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Stocking envy?

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3bunnies Wed 06-Nov-13 13:43:41

I have 3 dc, dd2 would love to keep up with dd1 who is 2 yrs older. Last year I made most of the items in stockings similar - makes sense as FC can clearly source 3 instead of 1. Generally I do variations on a themes - e.g. this year giving blu tack, white tack and pink tack. At least this keeps the arguments to a minimum, then their main presents from us are all different. I have to deal with sibling rivalry every other day - is nice not to do it on Christmas morning.

Just wonder if it makes it too samey and tend to gear towards oldest - so have seen memo notes which look really cute and ideal for dd1 to mark a vocab word she wants to check with me later, but does 4yr old ds really need these? though he does have access to years worth of toys/tat from his sisters I do put a few different bits in tailored to the child, but would say about 7/10 items in stocking are similar. What do you tend to do? Age range 4-8.5, and all fairly similar interests. So do you give similar stuff or completely different?

wamabama Thu 07-Nov-13 09:50:01

Same stuff, different variations on the same item perhaps but overall the same. I have a boy and two girls all under four but stockings are practical above all for me. It's the smaller gifts that weren't worthy of being under the tree grin.

I got them a small book, toothbrush, wash mitt, cutlery, Happyland figure, small toy, socks and they each get a satsuma for traditional purposes of course.

ShoeWhore Thu 07-Nov-13 09:59:31

Mine are aged 6-9. Similar items here too but with some different. eg last year everyone got chocolate, satsuma, Christmas decoration, Gogos, a DVD. Then ds1 got shin pads, swimming goggles and a wallet. Ds2 spy glasses, felt tips and a puzzle book. Ds3 a torch, goggles and a puzzle book.

I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about 99p post-it notes though (I mean this kindly) - might encourage the 4 yo to write little notes and that can't be a bad thing!

3bunnies Thu 07-Nov-13 10:18:44

I don't think it was the specifics of the post-it notes I'll soon use them I guess it is more that I feel sometimes dd1 doesn't get stuff in her stocking because I know it will cause arguments even if dd2 wouldn't have chosen them anyway. On a larger scale at nearly 9 dd1 probably should soon be getting a tablet - but once she does floodgates will open and they will all be clambering for them - dd2 (yr2) claims every other child in hrr class already has one. I imagine that when ds is 9 he will probably already have one but I am not happy with a 4 yr old having his own as he already uses ours enough so would be no benefit in getting another one. It seems though as if I am not alone in settling for an easy life on Christmas am.

ShoeWhore Thu 07-Nov-13 14:24:48

re the tablet - we had a similar dilemma last year - ds1 got an ipod touch for Christmas and while ds2 would have dearly loved one, we were quite firm on that being something he would get when he was 8. He took it reasonably well tbh, probably helped by the fact that we got him a proper camera - so taking photos is very much his thing. (We also encourage ds1 to share sometimes which helps a bit)

Constantly have this issue with things like films as well so I feel your pain!

Pogosticks Thu 07-Nov-13 15:15:00

I think sometimes you have to say 'its when you reach x age' - much easier for a tablet to be a birthday present when siblings don't get anything anyway, than at Christmas when they are bound to compare the excitingness of what they have.

We have this with booster seats/car seats with backs so it is strictly an age thing. DD can't wait for her next birthday to be able to change her seat hmm

3bunnies Thu 07-Nov-13 19:18:57

Unfortunately dd2's birthday is just 2 weeks after dd1 so the most desirable objects go straight onto her list! We do some things by age - though car seats we do by weight - much to petite dd2's disgust! Finally out of stage 2! Plus dd1 wouldn't ask for a tablet because she knows we would probably say too expensive/too young. Then dd2 will complain that their lists were mixed up. Happy to deal with their jealousy at 11am but going for the easy life at 6 am on Christmas Day!

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