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What are your plans for Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day?

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OctoberMoon Mon 09-Dec-13 17:31:47

How do those 3 days look for you?

Christmas eve for me is that I get up early whilst DD and DP are still asleep, clean around, enjoy a bit of telly with a coffee and a box of ferrero rocher fblush then when DD gets up, there's a knock at the door (my neighbour) and the elves leave her a basket with reindeer dust, hot chocolate, new pj's & slippers. After breakfast we get dressed and go to my cousin's house who does a little party for my DD and her kids. They watch the Snowman etc and we have a bucks fizz. We get home around 3pm, so it's time for bath, new pj's, carols from Kings, track Santa, hot chocolate, sprinkle reindeer dust, leave mince pie out etc and when DD is in bed then DP and I crack open the baileys, do a little M&S buffet and watch some Christmas telly. I meet friends for Midnight mass and then it's home and bed.

Christmas day - I do the same as Christmas eve (up early, coffee, ferrero rocher!!) DD comes down around 7.30am and presents are opened. This year inlaws are coming at 10.30am for Christmas breakfast and they'll leave about 1pm. Then DD and I visit my Dad and his partner, my cousin and her kids, and also my sister, having a bucks fizz at each stop (I clearly turn into an alcoholic in December) Home about 4pm for dinner with my Mum joining us this year. When my Mum goes home about 8pm the tin of roses come out and I slob on the couch watching Christmas tv.

Boxing Day - DP, DD and I are going to the woods for a walk, stopping at our local for a couple of drinks. In the afternoon DP is going to the football and I have my sister, mum, cousins, aunties etc.. coming over for a buffet and drinks.

I can't wait. I love it.

IAmFionarsFatFairy Fri 13-Dec-13 02:38:17

Hoped for plan - work until mid afternoon Christmas Eve then over to DSis's house; join her family at Mass then out for dinner at local Indian restaurant. I take DNephew & 2x DNieces home and do bedtime, watch a film and have a drink before bed myself (perhaps help DSis put presents out when they get home.

Christmas Day - day off, spend with extended family at DSis house. Eat, drink & be merry.

Boxing Day - day off, help DSis prepare for party at her house for family & friends.

Not hoped for plan - no change on Christmas Eve. Christmas & Boxing Days working because work don't care that some staff worked right through last year's holiday season and for a quiet life or wont stand up to certain employees need xx number of people working. I realise the job needs doing but don't understand that some staff an dictate what they're going to do and when while others get such a shit schedule that they not actually have time to even see their family until 8/9pm!!

Of course I'm not bitter that I worked from 6:45am until 8:30pm both Christmas Day and Boxing Day last year and didnt get to see any of my family until the evening (didnt even have time to go and eat with them during the day) while everyone else worked either morning and lunchtime calls or tea time and evening calls. Or that I was promised the time off this year and now have been told that as so many people want time off over Christmas I might well have to work it again and will probably get the shit of working all day again Oh, and for good measure, I won't actually know until next weekend (circa 21st), what they schedule me to work!!

madmomma Fri 13-Dec-13 12:22:13

Xmas eve - celebrate dd1's 16th bday a day early and tidy up from dd2's 2nd bday the day before. Xmas day have riotous stocking-y morning then tolerate relatives of varying degrees of unpleasantness and hope they leave by 7 so we can throw the kids in bed and drink. Boxing day is my day to drink with girlfriends in the local pub. I'll leave when the husbands start tagging along and go home to mine, who likes to eat lamb on boxing day with the kids(?)

Rubybrazilianwax Fri 13-Dec-13 14:16:53

Christmas eve morning I will take dc in to my dads to pick up the turkey. (Neighbouring farmer will have left it). Will spend morning there chatting to whoever had called by. Also this allows dh to get toys down from loft in the garage ready for later. The afternoon is usually dh and I doing bits in the kitchen punctuated every so often by people visiting. Havent decided if we'll do mass on christmas eve or day as yet. Once the dc go to bed the hard work begins! Toys for 5 is a lot of toys. When the house resembles toy shop we fall into bed!
Usually have a crowd on Christmas day but relatives in the states this year so just ourselves, which suits great as we are always wrecked from being up early.
Boxing Day is party day. We will have 20 invited for food and then usually neighbours come round later too. A lot of musicians in the family so it will be a bit of a seisiun (irish word for a knees up). In years past it has been a very very late night.

YourHandInMyHand Fri 13-Dec-13 14:18:54

Xmas eve we go to the theatre in the afternoon and then either out for tea or takeaway (decide on the day).

Xmas day will be just me and DS, I'm not doing a xmas dinner this year so we will be having buffet type food to nibble while we play with his new toys.

Boxing day DS is going to his dad's and I will either watch TV and eat more food or pop into town to hit the sales without DS in tow.

ben5 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:25:50

Christmas Eve dh is duty so just me and the boys ( 10 and 8). Will probably go to the beach or the pool. In the evening watch a Christmas movie from early Christmas box Santa is leaving( hot chocolate, new pjs etc).
Christmas Day we have breakfast on the beach and go for a swim. Come home to a buffet kind of lunch. Cold turkey ,salads,nice bread. Cheese biscuits. Kids play with new toys.
Boxing Day we normally meet friends at the beach. Have a chilled out day, swim in the sea, play cricket .
We live near Perth in Australia and they say it should cool down to 31 for Christmas Day

TantrumsStoleSantasBalloons Fri 13-Dec-13 14:36:42

I'm not working at all over the Christmas. I actually finish on 20th and go back on 2nd, normally I am working Christmas Eve and back to work on 27th so I am happy smile

Christmas Eve. Get up early. Tidy up, make my list of last minute bits I need to get.
Go shopping with dd (15)
Come home, have a glass of something festive.
Go to church at 6pm with DH dd ds1 and ds2
Walk the dog with ds1(14)
Come home to a Christmas buffet prepared by DH and dd.
all put in pjs, watch a film. Ds2 (10) goes to bed.
DH and ds1 wrap in the kitchen
Dd and I wrap in the living room
Drink baileys and go to bed.

Christmas Day. Ds2 wakes us up about 8am.
Have breakfast- scrambled eggs and muffins
Open presents
Walk the dog as a family- this year with ds2 bike I imagine smile
Come home, start preparing dinner, everyone helps
Crack open the prosecco, eat dinner
Watch Christmas TV, eat chocolate

Boxing Day- go to SIL for big family party.

AuntieMaggie Fri 13-Dec-13 15:59:27

I can't believe how many of you aren't working on Christmas Eve - most people I know are working til at least lunchtime!

Christmas eve: stop off at the shops on the way home from work to get anything I've forgotten/suddenly decided I need, wait for DP to come home, go to the pub and then takeaway on the way home (if we can be bothered otherwise just takeaway and TV). Usually we open our presents at midnight but as I'm pregnant I may be in bed by then this year!

Christmas day: not sure yet but we're hoping there is a takeaway open as we want either Chinese or Indian (and they don't taste the same warmed up the next day before anyone says) but will spend most of the day sat around watching tv as we're home alone this year

Boxing day: more sitting around during the day and off to a friends in the evening

princesscupcakemummyb Fri 13-Dec-13 17:34:15

xmas eve we have a day of resting then family takeaway in the evening

christmas day is family day just myself dh & 3 children

boxing day is a day of relaxing fun with the kids

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