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Help! I need to find Lucy the Dog! Help!

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PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:01:19

My dd has asked for Lucy the Dog. No problem. Except its out if stock EVERYWHERE! Can anyone help? I'd be very grateful for any leads...!

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:01:47

It's this one...

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:02:23

PeterParkerSays Wed 06-Nov-13 09:16:32

She's in Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us. she's out of stock near us but kind mumnetters have sent stuff to posters from branches elsewhere in the country before now.

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:20:56

Thank you! I've tried to find a store where it's in stock. Will keep hunting. If anyone knows that this wonder dog is available at their local store, please let me know. I'll travel to get it!

HenriettaBrain Wed 06-Nov-13 09:28:05

I don't think you will find it instore anywhere- they are going on eBay for £60 as they are sold out everywhere!!

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:32:44

They're coming back in store in Argos on 30th November... Right...

Mittensonkittens Wed 06-Nov-13 09:38:44

Our smyths says next stock jan 2014! Not very helpful. Who knew it would be so popular.
I can't get on the argos site to check our nearest as the website is struggling but will have a look when I can get on. I'm not hopeful though...
Surely somewhere will have them in stock by christmas.

AtticusMcPlatypus Wed 06-Nov-13 09:52:55

Just had a quick Google - in stock at Toysrus Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 09:56:22

atticus I love you!

armani Wed 06-Nov-13 09:58:14

there is one available at plymouth argos smile . HTH

AtticusMcPlatypus Wed 06-Nov-13 09:59:33

Another search of ToysRus - loads in the south: Poole, Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Coventry (not really south, but came up in the search), Gloucester, Southampton and Swindon. Don't know how far you are willing to travel though. I remember queuing at stupid o'clock for some Teletubbies toys when mine were little so I know how frustrating it is when they want something that is like hens teeth to track down!! Good luck smile

PoppySeed2014 Wed 06-Nov-13 21:04:08

The Bristol toys r us is transferring their one and only Lucy Dog to my local store. Thank you SO much to everyone who replied! Happy Christmas thanks

AtticusMcPlatypus Thu 07-Nov-13 08:28:21

Excellent. One happy DD come Xmas Day then!

clarebear1 Tue 12-Nov-13 07:29:27

I'm also in desperate need of this dog too if anyone can help. I'm Erith Kent x

Guccidayoneday Tue 12-Nov-13 11:01:35

cleatbear1 if your still looking, I've just ordered Lucy the Dog from very, it's a little bit dearer (£33) than Argos, but my Argos and all surrounding have been out if stock for some time.

bernie85 Tue 12-Nov-13 18:57:37

guccidayoneday thank you so much. I have been searching everywhere for this toy and it seemed to be sold out everywhere until I came across this post and checked very. I now have mine ordered and if all going well with the delivery I will have one happy little girl on Christmas morning. smile

clarebear1 Tue 12-Nov-13 20:33:18

Ooooh thanks ill look on very now x

clarebear1 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:37:02

Got mine from very :-) typical now tho all my local argos have them in stock today x

BuzzardBird Thu 14-Nov-13 12:32:36

Out of stock in Very now, anyone got any other idea? Worcester/South Birmingham area. TIA

Mittensonkittens Thu 14-Nov-13 13:18:06

I'm in kidderminster and have just checked the local stick for you as would have fetched it! But no luck anywhere. Cannot believe this dog is so popular! Smyths toys still saying feb 2014 for stock.

NotAQueef Thu 14-Nov-13 13:23:53

If anyone is still looking for one - my local store (Colchester) has one available to collect in store in 4 days.

BuzzardBird Thu 14-Nov-13 15:50:02

Oh thank you Mitten I had checked Kiddi as well as quite near.

I have found that L.Spa is showing one to be in stock in 4 days too Queef but not sure whether to just wait until shops re-stock or drive to Leamington (long way to go for a toy IYSWIM?)

Mittensonkittens Thu 14-Nov-13 16:11:13

There are plenty on eBay, the cheapest for about £55 with p and p.
I think I'd just do that. They might get even more expensive if no where gets them back in stock until after christmas. They seem in very high demand!

Mittensonkittens Thu 14-Nov-13 16:13:52


The cheapest is £53. I'd get I'm quick, apparently a million people an hour are viewing it. Well not quite, but a fair few!

Is it wrong that I wish I'd stocked up on Lucy the dogs which I could have the sold on to desperate parents at profit?!

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