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What is your 10/11/12 year old boy having?

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SwedishSolveig Mon 11-Nov-13 10:06:29

I have no idea what to get him. We do not do ipads and the like as I don't believe a child needs something like that. We might get him a cheap mobile phone. What toys does your 10/11/12 year old want? (He is 11)

QuintessentialShadows Mon 11-Nov-13 16:40:19

He sources the bits online, otherwise B&Q. We got paints from B&Q too. Otherwise, the paints used for world of warfare are excellent! (But pricy)

Needingthework Mon 11-Nov-13 16:43:15

Thanks. A trip to B & Q it is then.

iheartdusty Mon 11-Nov-13 16:47:10

thank you soontobeslendergirl.

<<conceals fact that I didn't understand a single word of the reply, probably some work with Google will resolve things smile>>

notagiraffe Mon 11-Nov-13 16:53:15


Hits during age 10/11/12 for my DSs included:

Musical instruments: keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, sax
remote control helicopters (the good ones - the cheap ones break in 5 mins)
CD players
a good watch (eg diving watch)
vouchers for experiences - art/cooking/drive a car/indoor skydiving etc
basic phones (very basic - £5 Nokias still going strong)
Clothes. Sudden interest in them. The usual overpriced suspects and band/minecraft/comic strip tee-shirts
gadgets like Raspberry Pi or Kitronics build your own torch/lamp/alarm system etc
Tickets to shows such as Spamalot or Horrible Histories or to Comic-Con

Would also have been delighted with yet another pet. (We have a houseful but a bearded dragon or snake would have been met with rapture)

notagiraffe Mon 11-Nov-13 16:54:29

PS meant to say my DC don't have any gaming stuff more up to date than a PS2 and it hasn't hurt them. They have more interests as a result.

soontobeslendergirl Mon 11-Nov-13 18:32:11

i heart dusty - well, it would have helped if my autocorrect hadn't got trigger happy!

this is what I have bought:

I have been told by a techy 13 year old that this works with a PS3 - it doesn't say that it does so I didn't bother although it is a lot cheaper:

This is the Roxio brand ones:

There are other ones as well but they staretd to get into the £100s so I skipped those.

Obviously other retailers are available and may be cheaper - I just linked all from Maplins as that's where I bought the Kworld one and it was easier grin

soontobeslendergirl Mon 11-Nov-13 18:37:26

those people with the nerf rebuilders may be interested in this:

ignoring the title for a minute - what it actually is is plans to build working guns that fire elastic bands etc from lego technic.

My boy has loved it.

soontobeslendergirl Mon 11-Nov-13 18:37:44

Wiggy29 Mon 11-Nov-13 20:34:17

Just had a look at Stew, not going to lie, it didn't rock my world. That said, I think DS would love the idea of getting a magazine delivered so may still go in for it and at £2 per issue, it seems sensibly priced.

JemimaMuddledUp Mon 11-Nov-13 20:43:05

DS1 is 11 and in Y6. He is having:

A Kobo Mini
A couple of books (the new Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates)
Lego Technic
Fifa 14
A hoodie
A science kit to make a rocket (he enjoyed playing with something similar at the science museum)

QuintessentialShadows Mon 11-Nov-13 21:36:51

I was also not impressed by Stew, as a parent I am still the one deciding what is good reading for my young impressionable children. And I am not too keen on a magazine that is glorifying McDonalds efforts towards "child health" by talking about them supplying books as opposed to crappy toys with happy meals, nor giving my children the idea that it is normal for parents to raid their savings. hmm

iheartdusty Mon 11-Nov-13 21:44:54

that's great, soontobeslendergirl, really helpful, thank you thanks

Carlat86 Mon 11-Nov-13 21:52:40

Last year we got SS a stop animation camera and some modelling clay so he could make little videos. It just plugs into a pc or lap top and he had hours of fun making all the characters and doing all the voices. We didn't realise but he is actually really creative. He used some Lego too and made some really good short films (only a minute or so in length). I got it from amazon I think.

dementedma Mon 11-Nov-13 21:57:29

I thought Stew looked ok.a bridge between comics and "teen"magazines with their tips or oral sex!

Ds is 11 and will be getting a nerf gun, Bear Grylls outdoor stuff, draughts and chess,books,a lava lamp.
He wanted an iPod touch but too expensive so will get that for his birthday in January.

KungFuBustle Tue 12-Nov-13 00:17:48

Real Power Workshop
Set of real tools
Gaming chair
Xbox subscription for another year.
Halo figures

He's 10. Once again hasn't asked for anything. Previous experience shows we tend to get it right grin

thekitchenfairy Tue 12-Nov-13 07:03:30

...and I've picked up some great ideas here too grin!

I liked stew quintessential Agree the content isn't perfect but my DS really doesn't like the zombie-horror books that seem to be fodder for older readers. Some of stew is tongue in cheek and I think DS will get that, I also think it will spark some debate within him, and I haven't seen anything else around that will do that.

Sorry DS poorly so I jumped away and missed this yesterday kingfisher the Maps book is an A3 hardback, beautifully illustrated. Both my DS are map obsessed and think they will love this.

And Love, Nina which is shortlisted too is a good read, witty and lighthearted I am sad to be nearly at the end!

spottymoo Tue 12-Nov-13 07:31:00

Dss 10 doesn't play with toys so I haven't got any this year for him we've got him

Ice watch
Ted baker smellies
Monkey slippers
Xbox infinity
Xbox stuff in general points etc
Guinness book of records
David walliams book

The pile is very small this year due to xbox things

KungFuBustle Tue 12-Nov-13 09:28:17

Cheap x box controller cover 92p with free delivery. Nice stocking filler for Xbox fans who like to mod their stuff.

Waswondering Wed 13-Nov-13 13:38:20

(marks place)

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Wed 13-Nov-13 16:16:33

Animation cameras
What did people get please

CremeEggThief Wed 13-Nov-13 18:46:49

DS (11) is getting two games for his PS Vita console, a Nerf gun (he requested this instead of the Lego architecture set I was planning to get him hmm ), a couple of books, a Minecraft calendar and a Horrible Histories annual, as well as a few stocking fillers.

WaitMonkeysDoppelganger Wed 13-Nov-13 19:19:55

A familiar theme here - Nerf Guns and minecraft grin DS is 9.5

Make your own rocket/Can robot
Leather bangle
Light up shoes laces (light up)
Minecraft annual
Airstorm Curve z
Natural History books (thinks he is the next David Attenborough)
Counting money box
Hexbugs and habitat thing
Skull candy head phones
Marvel boxers

There are some great animation apps for the iPad too

Taffeta Wed 13-Nov-13 19:22:51

DS (10) into football and Minecraft

New bag
All the football annuals
Poss a subscription to MOTD mag
Lockable diary
Minecraft annual
Football boots (from GPs)
Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Another XBox controller (he just got it for his birthday, with FIFA 14)

He plays football x 4/5 times pw, so the boots are a necessity. But I expect he will want the latest ones. hmm

Preciousbane Wed 13-Nov-13 19:23:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Br4duck Tue 19-Jul-16 17:57:05

I am act silly 12 myself ( I have a strange addiction to online forums) and this year for Christmas ( albeit half a year away) I am asking for some manga,a canon 600d and dragon frame( I have a stop motion YouTube channel) some Jordan's, clothes ( I like Abercrombie,ralph Lauren and air Jordan) and maybe some other stuff ( the usual,chocolate etc)

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