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‘I'll do a lot for a Xmas bargain but I won't put fairy lights on my nipples’ Christmas bargain thread 26

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Reastie Wed 27-Nov-13 21:00:07

26th thread

If lost then see message 2 on the first page for the codes/info collated from previous threads (to save slow loading for those using phones).

If you spot any of these links or codes not working please post on the thread in bold so I can’t miss it or pm me thanks

Reastie Wed 27-Nov-13 21:00:36

First thread here second thread here third thread fourth thread fifth thread sixth thread seventh thread eighth thread nineth thread tenth thread 11th thread 12th thread 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th rhondas holding thread 18th food bargain thread 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd the one with jacquelines complaining advice at the end of the thread 24th 25th

HDUK amazon black friday list here

Those of you who have bought excess presents or would like to donate something for christmas there’s salvation army christmas gift appeal

And if you have any spare cash, there’s the red cross appeal for the destruction in the Philippines here

No more socks is a free app you might find useful for budgeting etc info here

Websites which are good to check for deals hot deals UK offer of the day and money saving expert

Quidco is a must to join and get free cashback here crutchlow35 has earned £3k cashback in under 3 years apparently shock she must buy alot of stuff!

Top cashback also fabulous cashback site - getting money for nothing! here

Track amazon prices at camel camel

how to get around amazon delivery prices

Bear in mind amazon prices go up and down alot so prices might not be accurate all the time.

Achica have some lovely gifts. Follow this link when you join and you'll get £10 off your first order.

Aldi talking cookie jars here

Amazon 20 pairs of ear studs, 71p inc postage here

Amazon bouncy balls, fifteen for 90p inc postage here

amazon child bath book £1.53 here

amazon monkey nail varnish drier here

Amazon moustache necklace 59p here

Amazon hide and squeak eggs are going up and down from £2.99 here

Amazon butterfly necklace, £1.99 inc postage here

Amazon Cath Kidston stationary notes, £4.27 here

Amazon Character Building Deadly 60 River Crossing Playset, £12.07 here

Amazon charlie and choc factory pop up book, v popular with those that have bought it, £7.42 here

Amazon colouring in Christmas table cloth, £6.50 here

Amazon Delia's Cakes book, £5.00 here (I don't need another cake book, I have heaps...yet why am I wanting to buy it so much?!)

Amazon Disney Cars travel aquadoodle, £7.99 here

Amazon doodle book, £2.90 here

Amazon earring and necklace set, £4.68 delivered here

Amazon mn scarf less than £4 here

Amazon elephant necklace, £1.10 inc postage here

Amazon Elizabeth Arden Mascara, £8.84 here

Amazon finger puppets, ten for £2.39 inc postage here

Amazon finger watch, £1.19 inc postage here

Amazon flashing/glowing shoelaces, £2.36 inc postage here

Amazon Furby, £41.99 (only grey/teal colourway) here

Amazon Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cooking Course, £5.00 here

Amazon Hello Kitty earrings, £1.99 inc postage here

Amazon peacock hairclip 99p delivered here

Amazon Hot Wheels advent calendar, £6.99 here

Amazon Joe McElderry Classic Christmas CD, £1.59 here who could resist wink

Amazon Kidizoom twist camera, £33.33 here

Amazon LED finger lights, 43p here

Amazon make your own Morph and DVD set, £8.01 here

Amazon make your own cards 43% off, £6.28 here

Amazon Monopoly Cityville board game, £10.14 here

Amazon Night Before Christmas book and CD, £3.85 here

Amazon owl earrings, £1.04 inc postage here

Amazon where the wild things are book £1.50 here
Amazon ‘dogger’ book (no sniggers please!) £1.50. DD loves this book here
Amazon £5.85 blue first watch here
Amazon owl necklace, 90p inc postage here

Amazon owl pendant, 58p inc postage here

Amazon pillow pet, £10.99 (scroll down to see other animals) here

Amazon colour changing rose flower candle £1.60 here

Amazon Puff the Magic Dragon book and CD, £3.85 here

Amazon Santa Is Coming To... books, £3.74 here

Amazon whiskey stoner £7.99 here

Amazon Shamballa stud earrings, £1.59 inc postage here

Amazon silver heart necklace, £1.99 inc postage here

Amazon boys doodle book £2.93 here

Amazon silver stud earrings, £1.26 delivered here

Amazon Sylvanian families sofa and armchairs set half price, £8.97 here I can't believe how expensive those things are <shakes head>

Amazon 70p leather pencil case here

Amazon touch screen smart phone gloves, £1.02 inc postage here

Amazon Very british problems book, £7.00 here

Amazon fart whistle £1.55 here

Amazon 99p novelty christmas apron here

Amazon dominos £1.16 here

Amazon black sleep mask 52p here

Amazon ring that works as a bottle opener 75p here

Amazon skull bracelet 52p here

Amazon figures £2 here

Amazon skylanders pjs from £1.95 here

Amazon wide angled lens for iphone, £6.74 inc postage here

amazon dragonfly necklace £2 here

Amazon dinosaur tattoo 60p here
Amazon peppa pig scooter £11 here

Amazon wooden watch - good childs stocking filler, £1.37 inc postage here please note this is a pretend watch, it doesn’t actually work.

Amazon lego city police down to £2.66 here

amazon owl necklace 58p here
Amazon 99p broach here

Amazon Zhu Zhu advent calendar £4.98 here

(and matching earrings, £1.35 inc postage here)

Ann Summers 25% off code VC25SUM here

Argos 2 for £30.00 on toys here

Argos An Elf's Story DVD, £2.99 inc postage here

Argos half price Fisher Price amusement park toy, £24.99 here

Argos half price Peppa Pig castle, £29.99 here

Argos retro ladies' tshirts from £2.39 in sale here

Asda half price wooden kitchen set, £35.00 here

Asda glee christmas dvd £5.25 here

Asda half price wooden dolls' house, £35.00 here

Asda half price wooden market stall/shop, £25.00 here

Atlas Editions here

Baker Ross clearance here BFD for free delivery (not verified recently and may be min order value though)

Bargain Book Time Christmas Alphabet book, £4.99 here

Bargain Book Time Classic Fairy Tales Collection, £6.99 here

BBC Good Food magazine subscription offer - 3 months for £3.00 here

Beer52 £10.00 off with code BREWR10 here

Bespoke offers - £10 amazon vouchers for £5 here

BHS here codes have expired, let me know if there’s a new one thanks

Boden 20% off with M724 here

Body shop Body Shop lots of offers around, most of which are on their site, look out for 40% off codes, if you have a good one please let me know to add here
Book people here
Free Delivery: LUCKY13, ANGEL
15% off no known minimum order (please let me know if there is) : STRAW
LUCKY13 gives free delivery
10% off: COAL
Free delivery from The Book People with orders over £10, code NEWBOOK

Book clearance site here

Box of awesomness here sign up to be selected for a free box (I got a free box, will let you know what’s in it when it arrives!). Quite a few people on the thread also seem to have got/be getting a box, so worth a try?

Boux Avenue buy one get one free pjyamas (£30 each so £15 each in offer) here

Build a bear one direction bears 20% off all outfits with code 2000218 at checkout. £10 gift card for only £5 when you spend £25 or more instore

Casabu is a fabulous site like the popular zulily follow this link to earn a mner credit for referrals

Cath Kidston £1 delivery here

Character PJs here 50% off with code SANTA

Chocolate tasting club (part of Hotel Chocolat) have nearly £30 worth of choc for £6.95 here . Join the tasing club, receive your first box and nibble selection then ring them up to cancel so you don’t get any more boxes at full price (I’ve done this before, they are fine about it)

Christian Advent calendars etc should you be interested here

Christmas ribbons sale here

Christmas enchanted Fairy Doorways here

Christmas duvets for £12 here and here plus £3 ish for delivery

Cineworld christmas set £20 here

Clarks shoes 20% off with the code 'BLING' here

Clinton Cards clearance worth a look here

Converse watch down to £10 here

Cox and cox Cla13 for 15% off here

Crabtree and Evelyn outlet shop here

Crew Clothing WIN05 for 15% off and free delivery here

Debenhams here 10% off orders over £50 with the code 'GM29' and a free £10 gift card for orders over £50 TK74 for 10% off
20% off with code JN32
20% off online using promo code HC39
try DJ37 & MT96
For free delivery add a cheap beauty item and use code SHA5 apparently or free delivery to store

Disney Trivial Pursuit £12 here

doodledah do left handed notebooks here 10% off code people can use: EBAYCFC

Dorothy Perkins- get a free necklace worth £15 when you spend £40, enter code SPARKLE. Plus free delivery if you spend £50 with code DPDEL50 here

dotcomgiftshop is popular remnants of christmas sale here half price chocolate heart candles here half price pretty candle holders here

ebay 99p scarves delivered here

ebay has fab wrapping ribbon like this

ebay fox bag here

ebay sock bouquet here

ebay nice post it notes here or origami ones here or russian dolls here

Elc offers here 50% off some musical instruments here half price remote control quad bike to £20 love a bit of john deere - half price tractor pink learning laptop half price £9 XMAS20 for 20% off

Ebay - love these kids christmas PJs here but beware sizing comes up quite small so go large on these grin

Elizabeth Arder 8 hour cream £4.99 here

Face cloths - the popular ones from last year here

Fake lego advent calendar here

Fattoria - sign up for catalogue here and they should send some lovely tasty samples (may take a month or so for samples to arrive so might not work for christmas)

Figleaves have 20% off full price items with code "TWENTY" here

Flavourly use code FLAVOURLY10 to make the first order only £5, FLAVOURLY5 will get you £5 off as an existing customer here

Fragrance Direct have a few offers including this one

Giftorama personalised mugs

Glamour have a new offer on. 3 magazines for £1 with £23 worth of Body Shop goodies free gift here

GLTC 15% off GLTC with MUMSNET13 here

Glow in the dark marble run £15 here

Hamleys Free bear when you spend over £30, with code PSLA2013 here

Graham and Green 15% off with code AW1315 here

Graze free box - go to - use code FREEAMBOX - its says you need to put in a valid card, but can cancel any time. here

Hawkins Bazaar ‘Where’s Stig?’ book down to £2.98 here toddler music set £2.48

Hand puppet for £1.39 inc postage stocking filler here

Hello fresh do weekly food box kits to make foods, £20 off first box with code 5DCPFG . here Go through quidco for 40% (yes, you heard me right!) cashback

Hexbugs half price here

Hobbycraft join their newletter club thingy and get 15% off order code here Hobbycraft have £5 off £20 spend with 2000194475 £5 off when you spend £20 with code: 2000194512

Home bargains website here worth a look

House of Fraser sale here

H&MH&M codes: 0747 for 25% off one item, 0769 for free postage and 1304 for £5 off first order over £11. Use code 0659 online at checkout here magic set down to £5

Hushhush sign up here to earn mner referral credit is a fab site with alsorts of homeware/childrens stuff. Bit like achica. Free delivery on orders over £50 using code HH3DEL50 (use by end of october)

The Hut free jeans offer here

Ikea toy kitchen down to £65 here

Ikea christmas shop here must resist....must resist....

ISME the code 3UPVQ is £30 off a £60 spend here

Itison have a Lional Richie ‘hello, is it tea you’re looking for’ teapot/cup half price at £19 here (love it grin !)

Imaginext Castle £39.99 here use BIRTHDAY7 for £34.99 with free delivery

Internet gift store here have a lot of sale bits and using code 20SITE you get 20% off

Jellycat free jellycat bunny for orders over £50 here

Jojo here 15% off MM21. ELK32 takes £10 off each £50 spend so mini micro scooter becomes £45 and maxi micro scooter plus one cheap item eg £3 baby socks becomes £79.95 15% off with MTF32, ends 13th Dec but excludes micro scooters.

Joules here

25% off everything this thursday - sunday using code CY25
FROST £5 off £50
HOLLY £10 off £75
NOEL £20 off £100
MERRY £30 off £150

Toy kitchen (plastic) reduced down to £6 here

Kit Heath jewelry outlet here ADVENT14 gives 20% off all orders

L'Occitane is lovely and one of my faves, here. Current offers:
Free divine set worth £30 with a Divine purchase. Code is DIVINE at checkout.
Free tote bag when you spend £35. Code is WEB6.
15% off on Weds 6, Thurs 7, Fri 8. Code is 15VIP.
Free £20 gift on Sat 9, Sun 10, Mon 11 if you spend £35. Code is NOEL13.
Lakeland and naked wines offer - spend £50 and enter NKD50 at the checkout and you'll get a £50 voucher to spend at Naked Wines info here

Lakeland sale here

Lego soap,£3.50 delivered here

Liberty of London £30 off when you spend £150 here

Little bird is a site that has discounted children’s gifts/theatre tickets/experiences etc here

Lush christmas bath bombs etc, not bargainous but still lovely here

M&S £5 off when you spend £30 on sleepwear, lingerie, or hosiery. Code is SLEEP530. here

Magpie mugs seconds, very lovely and popular, £2.55 here Free Spiral mug from Magpie if you spend £25. Code SPIRAL

Manuka Doctor sample set, free with £5 order here but be warned - very teeny tiny!

Mini micro scooters JoJo here seems to be the best place when they have a working code - look under J for jojo for current code although some codes don’t work on the scooter. or look at this thread for a code to try

Molton Brown £10 off £25 spend until 30 Nov. Code is CREW. ENRICH free hand/body lotion with £50 spend here

monsoon £15 off £100 at Monsoon with OCCASION 15 here

New Look 25% off New Look online with code FFVCNV13 here

NSPCC letter from santa here

Nyla Rose have some sale bits and use code weekend10 for money off here

Oasis Free delivery at oasis with NOVGIFT here

Ocado, £25 off a £100 spend for first time users. Code is VOU0544332 (valid until June 2014) here

Office Converse sale here

Olive and Moss 20% off at Olive&Moss with code TREAT20 here

Oneill, £10 off a £50 spend with newsletter sign up. FREEDELIVERYUK for orders over £50. here

Open University free nature poster here - good stocking filler?

Paperchase 20% off. Code is PCXMAS [expiry date unclear] here

Peepo book and toy gift set £3.85 inc postage, reduced to �2.89 with code 'newsletter' here

Photography magazine (Digital SLR Photography) £3 for 3 issues with free gift (current gift: Hama Microfibre Cloth) here deals:
Santa Apprentice DVD, £1.27 inc postage here
Box sets for under £10.00 inc postage here
Wiggles double Christmas DVD, £1.99 inc postage here
Merry Christmas Wii game, £6.75 here

QVC gift wrap here

RNLI gift idea - membership for a year for £7.50 for children look here for more info

Red magazine subscription here 12 months for £15 plus free gift (elemis lavender hand wash and hand lotion worth £32 ) or call 0844 8481601 and quote DRD10019

Sainsburys magazine free scarf worth £14.99, just pay £3 postage here

scholastic book sale here

Skylanders half price back pack here and more reduced skylanders stuff here

Smyths imaginext advent calendar £6.99 here Smyths have £5 off a £30 spend using code SUN5OFF or £5 off £20 spend at Smyths - LOCAL5OFF.

Snowman and snow dog book and toy gift set £5.99 (also in tesco for £5) here if you use code 'newsletter' it should give you 25% off

Sophie Allport sale here

The spicery was popular last year here SALE HERE

SpaceNK code BECCA20for becca items free and you can stack it with SNKGLASGOW for free delivery here

Sports direct bargainy bits here reduced batman stuff here

Studio24 christmas clearance here

Tesco toy sale here

tesco furbies 2 colours are £30 here

Tesco zhu zhu puppies £30 down to £7.50 here

Tesco £15 6 foot christmas tree here

Thorntons here
Free box of chocolates worth £6.99 when you spend over £20. Works on 3 for 2 deals as well. Code: CLTW Expires 16th Nov
Free 300g box of chocolates worth £9.99 when you spend over £30. Code: CRMH Expires Christmas Eve
WNTR half price these chocs

Toys R Us. here half price disney princess doll

TV discount store might be worth a look here

VTech dino toy down to £19.99 here

Weleda 25% off until end of October with code SWORLD here

The White Company have 20% off and free delivery with AC380 full price items only or AC879 to get 15% off and free delivery here White Company 20% off and free delivery - code OCD32.

The works is a popular site with good offers here DEL10 for free delivery over £10 (does not work on multibuys apparently) is a link to sign up for the works earning *robinbedrest* credits and you money off your first order The 20% one is GWORK20 and the delivery one is SBFREE.30% off at The Works with code GRAND20

Whistlefish have lovely and very reasonable greetings cards here

WHSmith have some nice books in their sale. Also look out for their book bundles books here although don’t expect them to arrive for some time...

Nice wood toys in a clearance here

Warren Jones have various discounted jewelry here

Whittards free hot chocolate )Praline White Hot Chocolate Tin with any order from Whittards with code FREECHOC here

Vertbaudet £15 off a £30 spend, and some free PJs with code 1420 or childrens baking stuff with 5935 here

Yankee Candles reduced here

Yello moon crafty clearance here

Zest magazine offer 3 issues for £3 and free dove set here

Zulily is worth a look and has new stock every day. use this link to earn me some credit for referrals thanks My tip if you’re buying something big with hefty delivery fee is so buy something cheap and small from their site first then you get free delivery for the rest of the day so then go back and buy bulky order.

lucysmam Wed 27-Nov-13 21:04:30

Quick placemark so I can find on app smile

DreamlessSleep Wed 27-Nov-13 21:05:48

Thanks again!

InTheRedCorner Wed 27-Nov-13 21:10:34

Ha ha I knew that would be the title grin

Justshabbynochic Wed 27-Nov-13 21:11:33

Checking in!

EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Wed 27-Nov-13 21:11:47

Anyone who did the Gorrilapod/Photography mag deal - has your Gorillapods arrived yet? Mine hasn't sad

MrsLoveBucket Wed 27-Nov-13 21:14:47

Loving the title. Thanks Reastie

AndiMac Wed 27-Nov-13 21:18:44

Wondering if I really should join this thread when I've nearly finished my shopping...

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Wed 27-Nov-13 21:20:59

did anyone get their free scarf??

HenriettaPie Wed 27-Nov-13 21:22:08

Missed the whole last thread!

sweetkitty Wed 27-Nov-13 21:28:36

Marking my place smile

girlsyearapart Wed 27-Nov-13 21:29:21

Haven't had my scarf but I did get a dhl spam e mail if that gives me extra points..?

VesuviusPoovius Wed 27-Nov-13 21:29:33

No bargains today. I haven't even bought any Thorntons hmm

HarrietJonesPM Wed 27-Nov-13 21:30:37


Auntiebaba Wed 27-Nov-13 21:33:16

Can't remember who was looking for the Fur Real Friends Kitty on the previous thread. It is around £40+ everywhere and according to camel the best amazon price has been £22. Just found it for £24.99 in Argos although I'm now struggling to find one near me (not that my 17 month old needs anymore!).

Theimpossiblegirl Wed 27-Nov-13 21:34:00

Citylink tried to deliver a parcel today while I was out. I've rescheduled delivery for Friday when I'm home. I honestly have no idea what it is. I've lost track and I blame you lot!

The Despicable Me Unicorn arrived from China today and it's so big and fluffy! DD will be delighted! Only took a week.

Justshabbynochic Wed 27-Nov-13 21:35:23

I just have little stocking bits and wrapping paper/ribbons/cellotape left to get. I've NEVER been this organised and ahead of the game!

ItsIgginningToLookALotLikeXmas Wed 27-Nov-13 21:38:49

Sat down to make a Molton Brown order with new 25% off code - VIP25 - and then realised that the tenner off one (CREW) is still cheaper! Depends how much you are spending, I suppose.

TheOnlyPink Wed 27-Nov-13 21:41:20

Not sure if this has been posted in the other thread, but Dorothy Perkins are doing 25% off all full priced items (no minimum spend) with code HOLIDAY25

Have most of my shopping done, only need a CD for my dad, skylanders swap force for ds1 and a duplo set for ds2. Feel a bit lost now I don't have any bargains to hunt for!

GirlWithTheYellowHat Wed 27-Nov-13 21:41:35

I'm missing all the £1.50 bargain books from Amazon! Damn Black Friday!

doesthatmakesense Wed 27-Nov-13 21:41:50

<delurks> found you at last!
Have finally got round to doing some entry-level christmas shopping - dh found some big board sit-in toy/play-mat/book thingies here yesterday which I have now ordered as they are only £7.99 each Not sure how big they'll turn out to be, but they're a tenner cheaper than on Amazon. Hopefully good for toddler nieces and nephews!

TheOneWithTheHair Wed 27-Nov-13 21:43:02

Wow, the second post is an awesome one. thanks Reastie. I'm going to have to check through it all now just in case.

I'm still looking for a lovely pencil case. It has to be sturdy though. Dd likes to take the whole of Rymans to school with her and I may have got her more for Christmas.

ItsIgginningToLookALotLikeXmas Wed 27-Nov-13 21:43:37

Not a free scarf, but a 3.99 one - I bought this elephant scarf on Monday evening and it arrived today, so pretty damn quick!

neddle Wed 27-Nov-13 21:43:42

Has anyone seen any good deals on Waggle Tagz, Zubber Bands or a set of choppable wooden food?

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