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Elf on a shelf - did I mess up?

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FlatsInDagenham Sun 01-Dec-13 20:47:26

So we decided to do our version of the elf on s shelf thing this year. Our elf was going to get up to mischief, hide in different places and write a note to the DC every night with a Christmassy activity for them to do that day. (DC are 1 and 4 so more for the 4yo this time.)

Only I forgot to get an elf in time for today (first day of advent). So we wrote a letter for the DC to find this morning, from the elf, explaining who he was, that he was coming to stay til Xmas eve, that he was on his way but had been delayed, would be here soon and setting today's activity.

It went down a treat - 4yo was very happy. We've now bought an elf and he will be 'found' tomorrow morning.

But DC got the idea in his head that the elf is going to be a moving talking playmate. sad

So I explained that elves aren't allowed to move or talk during the day when people are awake. DC stated he was very upset and sad, although he didn't cry but was visibly upset. He now wants to know why they're not allowed and I said we'd be able to write little notes to the elf and ask him any questions like that. DC seemed to accept this and doesn't seem upset any more.

But I feel like we got it all wrong and should have just waited til we had an elf. I feel like I've built up DC's hopes for some real magic and now I've had to dash them.

I feel like a crap mum.

I'm a bit hormonal at the moment so I am probably blowing it all out of proportion.

Did I mess up? Will it all be ok in the end?

WholeNutt Sun 01-Dec-13 20:50:58

Elves are magic and to keep that magic he needs to look like a toy during the day and he can't talk because Santa has given him strict instructions to watch everything so he can report back to the North Pole every night. If he's busy talking he might miss something!

I'd pop him in bed next to your dc one night with some gold coins and a note smile

You're not a crap mum wine

bundaberg Sun 01-Dec-13 20:55:17

elves aren't allowed to talk!

kissitbetter Sun 01-Dec-13 21:03:08

Oh it's lovely that you're doing something with an elf - I hear about it each year and never get my act together. In hindsight maybe it wouldhave been less confusing to just introduce him but never mind, he'll get into the swing when he does arrive I'm sure. Love the idea of popping him into bed.

Btw my thing this year was going to be a Christmas book to open each evening until c eve - I bought loads from charity shops through the year and stashed them in anticipation... And now can't find them. There's always next year I guess!

ILiveInAPineappleCoveredInSnow Sun 01-Dec-13 21:06:04

You are not a crap mum. I ordered an elf on the shelf from prezzybox and paid for next day before 12 delivery which should have been Friday, but parcel force have magically failed to deliver it.

Prezzybox have been fab at chasing it up and have refunds the delivery, but I had told my DS (6yo) that Santa was sending him something - then DH had to make up some bollocks something to save the day about having a text from the elves to say the van broke down but it should be here next week!!! me and my big mouth

Your DS will love it, don't worry!!!

callmekitten Sun 01-Dec-13 21:38:29

Maybe in the next letter, the elf could explain why he can't move about or talk during the day. The letter we wrote for DD's elf said that Santa used Christmas magic to make her look like a toy during the day so that the secret of her being with us would not accidentally be revealed.

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