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The presents you are most excited about giving.?

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KungFuBustle Thu 28-Nov-13 13:43:26

I am giddy! Despite a very tight budget I am so excited for Christmas morning, or giving two gifts in particular.

The Bike for DS. Black bmx, his first big boy bike. I got this for £13 new using vouchers. He's not expecting it but he will love it.

The Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk CD for DH. £3 second hand. We've been watching House and he's loving Hugh playing piano saying how talented he is.

I get butterflys thinking of these being opened. What are you looking forward to giving?

Oreocrumbs Thu 28-Nov-13 13:47:58

I have got my DM a bottle of perfume that she believes to be discontinued. She hasn't had it for years and often mentions it. (Very fussy with perfume and has spent years trying to find one she likes half as much)

By chance I happened upon it! She will be so over the moon grin

I'm also getting DD some sylvanian families stuff. I have been waiting for YEARS to have a child of a suitable age for sylvanian families! I am so excited grin.

MadeOfStarDust Thu 28-Nov-13 13:49:35

my eldest DD is into Big bang theory and I got her a "Bazinga" T shirt - I just KNOW she will squeal!!

ah those all sound lovely - this is the part I love about christmas the most - seeing others open the presents I have spent ages choosing!
Mine are:
DH - a slushie machine with syrups, cups, straws etc. he has been on and on about getting one for a couple of years and I've always said no (mean wife grin ) so he won't be expecting me to buy him one!
Dbrother - a hand drawn portrait of their dog done by a very talented lady
my best friend - a set of turtle doves ornaments as in the film Home Alone 2 which is one of our favourite films smile

Mostly though, I am looking forward to giving my family and the in laws the huge surprise that I am pregnant after 4 years TTC and IVF - they have no idea we have had IVF treatment and it will be the first (much longed for by everyone) grandchild/niece/nephew on both sides.
Still trying to think of a special way to tell them all - might just be a scan picture in a frame wrapped up unless I can think of something more unique smile

wonderingsoul Thu 28-Nov-13 14:04:01

oh keep thats lovely, congratulations. flowers
you could be reaallly cheesy and have the scan printed on a white t shirt, have a jumper or dressing gown on then when they are all in the same room take it of and wait for them to notice!

NickNacks Thu 28-Nov-13 14:05:40

Film it keep smile

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Thu 28-Nov-13 14:09:57

Oh keep how lovely thanks

I'm excited for our Christmas Eve, its tradition to open 1 present which is always pjs and I've got DP some Big Bang pjs, DS1 some Elmo slippers which he'll love (and some xmas pjs for him and DS2) and my own Elmo onesie!

KungFuBustle Thu 28-Nov-13 14:10:56

Aw Keep that's wonderful. Best present ever! What about a "Best Gran/Auntie" cup each? Or perhaps DH gives you a Baby's first Christmas ornament in front of everyone?

I've got a wee tear in my eye for you Keep. Wishing you a happy, uneventful pregnancy and all the happiness in the world.

ChristineDaae Thu 28-Nov-13 14:12:07

Oh keep that made me well up. Congratulations!

CiderwithBuda Thu 28-Nov-13 14:12:09

Oh keep that is so lovely! I was the same 13 years ago. Had had IVF overseas as we were expats. Came home for Xmas and really wanted to do a Xmas day reveal. Had to tell earlier though as everyone would notice me not drinking! And I was having hormonal support so having weekly injections and I needed my dad to take me to our local a&e on Xmas eve for one!

I don't have any excitng presents yet really but it was DH's birthday on Monday and I was chuffed about my present to him. We have a normal surname but less normal spelling and years ago there was a brewery of the same name. I spotted an old metal sign in a garden in a house magazine a few years ago and have been looking out for one since. Happened to have a look on eBay 3 weeks ago and there one was! Collection only and only an hour away. I was thrilled. And there was only an hour to go on he auction. I bid till I got it! And he really likes it.

Ah thank you wonderingsoul - Liking that idea! We are doing 'cheesy christmas jumpers' so I could have a tshirt made up with a santa hat on the babys head or something! grin
Any good 'announcement' ideas would be much appreciated - might start a thread asking for ideas!
NickNacks I think I'm going to have to but not sure how I will set up a secret camera….it will be amazing to see their reactions, I'm sure there will be a lot of tears all round!

KungFuBustle Thu 28-Nov-13 14:25:36

Will you update us after Christmas Keep, with what you did and how happy they were?

piratecat Thu 28-Nov-13 14:27:42

dd a rare item of clothing only issued to crew members of Take That Progress tour. Has no idea and i just happened upon it on ebay.

HenriettaPie Thu 28-Nov-13 14:29:01

Aww how lovely keep!! I would go for a little 'special granny/aunt/grandpa' tree ornament wrapped up for everyone

Made- DH loves big bang theory too and I've bought him a minion t shirt which is dressed up as a character from Big Bang theory! He's gonna love it!!

callmekitten Thu 28-Nov-13 14:36:14

Not any one thing but, DH is very hard to shop for and I am feeling unusually confident about his gifts this year.

Oh thank you so much everyone for the good wishes and ideas!
This is definitely going to require some thought!
Kungfu I will smile though I feel bad that I've taken over your thread! blush

WaitMonkey Thu 28-Nov-13 14:45:11

Keep thanks

KungFuBustle Thu 28-Nov-13 14:46:08

Do not feel bad! I'm having a shit time at the mo and wanted a feel old thread to make me and others smile, you've fit the bill perfectly!

fuzzpig Thu 28-Nov-13 16:41:54

Awww keep! Actually got goosebumps reading your post! <happy dance for keep> smile

Not sure I can choose one myself, there's loads of things I'm really excited about now.

fuzzpig Thu 28-Nov-13 16:42:53

Teaandcake where did the Big Bang pyjamas come from please?

Chopsypie Thu 28-Nov-13 16:51:42

A buzz light year for DS. He is 3, this is the first Christmas he understands what's goin on and it's all he's asked for. He is toy story obsessed so it should go down very well.

Hawkmoth Thu 28-Nov-13 17:00:42

That's lovely Keep.

Mine is a playmobil hotel for DD. she asked for it and I told her it was too expensive and she was gutted. She keeps mentioning it, saying maybe FC will bring it a room at a time.

Thanks to the Christmas Bargain thread on here I got it! In a sale and thirty pounds off. She will probably cry grin

KungFuBustle Thu 28-Nov-13 17:04:14

The bargain thread is great isn't it Hawkmoth

All of our stocking fillers are from there this year. Reastie and the gang are responsible for a lot of happy children in my eyes.

AmeliaToppingLovesShopping Thu 28-Nov-13 18:30:06

Congratulations keep how lovely to be able to give the gift of a new member of the family!

My DD3 has asked for a girl and boy doll with a pushchair so i have picked up a boy baby born and a £5 stroller. She will love it!

DD1 is one direction obsessed so i have got her mini figures with a stage, a little key ring with Louis and a DVD. Plus some Lego.

DD2 is getting a new scooter as she has outgrown the one she has now.

The best thing of all though is our day out to Longleat on Christmas eve. We are booked to go on the Santa express and the DC will be beyond thrilled.

grin < excited face!

princesscupcakemummyb Thu 28-Nov-13 18:51:02

for my oldest dd im looking foward to giving her first dolls pram

for my second dd who is 2 im looking foward to seeing her open her peppa pig toys as shes peppa mad grin

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