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What are your plans for Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day?

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OctoberMoon Mon 09-Dec-13 17:31:47

How do those 3 days look for you?

Christmas eve for me is that I get up early whilst DD and DP are still asleep, clean around, enjoy a bit of telly with a coffee and a box of ferrero rocher fblush then when DD gets up, there's a knock at the door (my neighbour) and the elves leave her a basket with reindeer dust, hot chocolate, new pj's & slippers. After breakfast we get dressed and go to my cousin's house who does a little party for my DD and her kids. They watch the Snowman etc and we have a bucks fizz. We get home around 3pm, so it's time for bath, new pj's, carols from Kings, track Santa, hot chocolate, sprinkle reindeer dust, leave mince pie out etc and when DD is in bed then DP and I crack open the baileys, do a little M&S buffet and watch some Christmas telly. I meet friends for Midnight mass and then it's home and bed.

Christmas day - I do the same as Christmas eve (up early, coffee, ferrero rocher!!) DD comes down around 7.30am and presents are opened. This year inlaws are coming at 10.30am for Christmas breakfast and they'll leave about 1pm. Then DD and I visit my Dad and his partner, my cousin and her kids, and also my sister, having a bucks fizz at each stop (I clearly turn into an alcoholic in December) Home about 4pm for dinner with my Mum joining us this year. When my Mum goes home about 8pm the tin of roses come out and I slob on the couch watching Christmas tv.

Boxing Day - DP, DD and I are going to the woods for a walk, stopping at our local for a couple of drinks. In the afternoon DP is going to the football and I have my sister, mum, cousins, aunties etc.. coming over for a buffet and drinks.

I can't wait. I love it.

ItsAWonderfulCervix Mon 09-Dec-13 17:36:48

Christmas eve - sleep.

Christmas Day - sleep then get pissed on cava

(Working 23rd and 24th nights)

Boxing day - get very pissed

(Faaaamly doo)

TinselinaBumSquash Mon 09-Dec-13 17:40:29

Christmas Eve - buffet and gathering of my family at my house.

Christmas Day - enjoying the morning with DP and the kids, then lunch out, then the two older children are with their Dad and DP and the baby and I will be chilling at home with Christmas tv and Baileys (no baileys for the baby!)

Boxing Day - buffet and gathering of DP's family at my house.

CaptainSweatPants Mon 09-Dec-13 17:44:49

This year the inlaws are here the whole time

Dh knows they drive me mad

So Xmas eve dh, his mum & dad, dd & ds are going to a garden centre to a Santa grotto
I am pretending a friend is coming over to drop presents off so i have to stay home, drink baileys & mumsnet grin

When they get back it's the snowman, track Santa, mince pie for Santa left out, oh & a Xmas eve buffet probably courtesy of Iceland blush

Xmas day will be at home opening presents with inlaws, dinner. Walk to the park, bikes maybe
I will be hitting the g&t's grin

Boxing day is the best day, inlaws leaving after breakfast grin

lovetoski Mon 09-Dec-13 18:06:45

Christmas Eve not sure if Dh is working yet, either way he will be out in the morning working or rushing around buying my present. Love to watch an afternoon film and we can finally open the Xmas chocolates. Easy light dinner, more tv few drinks. Try to get to bed early as I always wake up early Xmas day.
Parents coming about 11 Xmas day, usual drinking, presents, all very relaxed.
Boxing Day, parents go home, packing as off on holiday after lunch fsmile

Mum2Fergus Mon 09-Dec-13 18:10:27

Working Xmas Eve but hope to finish around 2 then hit shop with my last minute list...home to DS and DP for an Xmas movie and snacks, nice dinner and wine once DS goes to bed then presents left out. DP and I swap gifts Xmas eve too.

Xmas Day presents and light breakfast then off to my parents for dinner, leave for home around 8ush and probably all hit the hay lol

Boxing idea yet but tend to just relax smile

marzipanned Mon 09-Dec-13 19:31:41

I LOVE Christmas!

We are normally skiing so 24th, 25th and 26th are all pretty similar, obviously with more exciting food and presents (and lots of vin chaud stops) on the 25th!

This year I'm 7 months pregnant so we're staying at home and DH and I are, for the first time ever, spending Christmas Eve night alone - which I'm really looking forward to.

24th - I'll probably spend the day watching Christmas movies and making the dishes I'm bringing to Christmas lunch. DH will be at work. Once he's home, carol service, something special for dinner, then bed.

25th - Smoked salmon and poached eggs for breakfast, then open our stockings and pressies to each other and from his family. Drive a few hours to have lunch and presents with my family. Then a walk and stay over.

26th - I imagine leisurely start and then home. He's only had 2 weeks holiday this year and has been away on business a lot so I'm just looking forward to curling up together with the cat and making the most of our last Christmas as a duo before things get really exciting next year...

marzipanned Mon 09-Dec-13 19:33:45

OP Your Christmas Eve sounds absolutely perfect. For me that's the best day of the entire year.

LynetteScavo Mon 09-Dec-13 19:46:52

Christmas Eve everything will be ready for Chistmas --the tree lights won't break and we won't have to manically dash round trying to find new ones, oh, no!) so we will tell the DC they can choose what we do that day.

They will chose a bike ride. DH will agree, while I remember something really important and urgent I have to do. I will then decide I can't be asked cooking and order an Indian takeaway. This has become a tradition since I was over-due with DC1, and DH and I went out for a very hot curry on Christmas Eve (didn't work!) The DC will then have baths and wash hair, and settle down to watch a Christmas film with hot chocolate.

They will all wake up at 5am, and jump on my bed. This used to be cute, but now the oldest is 14, and the youngest 8 I wonder when they will learn the art of sleeping late.

They will open their stockings on our bed....we will have breakfast, open main presents from us, go to mass, go to MILs for lunch, watch the queens speech, then come home. Eat more food, and play with new toys.

I will wonder if there are any internet sales starting, but will try to resist looking.

The DC and DH will crash out. I will watch Downton and then go to bed.

Boxing day will be with FIL. His wife cooks us a whole Christmas diner grin, and she's actually quite a good cook - I will be plied with copious amounts of alcohol and marvel at the similarity between DH's blood relatives and the Royle family.

There will be a walk involved at some point so I can show of my new Christmas scarf to random other people out for a walk who couldn't care less. grin

olibeansmummy Mon 09-Dec-13 19:51:57

I can't wait for Christmas!! Ours will be:

Christmas Eve: have nice breakfast if pastries, make sure everything is tidy, go to church, have lunch in the pub next door with my sister and nieces, have a little play on the park next to that to wear the kids out a bit, go home where Santa will have delivered ds an early present of a new onesie, Santa is Coming to Lancashire, Christmassy sweets and a glittery bath bomb ( yes I'm mad!) so ds will have a very early bath and get into his onesie ready for our onesie party at SIL's. Christmas Eve is the day I'm most excited about tbh!

Christmas Day: ds will have his stocking and presents from Santa first thing, then we'll get ready and go back to SIL's for bacon and sausage sandwiches ( we do this every year) via my sister's house. PILs will also be at SIL's so we'll swap presents as well. Then we'll go back to our house fir Christmas lunch just the 3 of us, which we'll eat when we're hungry, not at a set time. Then we'll take turns to open presents from/ to each other (ds is buying us each one too and we've bought him the same amount as we 're getting). Once ds is in bed we'll just watch tv, have a few drinks and chocolates.

Boxing Day: we'll go to the Lake District for a mooch round and lunch.

IamInvisible Mon 09-Dec-13 19:57:01

Christmas Eve is DS2's birthday. DS1 has been told he is working, which we are both pissed off about. DS2 and I will just have a day at home making sure everything is sorted, he will now doubt be glued to his new phone!
We will hope and pray Skype will work so DH can contact DS2.

Christmas Day, I will probably wake up before the kids and have a little cry over a cup of tea, while wishing DH was here. We will do presents. We're all going to pitch in with the cooking because DS1 doesn't want me in the kitchen all day.
Again, we will wait for DH to Skype, or phone.

Boxing Day I shall have a bloody long lie in, and probably have a pyjama day.

andagiraffeinapineappletree Mon 09-Dec-13 19:57:29

Christmas eve this year we are going to the albert hall for a matinee carol service. I am a bit worried it will be too highbrow for the dc though so might have to get there a bit late. If it doesn't seem too manic in london we will go to john lewis and buy a star for the tree then have hot choc somewhere. Train home then a bit of santa tracking online, something to eat then a christmas eve hamper type thing (I have bought 3 matching pjs from primark for the dc blush ) usually do a mini home video of them putting out the stocking mince pie and drink this usually involves a bit of hyperactive screaming and singing.

Christmas day - keep front room closed but have a nice table for breakfast with a present from us at each seat. After breakfast see what santa has brought. Then we will drive to my parents and stay over with them.

Marne Mon 09-Dec-13 20:04:41

Christmas Eve is quite chilled out in our house, we stay at home, maybe walk the dogs as a family, watch DVDs, eat pizza, bath and bed.

Christmas Day, we are staying at home and we don't have any visitors, the dd's both have autism so we try and keep things relaxed, they play all day apart from eating Christmas dinner, dh falls asleep in front of the tv and the dd's are tired by 7pm after being up early.

Boxing Day, a repeat of Christmas Day, step children come over, more present opening, buffet and me getting stressed out as there's no room to move.

Day after Boxing Day, we are going to my dads house, more present opening and more food, dd2 hates this day as she doesn't like going out and being taken away from all her nice new things ( though she can take a toy with her ).

wonderingsoul Mon 09-Dec-13 20:31:22

christmas eve they will wake up to a letter from our elf saying he had to go back but hes had a great time and if not to busy next he he might pop back, hell also leave a little note that will lead them with clue to their treasure box which will have chocolate coins, slabs of pirate chocolate gold, new pjs, £10 to order take out that night, mini can of coke each and a box of choclates for us to share whilst we watch a movie later, oh and a piriate bubble wash (just becasue it fitted in with the treasure chest grin)

then we will go for breakfast at premer inn where we can eat with some elfs.
then to the park, back home for bath new pjs and movie and take out..

christmas day, wake up at stupied oclock to open stockings, have breakfast of crumpets and scrampled egg. tree presents then to my mums for dinner, most prob going to stay over.

boxing day.. normally its just a slob at home day, but their "dad" has decided to buy a knect so he could video them via the xbox , he hasnt had contact for almost 5 years, he wanted to xbox them christmas day but i said no, im not ruining or confussing them on christmas day, but am thinking about letting it happen boxing day, so if i do shall fit that in some how.
but it shall be a pj day of just playing with thier toys and watching crappy telly whilst munching on crap. there will be no bed time, they can fall asleep when they want in the living room.. which is normally 7ish boxing day after all the fun and excitment.

soontobeburns Mon 09-Dec-13 20:41:20

I have no idea what I am doing but what I do know.

Christmas Eve I am working until 8 then home to a bath, hot chocolate, dvd and Drambuie. Go to sleep maybe about 1.

On Christmas day awake about 10 and wake my mum and step dad up to open presents. Get picked up about 1 by my DPs DF and go to theirs for dinner...not looking forward to it. Back home for about 7 and repeat bed, chocolate and dvd.

Boxing idea but again probably bed.

Such an exciting life grin always the time of year when I wish I had children or a big family or siblings.

Pollywallywinkles Mon 09-Dec-13 20:47:12

I normally have Christmas Eve off work and spend the morning preparing stuffing and veg for Christmas Day. Then on to housework so everything is all nice. At lunchtime we will be going to the pub for a while. Then on to pick up DD's boyfriend and back home. Carols at kings, dog walk, dinner and then a Christmas film.

Christmas Day, early risers walk the dog, presents, breakfast of smoked salmon and Buck's Fizz. Chat, play games, perhaps a Christmas film. Dinner early afternoon. Walk dog again. Tea. Play games, watch tv if there is anything decent on.

Boxing Day, lazy start, bubble and squeak brunch, off out with the dog for a long walk, sometimes to the coast although that can get a bit busy, so may just have a walk through town. Dinner and lounging, playing games watching tv for the evening.

happycrimblechuckie Mon 09-Dec-13 20:51:03

Christmas Eve, -shopping- pub crawl, home, Bed
Christmas Day up at 6 wait til 11 for the rest of the family to get up, go for a walk/pub crawl home cheese and crackers wine open prezzies, wait for non existent call from DC1
Boxing Day call DC1 make sure he is alive, tidy house and bike ride/ walk to the pub.
I see a pattern forming here, I may re-asses my drinking habits!!

callmekitten Tue 10-Dec-13 00:06:30

Christmas Eve-DH's parents over for lunch and gift exchange. Family time, games and snacks after they leave. We have been reading A Christmas Carol through December and will read the last of it on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day-DD will drag her stocking into our room and open it on our bed while we peel our eyes open. Then we'll head to the living room and open gifts from Santa. We'll have a little time to look over our new stuff and have breakfast and then head to my Mom's for the rest of the day with my family. Gifts and dinner there. Then home and bed in rapid succession.

Boxing Day-Don't have that here (US) but will sleep late, eat leftovers and stay in our pajamas all day.

MummyPig24 Tue 10-Dec-13 07:34:10

Christmas Eve I will have a tidy up, prep the veg and go to the Christingle Service at church at 3. After that my grandma will come for dinner. Kids bathed and in bed by about 8 at the latest.

Christmas Day we are at home, the 4 of us. So we will go down and see if santas been. Open sack presents. Have breakfast, get dressed, go for a ride on the kids new bikes. Eat dinner/lunch whatever you want to call it! Go and see grandparents/in laws.

Boxing Day we are going to my aunt and uncles house for the afternoon which will be nice as they have 2 boys who are 6 and 9 so my 2 have some friends to play with!

All that interspersed with lots of nibbling, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas films and a few drinks (albeit non alcoholic for me!)

BobCrotchstitch Tue 10-Dec-13 09:13:43

My parents arrive late on the 23rd so will probably sleep late on Christmas Eve so.....
Walk dogs up big hill with hot chocolate and mince pies for the top. This will actually probably just involve me and DH as DS is an only grandchild and has not seen his GPs since half term. Then into town for gingerbread lattes and ice skating, home for a buffet tea and a couple of drinks in our local. We are also having a hamper (for the first time) with a gingerbread house kit, new PJ bottoms, chestnuts for the fire, Baileys, hot chocolate, candle, Heroes etc so will fit that in somewhere. Bed as early as possible (my DPs will sit up talking all night if we don't leave)
Christmas Day up about 7.30 for stockings (all of us fgrin) bacon rolls, shower and change then church at 11. Quick pint in the pub to wish everyone Merry Christmas then home for presents while dinner cooks. Lazy evening then early to bed.
Boxing Day- Boxing Day shoot so up early and out. DS will try everything to get out of it and stay with his GPs so we will probably leave him. We have a friend of my DM and DDads staying for the night (else they don't get to see each other) so nice dinner (prepared in advance) then a lazy evening (we will flake out by 8pm!)

Preciousbane Tue 10-Dec-13 09:19:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBitchesOfWeestick Tue 10-Dec-13 09:43:12

DC and I are going to stay at my dad's on the 23rd, so they can babysit while I go to the pub with some old friends grin

Christmas Eve: wake up at dad's, have breakfast, head over to nanna's house for buffet lunch. Eat, drink, be merry, try and ignore my nan's increasing mardiness sad and enjoy the children's excitement. DH will join us after lunch for present opening, since he's working in the morning.

Head home early evening, where the DC will find a 'thanks for having me, you are lovely children' note from our Christmas elf, along with a gift of new pjs, annuals and chocolate. Put stuff out for Santa, wrangle overhyped DC into bed, then put out presents while drinking and snacking.

Christmas Day: just the four of us at home, so a nice relaxed day of presents, delicious food, films and games smile

Boxing Day: drive to PIL for big family get-together. I love this day, all the cousins love seeing each other so much and all us adults do too smile

HECTheHeraldAngelsSing Tue 10-Dec-13 10:14:05

Eve - watch tv, drink, clean, do the baking etc, put the gifts out after the kids have gone to bed
Xmas day - pig out on crap, do gifts, have fun, cook, drink
boxing day - got loads of guests. So cook, eat crap, have fun. Drink grin

starfish4 Tue 10-Dec-13 14:28:20

Christmas Eve - final food shopping, hovering & bathroom clean. Nativity play, usually see friends there and go the pub (sounds awful!). Get back later than planned every year, so it's a rush to eat, kids to bed etc.

Christmas Day - open prezzies, prepare food, go and collect my Mum

Boxing Day - collect Mother-in-Law, open presents, dish up cooked meal for mother-in-law which she probably won't like (hubby always says we have to do her a cooked meal though), open prezzies. MIL wants to go home around 4pm, so we can relax, put our feet up and watch TV.

ICanSeeTheSeaFromHere Wed 11-Dec-13 13:36:45

Christmas Eve - Relatively long lie (up at 9am). Our Christmas Eve hamper will be left under the tree in the hall containing pj's for all, 'Santa comes to Scotland' book, hot chocolate, popcorn, marshmallows, cookies, a good bottle of wine and reindeer dust. Potter around the house, tidy, prep veg etc.. DH will go and collect the turkey. Wrap up warm and have a wander around the park, feed the reindeer's then into our local for an light meal and glass of wine. Home by 6pm. Baths/showers, pj's on, read the story then DD2 off to bed. Pop open the wine, make hot choc and settle down to watch Arthur Christmas with DH, DS and DD1. Kids to bed by 9.30... then the fun begins!

Christmas Day - up around 7.30am. Everyone opens their stockings in our bed then downstairs to open presents and see what santa has left. Pancakes for breakfast. Sister, BIL, DN coming over to exchange gifts. My parents and other siblings are coming for lunch. Relax with festive tv and snooze at night.

Boxing day - Relaxed morning, walk along the beach, lovely baked ham, cheese and crackers for lunch and family fun.

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