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Christmas pressies for friend's siblings?

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Seriya Thu 07-Nov-13 00:12:23

If you plan on buying a christmas pressie for some close friends of your kid, should you also buy pressies for all their siblings?

Just wondering. My DD (7) has several friends who we all as a family are close enough to to warrant christmas pressies. Thing is, should I feel obliged to buy pressies for all of said friends' siblings? Bit worried about my Christmas list ballooning but at the same time I don't want to be Scrooge!

BackforGood Thu 07-Nov-13 00:31:00

But then, I don't know anyone who buys Christmas presents for their dc's friends either.
My experience (3 dc safely through to secondary school without becoming social pariahs) is that you buy a present for your dcs' friends if they invite them to a party (ie on their birthday) but you don't, apart from that.
No need to get for the actualy friend at Christmas, let alone siblings of friends - where would it end ? shock

ThisIsMummyPig Thu 07-Nov-13 00:35:22

Definitely not for siblings. I can't imagine your DD has several friends who are close enough for presents, one or two maybe, but not several. Wait until she has her own money, and she can decide who to spend it on.

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