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Must haves on your festive cheese board?

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Liveinthepresent Sun 15-Dec-13 16:58:07

I am a massive cheese lover - French, stinking, oozing sorts especially - but after 2 pregnancies am a bit out of the habit.
Really looking forward to a Boxing Day cheese board - but am catering for PIL who prefer mild, hard traditional cheese so am looking for a mix of crowd pleasers..
What do you have?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 15-Dec-13 16:59:58

Gruyere or tomme
Red fox
Snowdonia black bomber
Lincolnshire poacher

ChristmasJumperWearer Sun 15-Dec-13 17:00:23

Wensleydale and Cranberry pleases both the hard-cheese lovers (my parents are the same) and the oozy-cheese brigade.

Plus the cranberries are festive.

ChristmasJumperWearer Sun 15-Dec-13 17:00:54

Cornish Yarg.

bamboostalks Sun 15-Dec-13 17:01:33

Manchego with chilli jam or quince jam is lovely and not too strong. It's nutty flavour is so delish.

usualsuspect Sun 15-Dec-13 17:02:39

Strong cheddar.

FinallyGotAnIPhone Sun 15-Dec-13 17:08:29

Ooh good thread yes I was pregnant for a couple of Christmases too. Pont l'eveque is a fave if mine. Yum!

LittleMissGreen Sun 15-Dec-13 17:14:39

Wensleydale and Cranberry
White stilton and ginger
smoked applewood
strong but creamy cheddar

(If I had a stilton/blue cheese lover it would NOT be on the cheese board but it's own plate, bleugh!)

LineRunner Sun 15-Dec-13 17:17:50

There's a lovely Isle of Man smoked cheese, which they used to sell in my Asda but bizarrely haven't restocked even though it sold out so quickly.

Lancashire crumbly.

ZoeZoeZoe Sun 15-Dec-13 17:23:47

Anything from Hawes, Wensleydale!

The one with cranberries is quite seasonal, the one with ginger is one of my favourites!

HorsePetal Sun 15-Dec-13 17:24:23

And some quince jelly. Membrillo?

Oh and some Spanish Manchego smile

Minnieisthedevilmouse Sun 15-Dec-13 17:26:04

Stinking bishop

English sheep and it's beyond dreams it's so gooey stinky and lip smackingly marvellous.

ZingChoirsOfAngels Sun 15-Dec-13 17:47:41

Tesco Finest Ossau Iraty, hopefully.

I need to find out if it's safe in pregnancy (any of you know?)

I love it and I definitely can't eat Brie or Camambert or Petit Vacheron!sad

CMOTDibbler Sun 15-Dec-13 17:51:57

DS and I did some intensive cheese testing today, and found an amazing elderflower cheddar and an isle of mull cheddar that are both candidates. Wensleydale was already on the list plus shropshire blue, and we'll spend some more cheese counter time next weekend to choose some others

jojane Sun 15-Dec-13 17:52:46

Y fenni, it's a welsh cheese with mustard seeds in and is yummy, we also always have cranberry cheese, blue cheese and Brie as well as Edam and cheddar for the kids,

ToucheAwayyyyyy Sun 15-Dec-13 17:54:44

Tintern - a luscious Welsh cheddar cheese with chives and shallots.

LynetteScavo Sun 15-Dec-13 17:56:10

I love Wensleydale. If it has apricots or something in, all the better.

I have a proper cheese shop very near me. When it opened I thought "Who on earth is going to shop there?"

Last Christmas Eve I queued,for over half an hour just to get into the shop for my Christmas cheese. grin

This year, I will be pre-ordering - as they know their stuff, I will mostly let them chose for me. Cornish Yarg, and some weneslydale, something gooey and Boursin though. I'm sure it was a law in the '80's you had to have Boursin on your cheese board, and now I think of it as traditional Christmas fodder. grin

I must have ! Bath Ovals with my chesse - if you haven't tried them - you must!

neontetra Sun 15-Dec-13 18:23:16

I hope to serve Oxford Blue, a camembert, a strong cheddar, a cheddar flavoured with horseradish, wensleydale with canberries, a strange pink mexican spiced cheese I saw today in Sainsburys in their temptingly named "cheese with additives" range, and one of those sausages of smoked processed cheese for db. So much cheese!

ElleBellyBeeblebrox Sun 15-Dec-13 18:25:55

Saint Agur

DoItTooBabyJesus Sun 15-Dec-13 18:34:14


There will be Brie, Wensleydale with cranberries, a seriously strong English cheddar, some manchego, maybe a smoked Bavarian and one impulse surprise no doubt!

Banffy Sun 15-Dec-13 18:39:35

Extra strong mature cheddar
Le roule
Smoked applewood cheddar

A jar of homemade Nigella's chilli jam

I'm going to have cheese and crackers for dinner tonight now fgrin

Taffeta Sun 15-Dec-13 18:42:04

Very strong cheddar
Manchego or Jarlsberg

Grapes, celery, walnuts, pickles, cranberry compote, pickled onions, thin slivers of red onion, cornichons and some very good crackers - Peters Yard crispbread and a nut one from Waitrose.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Sun 15-Dec-13 18:45:11

Ossau Iraty is fine in pregnancy, it's my favourite too.

ThursdayLast Sun 15-Dec-13 18:45:46

Mmmm cheese.
Essentials are extra mature cheddar and a Brie.
This year (so far) I've got a port salut that is getting nice and stinky, a herby soft cheese and a little Wensleydale with cranberries.
Just need a strong blue and I'm done

Follyfoot Sun 15-Dec-13 18:47:38

I'm with Zoe: Wensleydale cheese from Hawes is divine. So, plenty of their cheeses (their Kit Calvert is lovely), some Swaledale, Gorwydd Caerphilly and a local one - Dovedale Blue.

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