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paper chains - nice or tacky?

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DancingLady Thu 12-Dec-13 11:17:02

House is looking a bit bare re decorations and I don't want to spend loads of money. Quite fancy making something - are paper chains cheap-looking and tacky, or can they look effective and festive? What about if I just use red and green paper?

VenusDeWillendorf Thu 12-Dec-13 11:19:58

Bunting can be festive too, or so I've heard....

Sorry, but I think it's tacky, but then I'm a minimalist regarding my decorations. <disclaimer>

TheSurgeonsMate Thu 12-Dec-13 11:20:00

Effective and festive, in my view. I think the red and green paper plan practically guarantees good-taste chains.

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 12-Dec-13 11:21:25

I think they can look lovely. We don't do them, but only because I put all the cards up on string across the room, so don't need them.

DancingLady Thu 12-Dec-13 11:24:00

I actually have some vintage Christmas bunting, Venus it's pretty nice!

I always want to have a tasteful yet festive Xmas decorating scheme, end up buying a bit of everything, and it looks shit and overdone.

DH would happily cover every surface with tinsel but I draw the line...

Might try: red and green chains, and plain gold chains.

TheSurgeonsMate Thu 12-Dec-13 11:27:30

If they end up cheap-looking and tacky could you contact me urgently, please, as I'm planning to make some myself (using red, green and yellow("gold") as it happens) and I could do with the heads up.

notsomuchroomattheinn Thu 12-Dec-13 11:31:53

I did them with DC for the dining room last year in red and pale blue gingham. I thought they looked lovely and DC were happy as they helped because there is no way they are getting their grubby mitts on the tree

SinisterSal Thu 12-Dec-13 11:36:32

I like them for the cosy homemade by kids feel.

Badmumof3 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:39:00

The nice thing about paper chains is the kids can get involved in making them. I bought a book last year- Usborne Christmas decorations to cut, fold and stick. It's full of beautiful paper, a quarter of which makes into paper chains. Plus there are angels, stars and. Hangs things. Very good value for money (£5 from the book people)

Plus have you thought of making some hanging decorations with salt dough? Again, he kids can get involved. Very cheap and easy. Gingerbread works too to hang up, but costs a bit more

DancingLady Thu 12-Dec-13 11:49:29

Surgeons grin

My DD is 3 so not sure how much help she'd be! Salt dough sounds good though, think she'd like rolling out and using cutters.

Brainwave I just had: buy doilies. Do the folding-and-cutting thing, make amazing snowflakes to hang in all windows. I often make snowflakes out of folded A4, they look OK but making them from doilies would make them even more intricate...

wonderingsoul Thu 12-Dec-13 11:52:44

i love them.. we have shiny metally coloured ones, pink, purple, sliver, gold, red. and green i think.

i like the wide ones.. appossed to the thin ones.

also love bunting.

LaRegina Thu 12-Dec-13 11:55:14

nice but depends on type - DC and I have made loads out of normal white paper cut into strips - it looks lovely! We've also made snowflakes and hung them up all over the place. DD said it looks like Santa's Grotto in 'Elf' - I think that's a good thing smile

DancingLady Thu 12-Dec-13 12:40:12

I like the white chains idea - that way I can make loads and loads and it'll look decorative without clashing with the tree, lights etc. And white chains and lots of white snowflakes will look effective too.

Thanks for the tip!

momb Thu 12-Dec-13 12:44:09

A 3-year old can make paper chains very well: especially if you buy the pre-glued ones with the peel away tab.
We have different chains (all made by the children) every year in the dining room. They are obviously a home made decoration, but that's a good thing in my view!

LaRegina Thu 12-Dec-13 12:51:42

You're welcome Dancing fsmile

Marne Thu 12-Dec-13 13:31:15

We have paper chains, they are kind of vintage ( red, green and white with patterns on ), bought them from home bargains and I don't think they look tacky at all.

MARGUERITE18 Fri 13-Dec-13 09:08:00

I use paper chains, made with white paper or old books, super not tackysmile

FatimaLovesBread Fri 13-Dec-13 09:17:46

I've bought a paper chains kit from Phoenix Cards, hope it won't look too tacky

Luggage16 Fri 13-Dec-13 10:26:55

we made chains yesterday using sticky back plastic and tissue paper - that way if you put them near windows they work like a suncatcher too. They are quite prettysmile

attheendoftheday Sat 14-Dec-13 09:18:59

I like the idea of making them with old books, I'm definitely stealing that for another year!

Onesleeptillwembley Sat 14-Dec-13 09:22:10

I'm quite minimalist, but paper chains are quite nicely tacky, if you get my meaning. Remind me of childhood Christmas. Hate bunting, though.

ZeViteVitchofCwismas Sat 14-Dec-13 09:46:11

Totally depends on the type of materials you are using check out this amazing blog, she makes everything....def not tacky...

ZeViteVitchofCwismas Sat 14-Dec-13 09:46:57

BTW I love her white pine cones and and cheerful!

Jbck Sat 14-Dec-13 09:51:28

We are making some this afternoon and Ive got some vintage looking ones but I love the idea of all the white. These are red and green primarily and are for DD2's room or my stairway if I'm feeling benevolent.

DancingLady Sat 14-Dec-13 09:53:35

Serious house envy. I want her life!

Her book bunting is lovely too! And I like the idea someone had about paper chains from old books - gorgeous.

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