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What are you buying your DH for Christmas? Need ideas!!

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ToffeeJungle Thu 12-Dec-13 18:25:30

Thought I'd done all my Christmas shopping and then realised I haven't bought DH anything (!!) and Im stuck for ideas!

I ask him what he wants and he says nothing - that he doesn't need anything.

The sorts of presents I used to buy have gone out of the window now we have a 1 year old - ie. tickets to gigs, swanky meals out, trips away, even cd's & dvd's as he doesn't have time for these anymore!
He doesn't read, isn't really into clothes / fashion, and seems to have everything he needs!

Any ideas please??? He's 35 if that helps.

Thank you!!

MinnesotaNice Sun 15-Dec-13 08:34:32

Does he golf? I'm giving mine a Garmin golf watch.
Also, some golf balls, a beer poster, and 'Where is Moldova' board game.

LittleMissRed Sun 15-Dec-13 08:41:21

A power drill which he asked for
A DVD of the Ukulele Orchestra of GB
Where's Wally pj bottoms
Mug with periodic table on it (science geek)
Silly socks
Book on Camper vans
Some Christmas beer

BrokenFairylights Sun 15-Dec-13 08:46:20

My dh is getting a digital radio for the car (previous one was nicked) because he absolutely can't survive the drive to work without Radio 6 Music.

Ginformation Sun 15-Dec-13 08:52:50

My dh is getting a curtain rail.

He is getting me a tin of paint.

There will also be an exchange of poundland gifts (one each). Last of the great romantics grin

lightningstrikes Mon 16-Dec-13 10:40:38

DH is getting a pair of Vans he's been lusting after, a belt, posh chilli chocolates, gourmet hot bacon salt, gourmet hot sauce, a baseball trivia game and various stocking bits. Also a photo mug from the kids.

MooseyMoo Mon 16-Dec-13 13:18:00

Lidl and Aldi have some Xmas beer - bah humbug, Tins Ale, Rosey Nosey.

How about Stollen for the hamper?

Nix01 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:57:04

I got mine a love film subscription and a wembley stadium tour. We're not really into going overboard for each other at Christmas.

ShesAStar Mon 16-Dec-13 14:01:54

A Zeppelin Air (music system)
A book called 'Handy Dad'
Guinness Book of Records paper aeroplane kit
If I have enough money left I will get him a pair of Ugg slippers

desperateforaholiday Mon 16-Dec-13 14:13:42

Ive bought my dh a Chinese puzzle box, Viking bookmark, pj's, kick ass box set, a geode and a breadmaker!

GuernseyTeddy Mon 16-Dec-13 14:19:54

My DP got a lovely personalised iphone cover, and finest m & s loungewear. All lovingly wrapped in fine thick paper, and red silk ribbon.

And they are now in the bin. As he is an arseloch hmm

WitchOfEndor Mon 16-Dec-13 14:31:24

Down Jacket and body warmer
Angry bird socks
Paper airplane set
Spicy nibbles to go with his festive beer
Refresher sweetie Car air freshener
Dark chocolate santa
White chocolate snowman

It's bitty because he buys what he wants for himself and then says he can't think of anything at Christmas!

lels99 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:32:00

Brought mine a home brew kit

TheABC Mon 16-Dec-13 14:42:37

Mine is getting silver necklace (his request) for Christmas and a surprise photography experience for yule.

enormouse Mon 16-Dec-13 14:59:25

A new messenger bag for his laptop -(am quite proud of this, it's French connection and was more than half price in the Asos sale)
Some bits and pieces to help him when he goes back to uni - notebooks, pens, travel pass holder etc
Box of wine gums
Nice coffee
Stark industries mug (mostly because he has gone on and on about his beloved mug breaking 3 months ago)
Darth Vader and son book from 2yr old ds.

DontCallMeDaughter Mon 16-Dec-13 15:02:23

I've bought my DH a fancy fountain pen and a couple of bottles of fancy ink that will come from our DD. oooh fancy. I hope he likes them!

I also know my brother has got him an XL Man Box as a present which I know he will love.

ladyr Mon 16-Dec-13 15:37:23

One of these books went down well for my DH last year.

Joywillcome Mon 16-Dec-13 20:23:31

My DP bought me an axe last year (I have an open fire and he thought it would be useful - he really did!) - so this year I have bought him a mop!

mashyup Mon 16-Dec-13 22:18:29

Breaking Bad box set, slippers, shower radio, fat face toiletry gift set

princesscupcakemummyb Wed 18-Dec-13 11:23:55

not much tbh because my dh is not into game consoles or football now we have 3 dc meals out are off we dont buy much for each other

ive got him

smelly set

BlueChampagne Wed 18-Dec-13 12:43:45

A bottle of whisky, a couple of books and some chocolate coated coffee beans!

grin at Joywillcome - do let us know his reaction!

MumbleBag Wed 18-Dec-13 12:46:04

As well as some other bits, I have bought DH some wellies as he doesn't have any and can't splash in puddles with our 2 year old! It's his gift from the kids.

offblackeggshell Wed 18-Dec-13 12:49:55

Loving the arsenic and the mop. Great to have some fresh ideas. fgrin

SirChenjin Wed 18-Dec-13 12:51:26

Dh is getting (wait for it....)

A naice shirt
A nightshirt (his request I hasten to add - he doesn't like the way his t shirts ride up in the night)
Diabetic chocolates (because he's diabetic, not just because I felt like it)
A onesie (it's a family 'in' joke)

We're all about the romance here grin

VikingVagine Wed 18-Dec-13 13:00:14

The Paul Hollywood Bread book. Second hand.

We have a tiny budget for ourselves for Christmas as we'd rather wait for the January sales and make our money go further.

MabliD Wed 18-Dec-13 13:36:59

Nexus 7
Case for the above
Underpants and socks
Superman onesie blush
Smellies (to stop him nicking mine)
Touch screen gloves
A jar of his favourite sour sweets
Hairy bikers kitchen implements

He will love the sweets most I expect!

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