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what are you getting your 5/6 year old dd for Christmas? ?

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TicTocCroc Sat 09-Nov-13 18:36:58

dd2, aged 3, is getting a whacking great dolls house for Christmas which I KNOW she will love as she is obsessed with small world type stuff.

the only problem now, is that I have no idea what to get her 5 year old (year 1) sister. just worried about the big 'ta dah' moment when dd2 opens the enormous thing she loves and making sure dd1 has something she will love too.

dd1 is very in to art and writing, she already has an easel and I can't think of a crafty type present that will make a 'main' present. .

fuzzpig Mon 11-Nov-13 10:30:38

It's a perfectly good Xmas present if that's what she would like!

headoverheels Mon 11-Nov-13 10:41:40

My DD loves her bedside lamp!

elskovs Mon 11-Nov-13 11:39:51

Yeah right grin

VinoTime Mon 11-Nov-13 19:37:23

I've bought DD (6) a Wii Mini. I didn't like the idea of her being able to access the internet or anything when she said she'd like a Wii, but luckily the Wii Mini was released and it's just a bog standard, no frills version that does nothing but play the games. It was a good bit cheaper, too. I think the package I got her included three Mario games and came in at just £120.00. The only game she seems bothered about having is Monster High 13 Wishes, which I still need to buy.

I've also got her Monopoly Junior Party, a VTech Secret Safe Diary, a tea set, a children's cook book, some jigsaw puzzles and other games, lots of books (loves to read), some Monster High dolls and some arts and crafts bits. The only things left to get her are a selection box and a couple of DVD's which are being released towards the end of the month. Feckin' Smurfs 2 - what a fun Crimbo this will be... hmm

noisytoys Mon 11-Nov-13 20:00:16

A tablet or an iPod touch?

Mamafratelli Mon 11-Nov-13 20:06:06

We have got dd an ezy-roller. Dh has already tested it out it is fab and half price at micro scooters Here

Also monster high, a new doll and lots of other bits.

Mamafratelli Mon 11-Nov-13 20:06:38

Have bought not got.

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