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What would your 5yo most like to get for about £15 on Christmas Day?

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Fridayschild Sun 08-Dec-13 08:18:51

I need to buy for my niece and nephew..... Looking for inspiration! My niece needs to be able to take her present back home on a plane so nothing bulky. And in the ideal world I will be able to order these on line.


Bakerof3pudsxx Sun 08-Dec-13 08:21:17

A game for his innotab

Some avengers figures (not much good for a niece prob lol)

SageBush Sun 08-Dec-13 08:22:21

Lego, definitely!

Bakerof3pudsxx Sun 08-Dec-13 08:23:16

How did I forget lego!

MigGril Sun 08-Dec-13 08:23:32


RTjoke Sun 08-Dec-13 08:23:34

For a girl, arts and craft stuff. this window sticker maker is my five year olds fav at the moment.

Sunshinelaulau Sun 08-Dec-13 08:23:46

Agree Lego or something crafty... I kit perhaps that she could do on plane smile

WidowWadman Sun 08-Dec-13 08:24:25

Lego or Playmobil

Fridayschild Sun 08-Dec-13 08:25:47

I did crafty for her last year. Is it possible to do too much crafty for girls?

My kids are boys. I am happy that one can never have too much Lego!

RTjoke Sun 08-Dec-13 08:28:32

My two girls can never get too much crafty stuff. Stationary (notebooks, stickers, pens, rubbers) are also popular.

Mamafratelli Sun 08-Dec-13 08:39:45

Go to home bargains. They are selling the girl from monsters inc for around 8 pounds. She speaks and my dd would love her.

heymammy Sun 08-Dec-13 08:46:12

A talking Tom or talking ginger

fuzzpig Sun 08-Dec-13 08:48:12

Agree a small lego set is good for that price, or what about a set of mini lalaloopsies? My DD was sent some last year (thanks to MN appeal! thanks) and she absolutely loves them!

TheDayOfMyDoctor Sun 08-Dec-13 08:48:44

I have a 5 year old DS, and his current obsessions are Dr Who, moshi monsters and angry bird Star Wars toys.

He also loves lego, playmobil, audio books/story CDs, colouring in and dressing up.

GinAndaDashOfLime Sun 08-Dec-13 08:49:08

Look at Argos 2 for £15 toys. Huge range

Kantha Sun 08-Dec-13 08:49:21

An alarm clock or watch (learning to tell the time at school ATM)

ShoeWhore Sun 08-Dec-13 08:50:57

6yo Ds would love Star Wars fighter pods or Lego or a Hexbugs V2 set. Or maybe a magic set?

Ragwort Sun 08-Dec-13 08:53:08

The money grin.

My loves choosing something for himself.

Please only give Lego if you are sure the child likes it - my DS was never interested in Lego and we were given bucket loads over the years sad which went straight to charity shops.

Itwasntmeanttobelikethis Sun 08-Dec-13 10:07:39

Can't manage link as on my phone but my 5yr old boy adores play doh so Santa is bring him

SilverSixpence Sun 08-Dec-13 10:18:40

My Ds really wants a switch and go dino or a skylanders megabloks set

ABitterPIL Sun 08-Dec-13 10:29:56

Dd is an eclectic little thing. In smyths 2 for 15 i managed to get her a tinkerbel fairy and an army helecopter....

womma Sun 08-Dec-13 10:35:47

My 5yo DD loves sticker books and activity books. For £15 pounds you could put together a lovely pack for your niece and they'd be perfect for plane travel too.

WHSmith have 3 for 2 on the Usborne sticker books, so you'd get three for £12.

orangepudding Sun 08-Dec-13 10:40:30

Dressing up costume.

DisneyAddict88 Sun 08-Dec-13 15:35:14

this would be my dd (5) perfect pressie grin

moshi monsters - they have a few special tins on amazon for around £6
a sticker book which all little girls love!! dd had a handbag shaped one that was brilliant if not usbourne do some.

then a book to read on plane - dd loves you choose and spells and smells which amuse her for ages!! also enjoys the fairytale hairdresser, winnie the witch , fish who could wish, tiger who came to tea, dogs dont do ballet or any julia donaldson/Charlie an lola/little princess books.

all able to be ordered on amazon and under budget grin

grabaspoon Sun 08-Dec-13 15:37:14

my just turned 6 is going to love his mp3 player (£8 toys r us) microscope for the garden (£6 amazon)

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