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What colour decorations are on your Christmas trees?

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applecrumbleandcream Thu 28-Nov-13 17:53:55

Just bought a new tree for the living room and fancy a change from the usual red and gold decorations we usually have.....looking for inspration? Can't afford to just buy a load of new decorations but can make a start now on a different colour schene and build up.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Thu 28-Nov-13 17:56:16

We don't have a scheme. Our dds pick a new decoration each year and they all go up. But then, I don't like tasteful trees, they make me think of the next catalogue.

TessTackle Thu 28-Nov-13 18:00:34

Red white and gold. I have;
Big gold bells; poundland
Velvet red bows; asda £1
Big white sparkly baubles; asda £2
Beads (red and gold) ; poundland
Gold sparkly snow flakes; £1.50 primark
White sparkly snowflakes ; £2 asda
Mini baubles (red and gold) £1 a pack poundland
Tinsel; poundland £2
And candy canes £2.99 eBay!
All bought new this year. Easily done and they look gorgeous smile

NCISaddict Thu 28-Nov-13 18:05:51

I would really like a tasteful tree with silver, green,red and gold baubles and loads of twinkly white lights. Unfortunately my wretched children insist on smothering it with tinsel and not just silver and gold tinsel but some multi coloured shite too. I would stop them but they're all bigger than me and just pat me on the head whilst I bleat plaintively in the background.

My beautiful tree looks like an explosion in a tinsel factory, the shame of it blush

Crutchlow35 Thu 28-Nov-13 19:00:26

My tree is all Disney. Some new stuff and some more vintage. Not everyone's cup of tea but we love it. No tinsel though. Hate the stuff.

Red,gold,purple and silver.Think it only works because I have a bushy snow tipped tree though!

And no tinsel.Evil stuff!

CreamyCooler Thu 28-Nov-13 19:47:39

Silver and gold, all from Poundland.

wfrances Thu 28-Nov-13 20:14:36

dining room tree is red /white nordic skandi
main tree is white /rustic/woodland
snowy paper tree has clear vintage glass

applecrumbleandcream Thu 28-Nov-13 20:26:38

Oooooh these all sound lovely. Keep them coming !!

HeyMicky Thu 28-Nov-13 20:33:55

Blue, pink, red and purple. We were given four beautiful glass ornaments for our engagement so the tree follows those colours

BoohPear Thu 28-Nov-13 20:36:05

I don't have a colour scheme, I do only have baubles though. every single one is different. I love my tree!

Rumplestiltskinismyname Thu 28-Nov-13 20:38:30

We have a lot of ethnic decorations from around the world.. So it looks a little eclectic!!

WhereIsMyHat Thu 28-Nov-13 20:39:59

Oooooh, another scheme thread, yay.

I'm doing, red, wood, white, maybe some green.

I buy some new stuff every year to add to the old stuff plus some cardboard delights my eldest two have brought home from school and nursery. I like it to look homely rather than too perfect because then it doesn't matter that all of the bottom row of decorations get pulled off by little hands!

EmmaFreudsGivingMeJip Thu 28-Nov-13 20:40:45

Duck egg blue and silver.

TheGonnagle Thu 28-Nov-13 20:40:47

Red, silver, white and brown. All glass baubles and homemade pine cone garlands. I love it.

smellylittleorange Thu 28-Nov-13 21:01:27

Red and White and Silver

Was all silver until one year I suddenly decided red was my new favourite colour!!

smellylittleorange Thu 28-Nov-13 21:03:41

Ooh yeah forgot to say some browny bits pinecones/wood etc in my colour scheme. Dining Room is Red White and Duck Egg Blue

CreamyCooler Thu 28-Nov-13 21:04:19

EmmaFreuds, I had your colour scheme for the last couple of years and loved it. But I just moved house ( and my duck egg living room) so am having a bit of a change.
Loving all the ideas.

ICameOnTheJitney Thu 28-Nov-13 21:05:50

Mine is like an explosion in a glass factory. It's full of these vintage glass baubles./....I've collected them over the last 10 years from charity shops and they look gorgeous.

TheGonnagle Thu 28-Nov-13 21:11:35

Love it Jitney. Just like my dads tree.

thistlelicker Thu 28-Nov-13 21:11:53

Blue and silver

Altinkum Thu 28-Nov-13 21:13:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

No colour scheme, anything goes, the DCs pick a new thing each every year. The only rule is no tinsel. Multi coloured lights too.

In fact no garlandy things at all, not just tinsel, hanging decorations only.

ChristmasYoni Thu 28-Nov-13 21:22:01

Purple and silver to match my new wallpaper :-D got some nice big chunky balls and bows from pound land so not many decorations as they take up so much space. Love my tree this year, nice and simple yet elegant (if u can have an elegant purple and silver tree!)

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