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Oh bugger. Have bought dd1 virtually nothing. Help.

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All I've got her is 3 pairs of knickers and some perfume.
She's 18, at uni. Want actual real things that can be wrapped up, rather than vouchers or hard cash.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp! smile

EvilRingahBitch Mon 09-Dec-13 19:58:31

You could wrap her up a home-made "voucher" for a trip to the Jan sales in a box with tissue paper. I often do that for things like theatre trips where I want something to hand over.


The problem is, we got her loads of stuff in the summer prior to her starting uni - duvet covers,throws, cushions, stationery, travel mug, headphones etc etc.

Thanks for the eyeliner recs. Still pondering the rest!

mumslife Sun 08-Dec-13 22:30:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumslife Sun 08-Dec-13 22:27:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MilkOneSugar Sun 08-Dec-13 22:04:00

This is the liquid liner I use and I swear by it. Been using it for years as the wand is really easy to use.

Awakeagain Sun 08-Dec-13 22:00:04

I have just ordered my cousin a plastic fish bowl from drink stuff! She is 19 and at uni
I have ordered some boy cousins beer pong
They had some good drink mixes on their that i think I would have appreciated when younger
Mac make up probably have a good eyeliner Nd some other bits to go with!!


She's just emailed and said she'd like a liquid eyeliner! Any recs, please?

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 08-Dec-13 19:55:33

DD1 (2nd year student) has:

Lace party dress and matching shoes
Tan cross body bag
Chunky cardigan
Cinema voucher
Brownie maker
Bottle of fave booze
I'm still to buy a blouse she likes the look of and some new slippers plus bits and bobs of make up, some undies, iTunes voucher socks and chocs in her stocking.

I think i have THE TWITCH now too

Thank you.

She had a hairdryer and straighteners last Christmas. Doesn't wear a watch.

Will prob buy her something to wear in the sales, but still need something to wrap up on Christmas day!

HRHwheezing Sun 08-Dec-13 19:28:54

Babyliss big hair
iTunes card


Top shop card
Primark vouchers

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 08-Dec-13 19:28:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 08-Dec-13 19:25:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Thanks, both. She wouldn't be interested in a board game, I don't think.

Style-wise, she is v much not a trainers girl tbh. Topshop is her favourite shop and we bought her a nice bag when she got her A level results. Can't afford a Cambridge satchel, even if she wanted one!

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 08-Dec-13 19:14:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

NorthernLebkuchen Sun 08-Dec-13 18:59:58

What about board games? My dd1 is approaching 16 and she loves things like Risk and Ticket to Ride.

Thank you.

We got her the duvet, fairy lights etc when she started. And a brolly.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Sun 08-Dec-13 18:43:59

Something to make her uni room more homely? New duvet cover or throw or cushion? Or pretty fairy lights or something? Memo board for uni stuff?

Leather satchels are pretty popular and classic? A decent umbrella?

Box of herbs/spices/seasoning/condiments/sauces to make usual uni meals more exciting?

Not sure. She's not a big cinema-goer tbh.

Heathcliff27 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:42:25

Does she has a cineworld near her uni? When my son started uni I got him an unlimited cineworld card, £15.90 per month.


Can't really do groceries, as she'll have to get everything back on the train.

LeBearPolar Sun 08-Dec-13 14:24:47

Yes, as a student I would have loved practical-but-nice things to make student life a bit more luxurious. A groceries hamper and a toiletries hamper would be lovely, I would think!

<plans same for when currently 10 yr old DS is at uni grin>

Wow. Thank you. smile Oh I have got her a Starbucks voucher too - always do.

Usually do hairspray, cotton wool etc as stocking presents but like the idea of boxing it all up to make a 'big' gift. Will deffo do that.

Bought her new PJs and dressing gown when we saw her a few weeks ago, but will deffo get warm socks and hot chocolate.

Scarf is another v good idea.

Fresh01 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:54:54

For something bigger a warm coat or boots?

Like someone mentioned above everyday toiletries even toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary products, shampoo, shower gel in a nice storage box. My mum did this a couple of times a year when we were at uni as that kind of stuff you need but adds up out of a student budget. We always really appreciated it.

Easy cookbook?

EvilRingahBitch Sun 08-Dec-13 13:49:31

Cinema membership?

angelwhip80 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:37:41

If she has laptop/tablet, a netflix subscription? X

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