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HELP - What are you buying your husband for xmas?

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Libertymae Thu 05-Dec-13 11:07:58

What are you buying your husband for Xmas this year?

My DH and I have been together nearly 20 years and I have run out of ideas! It doesn't help that he has next to no hobbies.....

He drinks very moderately, wine but not beer
He goes running but not interested in any other sport
He doesn't like reading, or pamper products
He likes gadgets but already has mini iPad, sonos etc
He's into photography - but already has cameras etc

I had a personalised picture thing made for him which was about £25 from, but he has already seen it annoyingly (my fault).

I am totally stuck! Happy to spend some money on him (say £500 or so) but equally happy to do something very cheap but thoughtful - if only I could think of anything.


gamerchick Thu 05-Dec-13 11:11:35

Surround sound for his man cave. That may not help you of he doesn't have a man cave though.

I tunes vouchers.. He goes through loads.

Crate of decent wines?

Gadgets he can attach to himself while running?

gamerchick Thu 05-Dec-13 11:12:32

Or an experience day? Is there something he would like to do like fly a plane/helicopter?

Twiddlebum Thu 05-Dec-13 11:17:47

Does he wear suits for work? Some nice cuff links? My DH has a few expensive ones (Thomas pink etc) that get commented on a lot which he likes. Or a fancy watch? My DH is not into fashion but does like having new clothes and dressing nice but never buys himself as he is crap at choosing or making decitions and never knows what to put with what etc. I went into fat face (he likes that style) and I bought every item the model in the photo was wearing so he will have a complete outfit (including hat and scalf and shoes) so he knows it all 'goes together' and doesn't have to stress about what to wear with what

peaz Thu 05-Dec-13 11:18:28

I bought him a bottle of port... which I gave to him after he went out and bought some lovely cheeses.
So I bought him a bottle of whisky...which I gave him after he had a particularly bad day at work.

So I'm not buying anymore booze!

I got him a watch from Amazon black Friday deals, the Dave Grohl autobiography, and that is it so far. We're supposed to be going away for our anniversary in January so we've agreed on buying very little for each other but the gifts I bought were so cheap that I feel I have to get something else.

Have you seen this? tripod ? Ticks the photography and gadget boxes for your DH.

My DH is so hard to buy for. Not into fashion, loves music but tends to get stuff off itunes, loves movies, football (watching, not playing) not into gadgets, no hobbies. He only reads if he gets a spare half hour a day on holiday (two DSs makes it impossible to have any time to ourselves!)

DowntonTrout Thu 05-Dec-13 11:22:12

I don't know <wails>

Same as you. Married over 20 years. He has everything he wants and if he does want something he goes and buys it.

He golfs- but he is very particular and has all the kit anyway.
He has a kindle- not interested in any other gadgets, games consoles etc.
Doesn't drink wine- likes beer but not real ale type stuff. Sticks to Tetleys or John Smiths.
Clothes? Huh where do I start. Again very particular. Clears out his wardrobe every 6 months and then buys the same stuff over again. Only Ralph Lauren shirts/jumpers, only Levi jeans (!?) various blazer/tweed- you know the uniform.
After shave- only Acqua di Parma- has the full set and travel set.
Watches- has a nice Cartier and some chunky coloured strap trendy things. No other jewellery.
Doesn't do theatre or concerts.

In the past I've bought golf trips, international football tickets, car driving experiences plus stuff from the above list. But he basically has everything. I am starting to panic!

Libertymae Thu 05-Dec-13 11:29:50

It's a nightmare! I was going to buy him a coat, but he went shopping last week and bought himself one grrr

Crate a good wine might be an idea - any suggestions on where I can get something a bit different eg not waitrose or majestic!!

overthemill Thu 05-Dec-13 11:38:06

The wine society membership or just box. Or Bibendium wine. Both also do wine tasting events.
My fil was bought a row of vines in French vineyard one year. He could visit and got a case of wine a year

LittleMissGreen Thu 05-Dec-13 11:47:57

Hoping DH doesn't know my username...
I got him a binary code watch from ebay (less than a tenner including P&P)- a bit like this

He is into a particular type of car and I found a magazine article from when the car was first launches in the 1980s.

He likes cheese so a little pot to roast camembert in .

And a skull mould a bit like this to cook his fried eggs in (we have a 'silly present' on the Christmas tree in the evening)

HappyAsEyeAm Thu 05-Dec-13 11:56:16

DH goes running, and he has requested something that I don't really understand but I will try and explain it. its a sat nav watch, by Garmin. Apparently its about £100 and does lots of things.

Libertymae Thu 05-Dec-13 14:00:11

Oooh, a sat nav watch. Never heard of such a thing but that might be good, thank you.

overthemill - will check those out, wine tasting v good idea

LittleMissGreen - thanks for your ideas too

andagain Thu 05-Dec-13 14:37:33

Berry Bros and Rudd do lovely wines

And yes those garmin things are great for runners (my husband loves it). Something like this?

penguinplease Thu 05-Dec-13 14:38:48

Weekend away somewhere neither of you have been

sweetheart Thu 05-Dec-13 15:12:50

If he likes good wine what about vouchers for a day wine tasting at Vinopolis in London? me and dh did this for our anniversary a couple of years ago and had a great time.

MelanieCheeks Thu 05-Dec-13 15:16:03

A photography course? I bought mine a night-time photo course (in the end it was cancelled so I'll have to think of something else....)

Subscription to a camera magazine, or a wine a month club?

Mine complains that he never gets to see me, so I'm putting together a box with the programme for the local arty cinema, menu from a naice restauarant etc, and a promise that we'll have a night out once a month.

MelanieCheeks Thu 05-Dec-13 15:16:58

Oh, just noticed he's into running! Try SweatShop for some great ideas for runners.

eurochick Thu 05-Dec-13 15:28:07

I was going to suggest a Garmin for running but I see I have been beaten to it!

soontobeslendergirl Thu 05-Dec-13 15:51:43

My OH is getting:

Steam generator Iron (he wants it honest)
Map book about the first world war
series 5 & 6 Of Madmen on DVD
Clint eastwood director movie set
Bottle of locally produced cider
some chili chocolate fudge
itunes voucher
a hand crafted large pottery mug - he had one which broke and this is the nearest in style one that I could find.

he's just had his birthday and got:

ipod classic and docking station
still game dvds

still need to pick him up a couple of small bits but not sure what yet

maybe a coffee maker but a small one as he is the only one who drinks it.

nilbyname Thu 05-Dec-13 15:57:26

I have got eh that, a jumper, some socks, a wall mounted bottle opener, a book. I think that's it as we are going away for a night pretty soon so we are saving the ££ for that

HeirToTheIronThrone Thu 05-Dec-13 16:02:56

Mine has a new watch that he requested. Then a few other bits - new shirt from Superdry, cookbook, woolly hat that I have made and a couple of stupid joke things.

HuevosRancheros Thu 05-Dec-13 16:47:44

Mine is getting:

A wireless digital photo frame that streams the pictures directly from the computer where they are all stored (his choice, down to the exact model)
A collage photo frame from John Lewis, into which I will put a load of photos from our summer holiday - he is always asking for pictures
A Tetris lamp, bit of a gimmick!
A fire steel, as a cracker filler.

ZombieBelle Thu 05-Dec-13 18:28:06

2 t-shirts one hobbit themed, the other adventure time
a book about identifying mushrooms,
minecraft redstone book
naice coffee
le creuset espresso cup (we're getting a coffee machine from pil)
chocolate covered coffee beans
fleecy pj bottoms

thats about it i think

CharlotteBronteSaurus Thu 05-Dec-13 18:31:21

darth vader lego LED keyring

not sure about a proper present yet though
probably another smythson diary - he is a stationery snob

Hohohowhatfuckeryitis Thu 05-Dec-13 18:41:01

Like penguin said. Last year we agreed there was nothing we wanted so had long weekend in Marjorca. Same this year too. Dh gets whatever he wants whenever so leaves nothing to get him.

castlesintheair Thu 05-Dec-13 18:44:33

Have a look at wiggle for running stuff

Lots of wine/tasting related ideas here buy a gift

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