get back Monday night

mumeeee Wed 18-Dec-13 14:34:57

Buy a few stocking bits. Finish getting Christmas food, We are going out for Christmas lunch and I have stuff for Boxing day tea,

ben5 Wed 18-Dec-13 13:59:27

We started shopping last Tuesday and today I finished wrapping. Turkey is ordered so just need to food shop now.

IHeardMummyDissingParcelforce Wed 18-Dec-13 13:48:46

One more thing for everyone.

Vote for the best Christmas name!

Disclaimer: you are not obliged, having posted on this thread, to vote for me. Oh no. fgrin

hands out fivers

VikingVagine Wed 18-Dec-13 12:52:30

I have a vague notion of what's left to do, writing it all down will probably scare me.

Make token gifts for DH's family (6 maybe 7 adults, 1 teen, 2 kids).
Wrap all the presents (and just hope they all arrive before the 25th).
Make and send presents for best friend and her DH who live in a different country (I don't think I've ever managed to get these to her on time)
Figure out what we're actually eating on Christmas Day.
Make mince pies and Christmas pudding.
Tidy the house and garden.
Finish making DS's minecraft cushion.
Find a big enough festive table cloth.
Buy festive napkins.
Make a centre piece for the table.

I won't be doing any of this until Saturday as I'm too busy with work until then.


LieborCookin Wed 18-Dec-13 09:43:48

Buy veg, potatoes, parsnips and frozen brocoli.

Buy icecream



dressing for packages, bows and so on

choclates for stocking ( brought loads already and eaten it all )

ICanSeeTheSeaFromHere Wed 18-Dec-13 09:41:54

*Buy DS1 a shirt for his Christmas party (tomorrow).
*Prep roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots to freeze.
*Write list for final food shop - then do final food shop on Monday.
*Organise kitchen (currently full of random boxed goodies).
*Wrap remaining gifts.
*Buy DH aftershave.
*Write and post remaining cards.
*Do general housework.
*Book table for Christmas eve dinner.
*Drop off gifts to friends and family.
*Decide on table dressing.

Too much!!!

MabliD Wed 18-Dec-13 09:38:09

Vegetable and booze shop
Deliver local cards/presents

Easy! Oh... wait...

Empty of junk and decorate dining room so we don't have to eat Christmas dinner from our laps.

That is looking like more of an issue.

CloserLook Wed 18-Dec-13 09:25:03

Finish wrapping the presents (nearly done)
Check the stockings and Christmas Eve box
Write and deliver the neighbour's Christmas cards
Make Christmas biscuits with DS
Food shop (online order for 23rd and maybe a shop Christmas Eve)
Get a few more bits for DP and remind him to get mine
Sort out clothes for Christmas Day

pinkandsparklytoo Wed 18-Dec-13 09:11:12

Marzipan and ice Christmas cake.
Make sausage rolls.
Make mince pies.
Make gingerbread house with the boys.
Deliver Christmas cards.
Find the blu tack to stick my cards up with.
Christmas food shopping.
Make caramel shortbread for DH if I get a chance.
Wrap the boys presents.
Various Christmas activities I had planned to do and haven't bothered yet.

PaschasDanglyReindeerBaubles Wed 18-Dec-13 09:03:48

Post present today (been in my bag since the weekend)
Write some christmas cards or get DH to do them since I don't like them anyway
Think of something small to get one brother
Change online shopping to actual food rather than 4 bottles of single malt.

newpup Wed 18-Dec-13 08:52:08

Have not done any wrapping yet.
order croissants from local bakery to pick up Xmas Eve
Buy veg and fresh stuff
Ice cake
Make mince pies

DeathMetalMum Wed 18-Dec-13 08:14:46

Finish wrapping, write about 15-20 cards. Finish grocery order to be delivered on tomorrow (forgot to book a delivery slot early enough). Dp has to build dd's present on xmas eve!

50shadesofknackered Wed 18-Dec-13 08:00:24

Btw, my house isn't a filthy pit, I just stress about it being really really clean and tidy over christmas fconfused

50shadesofknackered Wed 18-Dec-13 07:58:34

Wrap all the presents
Clean house (already deep cleaned, now just trying to keep it clean, I'll give it another good blitz on Sunday afternoon/Monday morning)
Food shopping on Saturday night.
Buy fresh food and any bits I missed on Christmas Eve (vvvvvv early)
Go to mum's Christmas Eve morning.
Go to town this afternoon or tomorrow (twitching)
Baking with dc's Christmas Eve afternoon (mince pies for Father Christmas)
Inbetween all that I have to work a long day, 2 lates and an early fsad

ZombieSquirrel Wed 18-Dec-13 00:33:34

- Post cards (all cards written and in envelopes, posting tomorrow first thing, have posted long distance cards already)

- Wrap all presents (am wrapping them on Saturday when DC are with dad)

- Clean house completely.

- Bake some biscuits.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-Dec-13 00:32:08

food shop (non perishables)
Wrap presents
Buy DS a Christmas Jumper

Loads of washing/tidying but that's not just for Christmas fconfused

Make marzipan for cake and apply it (Ice cake on Thursday)

Make carrot cake

Go to DD school ( Dance)

Friday: DC have a half day

Try to tidy (especially DS room)
Get the evil eye from DS for the rest of the day as he hides away with his X-Box

Might try to sneak off to Lakeside in the evening for a last minute Twitch.

Saturday - taking DC to London

I need to fit in last minute shopping for veg and fresh food (maybe Monday)

Buy and hide DH beer ( fgrin )

Christmas Eve - DD ging to cinema.
Then we do the Christmas Eve Hampers

honeybeeridiculous Tue 17-Dec-13 21:14:50

Wrap rest of presents
Buy salad stuff and cream
Tidy house hmm there's dust everywhere!
Work a couple of night shiftssad

Dontletthemgetyoudown Tue 17-Dec-13 20:39:00

Wrap a few more presents for the dd's that are stashed in my office at work.
Top to bottom house clean and tidy
Beds stripped and made
(Both planned for this weekend)
Bottle bank run
Weekly food shop. We're going to my parents so only need a few extra bits for at home for the evenings couple of nice cheeses pickles chips n dips and tin of roses, otherwise it's a normal food shop.

Dawndonnaagain Tue 17-Dec-13 20:32:06

Shop for fresh veg, everything else done.
Finish the wrapping.
Write and hand deliver the local cards.
That's it, I hope!

CremeEggThief Tue 17-Dec-13 20:30:24

Food shop and clean and tidy house, on the 22nd and 23rd. All cards and wrapping and done and posted smile.

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